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If I was gonna follow some guy...
I would want to see all of their open and closed positions..
I would want to make sure that it's possible to actually get in on time and that it's not bs...
Many people post picks and by the time they provide a recommendation; it's too late the position has moved...
If you watch this board you will see there is ample time with Oz's picks...
For 20 years, I lost about $20,000 a year messing around with options. 
I kept trying for larger profits, or just simply made poor calls etc. 
I have refused to quit until I improved.. 

I was looking for a mentor and subscribed to a number of services, but they all were losers. 

Somehow, I bumped into an older trader who was much better than I at options trading and 
I've improved greatly. He cut his teeth trading commodities in the late 60's and he's got a good feel 
for the markets. (Sorry, if it sounds like b.s.)

My goals now are much smaller, quicker, and I'm happy with small consistent gains. 
It hasn't gotten easier, but I am better at following his rules which are: 

Sell 1/2 at 100% profit, and Sell 100% at a 50% loss.. 

His Motto is Be Right or Be Right out! 
and you'll be wrong plenty... Just recognize it quickly... 

I now help administer a site I built for him, but I make none of the recommendations. 
If you are an options enthusiast you should check out the site. 
I've tried to make it as transparent as possible by showing all the open and closed positions for the year etc. 


Options trading is hard, but the site is showing about a 53% win rate ytd. 

And you can watch the action from the sidelines.. 
You don't don't have to subscribe to see open and closed trades... 


p.s. read the disclaimer on the site
Educational Fun only....
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