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US Trade Symbol: REGRF

Presenting High Performance Blockchain Solutions

Graph Blockchain Inc. is a leading-edge private blockchain solutions company. The company’s enterprise platforms provide solutions for data management, business intelligence and data analytics, by delivering unparalleled processing speed and uncompromising performance quality.


Why Graph Blockchain

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
    Gain New Insight
    Faster Data Processing
    Flexible Data Management




“Graph Blockchain’s innovative technology drives superior performance and transparency. Our enterprise solutions offer greater flexibility and scalability, benefiting industries with fast-paced and constantly changing environments.”

“In essence, Blockchain and Graph Technology can be applied to achieve the same overall goals- allowing enterprise organizations a way to analyze and represent large volume transactions in a complementary fashion. Graph Blockchain offers uncompromising performance thanks to its unique capability of data ingestion.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital tool for doing a variety of functions such as recording and verifying transactions. These functions have multiple enterprise applications in security and data optimization within the Supply Chain Management, Global logistics, Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail Industries.



The biggest strength of blockchain technology is that it allows data to be shared within trusted networks, mitigating single point of failure to enable "zero downtime effect" through a transparent and immutable platform. It runs computations on data while keeping the data itself completely private, using an optimized version of secure, multi-party computation.


Blockchain technology allows it to be possible for all permissioned access points in a supply chain, from the supplier to the end consumer, to add a verifiable record to an item’s history. It helps a company to provide transparency by tracing the history of transactions through the product’s journey, providing authenticated information and security for all parties.


Market Cap 39,737,889 as of 04/13/2021

Authorized Shares
Not Available

Outstanding Shares 356,405,411 as of 04/06/2021

Graph Blockchain names new CEOSeeking Alpha | 03/05/2021

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#72 Total Offering Amount $ 7136327 USD o Indefinite Total Amount Sold $ tw0122 04/17/2021 03:48:26 PM
#71 Only includes sales to US investors pursuant tw0122 04/17/2021 03:45:48 PM
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