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Thread is just a mixed bag, some TA, analysis world situation , economic yakety-yak and yada yada. In other words this is a place with NO significant purpose. it is emphatically NOT a shorterm trading thread and day trading is an alien subject, as i was once a frenetic daytrader and have sworn off it for life. It, this thread, really has no ambition to be useful. Heck i might have a post on , is it true Spaghetti is harvested from Spaghetti Trees? Plus i am a notorious radical who tends to the left, and have a terrible messageboard temper, a GodreyDaniel! temper and as such ,as of my choosing, i have sentenced myself to this thread to avoid posting elsewhere. But in real life i do not have this temper, i really wanted to be a stand-up comedian in life but got distracted. o yes i am a Philadelphia Eagles Fanatic. My age can be calculated by i was 19 when i sat in Franklin Field on a cold day and watched the Eagles win their last NFL championship--the NFL champions of 1960.
#1599   Protesters storm Hungarian state TV CoalTrain 09/19/06 10:30:45 AM
#1598   I love the lengthy discussion the Canadian media CoalTrain 09/19/06 10:17:27 AM
#1597   Amateurs... Let me tell you, if I wanted to xe2dy 09/15/06 05:17:24 AM
#1596   The Coming Collapse of Zionism Ace Hanlon 09/12/06 11:28:09 AM
#1595   probably never in this world, that's why we dec212012 09/11/06 05:15:50 PM
#1594   Max, I'm confused. I thought you created this xe2dy 09/11/06 04:54:52 PM
#1593   i am now officially BANNING myself from hk2 09/11/06 04:39:40 PM
#1592   My guess still is that we go down Ace Hanlon 09/11/06 02:18:48 PM
#1591   My response. i am now officially BANNING myself otraque 09/11/06 01:05:22 PM
#1590   i often doestruthwin against manipulation?:( Rarely/eom otraque 09/11/06 12:54:00 PM
#1589   Regards this awesome jam, my last post explains otraque 09/11/06 12:47:32 PM
#1588   maipulation will give way to truth, and we dec212012 09/11/06 12:23:08 PM
#1587   i will remain very cautious on bearness as otraque 09/11/06 12:03:15 PM
#1586   CHAPMAN: Train Wreck Of The Week dec212012 09/11/06 11:18:55 AM
#1585   Dell delays filing quarterly report due to probe otraque 09/11/06 11:13:34 AM
#1584   Good News! Why the Media Embraced "9-11 Truth" Ace Hanlon 09/11/06 07:10:13 AM
#1583   worked out well for the eagles and TO <G> dec212012 09/11/06 05:46:05 AM
#1582   A brutal siege the world must ignore Ace Hanlon 09/10/06 04:28:27 PM
#1581   Can't believe i just got this e-mail from Haaretz. otraque 09/10/06 04:16:48 PM
#1580   EaglesPost: that play just now when Sean Considine otraque 09/10/06 03:52:19 PM
#1579   EaglesPost: Mady feeling better now, but won't get otraque 09/10/06 02:52:16 PM
#1578   Regards Gideon Levy an his REVEALING the Name otraque 09/10/06 01:29:01 PM
#1577   Regards Gideon Levy an his reveling the Name otraque 09/10/06 01:07:06 PM
#1576   The Twilight Zone / The boy who was Ace Hanlon 09/10/06 10:31:12 AM
#1575   Powers that be probably will make a major Ace Hanlon 09/10/06 10:14:25 AM
#1574   Is the TORONTO SUN changing its spots? Ace Hanlon 09/10/06 10:04:21 AM
#1573   They are absolute lunatics(evil ones), Earnie. otraque 09/09/06 06:30:13 PM
#1572   Neo-cons floating trial balloon about using nukes againt Iran. Ace Hanlon 09/09/06 05:28:23 PM
#1571   ************************************************** ISRAEL: Israel no longer otraque 09/09/06 04:50:36 PM
#1569   My only comment on Time analysis, the central otraque 09/09/06 01:00:50 PM
#1568   Gold tested major support around $605-608 Friday and held. Ace Hanlon 09/09/06 12:52:20 PM
#1567   in my positioning this short i made one otraque 09/09/06 12:44:53 PM
#1566   Why Iran Has the Upper Hand in the otraque 09/09/06 12:27:15 PM
#1565   Did Iran dupe neo-cons? Ace Hanlon 09/09/06 11:30:14 AM
#1564   How hi-tech Hezbollah called the shots Ace Hanlon 09/09/06 11:18:47 AM
#1563   I still think we will experience a significant Ace Hanlon 09/09/06 10:17:20 AM
#1562   It ONLY took 4 years for Senate to otraque 09/09/06 02:08:38 AM
#1561   NDXDaily fast sto hit 51 and started otraque 09/09/06 01:49:40 AM
#1560   i don't see new highs, myself; but agree otraque 09/08/06 06:31:02 PM
#1559   items via e-mail from Schaeffers at market close: otraque 09/08/06 05:20:10 PM
#1558   Crosscurrrents reflects my own sentiments. Ace Hanlon 09/08/06 04:53:13 PM
#1557   Yes market did pick up EOD, finally responding Ace Hanlon 09/08/06 04:47:30 PM
#1556   Mady, my time frame says we must break otraque 09/08/06 03:41:38 PM
#1555   Earnie, my reality trip. Fall sell offs are otraque 09/08/06 03:36:03 PM
#1554   i must call off all calls based on otraque 09/08/06 03:18:06 PM
#1553   CrossCurrents that does much deep research on Program otraque 09/08/06 03:02:26 PM
#1552   Damned Earnie looks like you and i spoke otraque 09/08/06 02:11:46 PM
#1551   Editing in progress:)The news there is this development otraque 09/08/06 01:50:01 PM
#1550   Following two days of selling off, to have otraque 09/08/06 12:54:18 PM
#1549   Market basically ignoring good news -- declining bond Ace Hanlon 09/08/06 09:54:15 AM
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