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Business Description

Terralene Fuels Corporation is an environmentally, socially conscious Company specializing in green technologies which will assist in fighting global warming and the march to help mankind.

Terralene Fuel is a patented fuel alternative formulation that is the equivalent of 87 octance regular gasoline and utilizes renewable energy sources in 45% of its composition. Terralene's unique fuel reduces greenhouse gas and other environmental damaging emissions and can be easily integrated into the existing fuel infrastructure.

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Market Value1 $222,798 a/o Jan 28, 2013
Shares Outstanding 139,198,691 a/o Dec 17, 2012
Float 57,000,000 a/o Dec 17, 2012
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Sep 30, 2012 <----- Updated here!
Par Value 0.0001

Breathe Clean with TERRALENE®

There is an increasing demand for alternative renewable fuels to help to alleviate the effect of harmful mobile vehicle emissions in the environment. This demand for alternative renewable fuels will continue to grow as existing fossil fuel feedstocks increase in price or become difficult to secure and as countries attack the real threat of global warming. Just as there are fuels for transportation, heating, cooling and operating installations, so is there a demand for alternative fuels for these various applications.

The TERRALENE® Family of Fuels are designed to meet a broad range of these fuel needs. TERRALENE® is somewhat based upon fossil fuels and non food chain agricultural components. They are designed as a replacement clean & green Alternative Renewable Fuel that is able to satisfy currently existing engine designs at the same time addressing environmental concerns. The TERRALENE® Family of Fuels are also designed to enhance the economic well being of the consumer while reducing the dependence on fossil fuel feedstocks.

Mobile vehicle emissions concerns that are believed to present the greatest health risk and global warming include carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone, sulphur dioxide (SOx), nitrogen dioxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM), acetaldehyde, acrolein, benzene, 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde, lead and diesel exhaust.

In very recent history, we have seen the development of methanol and ethanol containing fuels such as E10 and E85. Both were quickly determined to be less than acceptable solutions to the above-described problems. After extensive in-house testing and data analysis, including third party validation, TERRALENE® fuels have been developed to address these concerns that other present day alternative fuels fail to address.

TERRALENE® fuels significantly reduce harmful vehicle emissions but they are also a stand-alone fuel that meet the criteria of low production cost, are not part of the food chain process and are able to satisfy the emissions reduction requirements that are mandated by the Kyoto Accord. TERRALENE® fuels are also able to meet the Alternative Renewable Fuel Specifications that are becoming standardized throughout the world.



Terralene - Family of Fuels

TERRALENE® is a unique and significant fuel formulation. It reduces GhG and other environmentally damaging emissions while maintaining an existing engine's operational capacity at the same level it would have with currently available fuels.

The TERRALENE® Family of Fuels are being designed to meet a broad range of fuel needs. While somewhat based upon fossil fuels and non food chain agriculture components, they are designed as a Green and Clean Alternative Renewable Fuel to gasoline and other fuels. The TERRALENE® Family of Fuels are able to satisfy currently existing engine designs while addressing environmental concerns and at the same time reducing a dependence on the fossil fuel feedstock.  


The TERRALENE® Family of Fuels:


What are the advantages of Terralene®?

Government and Industry:

  • Lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (NOx) carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur, hydrocarbons, toxins, and smoke (precipitates)
  • Reduces dependencies on foreign fossil fuel sources
  • No significant impact on the food chain or life cycle production of the food industry
  • TERRALENE® can be readily blended by refineries
  • Increased refining capacity without additional infrastructure cost. One of the main advantages of producing Naphtha for TERRALENE® is that it can be produced without a number of refinery processes normally needed for gasoline production. This may translate into a more than 15-50% increase in refining and blending capacity depending on the refinery specifics
  • No major upgrades to existing fuel delivery operations are necessary


  • No major hardware modifications or additions are required for most engine systems.
  • A comparable run time, octane power and BTU output to gasoline
  • Also compatible with smaller 4-stroke gasoline engines and diesels and in hybrid vehicles
  • Engines run cooler giving longer life by having less engine wear
  • TERRALENE®'s engine cleaning properties ensure superior engine performance
  • Consumers use the same filling stations and the same pumps they always have

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