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GOL is one of the largest low-cost low-fare airlines in the world in terms of passengers transported in 2008, and the only low-cost low-fare airline providing frequent service on routes connecting all of Brazil’s major cities and from Brazil to major cities in South America and Caribbean. With young and standardized operating fleet of 108 Boeing 737 aircraft, the company serves the largest number of destinations of any airline in the Brazilian air passenger transportation market. Since the beginning of GOL´s operations in 2001, our affordable, reliable and simple service and our focus on markets that were either underserved or did not have a lower-fare alternative have led to a strong awareness of the company´s brand and a rapid increase in our market share. GOL is the first company to successfully introduce low-cost carrier industry practices and technologies in Latin America. We have a diversified revenue base, with customers ranging from business passengers to leisure passengers traveling throughout Brazil and other South American destinations.


The company controls important and recognized brands in the Brazilian aviation industry: GOL, VARIG, GOLLOG, SMILES and VOE FÁCIL.

Recognized for making air travel affordable in Brazil, the GOL brand is synonymous with innovation and modernity, thanks to several actions initiated to provide service that is simple, safe and efficient. GOL flies to 50 domestic and seven international destinations: Asuncion (Paraguay), Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and Santiago (Chile – via Buenos Aires).

VARIG is the GOL Group brand that operates the company's midrange international routes, to Aruba (Caribbean), Bogota (Colombia), Caracas (Venezuela) and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). In the Comfort Class, VARIG provides a series of benefits to the client, such as more room between seats, more privacy on board, 150% bonus in SMILES miles accrual, onboard service with more options of hot entrées and individual onboard entertainment.

The SMILES program has issued over one million cards abroad and is the largest mileage plan in Latin America, with over 6.7 million participants. The miles are accrued every time a client flies with GOL, VARIG or partner airlines, or when hiring services or purchasing products from about 160 non-airline program partners, in Brazil and abroad.

GOLLOG is the company's cargo transportation service that also incorporates ease and innovation. Its modern system also allows our clients to have online access to the cargo delivery and tracking documentation form any internet connected computer, by means of the AWB (Airway Bill).

The Voe Fácil card, another of the company's innovations, was launched to stimulate demand and allows GOL clients to acquire tickets over the internet, without a credit card and with the choice of paying in up to 36 installments.



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