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To establish GoldCrypto coins as a unique Gold Standard decentralized and nationless cryptocurrency backed by physical gold. Additionally for GoldCrypto Coin physical gold backing to ever increase and thereby be optimal for payments and remittances.


With much current discussion regarding the value and backing of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, there is a clear case for the establishment of a true value asset-backed cryptocurrency.

There is no better value asset backing than physical gold!

Features of GoldCrypto:

GoldCrypto will establish a true cryptocurrency Gold Standard
Backed by Gold, starting from US$0.34 per AuX Coin
Gold continues to be autonomously supplemented, thereby enhancing the cryptocurrency use value
Positioned to rapidly emerge as the electronic currency of choice for payments and remittances globally, as well as a nationless value store
Will gain leverage from potential future gold-backed banking operations
Positioned to impact and expand a significant market opportunity for cryptocurrencies
Allows for participation by all


The GoldCrypto Coins are digitized Gold Standard cryptocurrency units of use value. Considering the current global market, with economic uncertainty, unrest, terrorism, political instability and many other threats, the case for establishment of a true gold backed, decentralized and secure cryptocurrency is an imperative to preserve wealth and value. This is especially the case when it is realized that the US Dollar and the world’s 180 fiat currencies are predominantly backed by massive debt.

When compared to the majority of other cryptocurrencies (currently over 1,250 listed), the most noticeable benefit of GoldCrypto is that its backed by Gold, a stable physical asset. Within the rapidly emerging blockchain world, most cryptocurrencies have no tangible backing and, logically, many will not survive as a viable cryptocurrency unit. This highlights the case for establishment of a true Gold Standard cryptocurrency coin even more.

GoldCrypto ties its Coin use to pre-purchased physical gold to establish a cryptocurrency Gold Standard. The GoldCrypto Coins are ERC20 tokens.


GoldCrypto Cryptocurrency Tokens have all the components of a perfect global currency:

Value – Physical gold backed with immutable transparent blockchain accountability, GoldCrypto Coin value is irrefutable.
Counterfeiting – Cannot be counterfeited as GoldCrypto Coins are accounted for in the transparent blockchain.
Trust – Backed by blockchain verifiable gold and no debt.
Transferable – Can be used for payments, remittances, gifting, or be bought or sold on global cryptocurrency exchanges.
Authenticity – GoldCrypto Coin authenticity can always be GoldCrypto blockchain validated and verified.
Portability – GoldCrypto Coins are globally portable and, through cryptocurrency exchanges, can be realized in multiple fiat currencies.
Fungibility – Able to be used for exchange of most any value services or products and/or for physical gold which is itself highly fungible.
Durability – As a digital currency, GoldCrypto Coin durability exceeds all fiat currencies.
Divisibility – Provide for divisibility that will enhance global usage as and when required commensurate with its growth traction as a cryptocurrency.

However, for any cryptocurrency to emerge as a true global currency of choice its usage value, recognition and acceptance needs to be unquestioned and unanimous worldwide. Further it will need to address scale as Bitcoin, even with value of over US$10,000 per coin, is still a very small player in the global currency market.

Putting things into perspective, Bitcoin has a current market capitalization of around US$230 billion within a global market where all fiat currencies total US$90.4 trillion of which only US$7.6 trillion is in printed or minted form.

Notably and additionally, gold reserves amount to US$7.7 trillion, stock market assets US$73 trillion, property assets US$217 trillion, and hanging over all this is total global debt of $215 trillion, and a derivatives market value of well over US$500 trillion.

Clearly, a run on any major fiat currency or assets liquidation would be cataclysmic.

Within the ‘new-age’ cryptocurrency world, GoldCrypto Coins are positioned to capitalize on:

  • Demand – There is a clear demand for an efficient, transparent, and portable asset backed cryptocurrency.
    Value – Through their unique structure, GoldCrypto Coins are positioned to ever increase in gold backing value.
    Acceptance – GoldCrypto Coins as a true value and trusted cryptocurrency will have unlimited potential as a cryptocurrency of choice.
    Widespread Use – Being gold backed, tradable, used for payments and remittances, as well as verifiable and validated, positions GoldCrypto Coins as a true global value cryptocurrency.


  • Cryptocurrency Buyers: As a Gold Standard cryptocurrency autonomously increasing in gold-backing, the GoldCrypto Coin will appeal as a decentralized global cryptocurrency.
    Hybrid Hedging Buyers: For those concerned with inflation, political instability, economic uncertainty, gold as a bullion product, together with the security and prospects of the blockchain/cryptocurrency market, GoldCrypto Coins provide attractive options.
    Institutional Buyers: GoldCrypto Coins represent the ideal option for highly attractive gold acquisition potential, as well as security of a Gold Standard Cryptocurrency.
    Gold Bullion Buyers: Being gold backed and ever increasing in accumulated physical gold backing, the GoldCrypto Coins provide a most advantageously leveraged gold position opportunity.


How GoldCrypto increases Coin gold backing and value:

Gold is pre-purchased at significant discount while still in the ground and delivered as bullion on production. This provides for a starting gold backing of approximately US$0.34 value equivalent per GoldCrypto Coin (a 70% value premium).

If gold pre-purchases commence from three mining operations, gold deliveries will proceed from these three sources within an approximate 9 – 15 months.
With 50% going to bullion storage vaults and 45% to further gold pre-purchases, say from two additional mines, then in approximately 18-24 months five gold mines will be delivering gold.
Again with 50% going to gold vault storage and 45% for further gold pre-purchases, say from three additional mines, then in around 27-33 months gold deliveries will be coming from a total eight mining operations.
In 36-42 months gold would be being delivered from around 12 mines…and so on.
In this way pre-purchased gold delivery continues to increase exponentially, as gold bullion delivery from an ever-increasing number of mines will continue to add gold backing to the GoldCrypto Coins.

WHITE PAPER HERE-->  https://goldcrypto.io/whitepaper/
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