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New Office- & Work space for J3 Advanced Engineering Technologies!

New company brings jobs to Butte:

Waste Management Symposium - MSE Presentation and DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory:

(Under Select a Day - Choose Monday):

SESSION 010: Integrating Sustainability Principles into Site Closure and Reuse - Room 106B 10:00AM - 12:00PM

DOE presents their vision of the future by cleaning up the past "Oak Ridge Cleanup Vision: Moving to the Future by Cleaning Up the Past".

SESSION 011: Technical Innovations in ER and Site Closure (Part 1 of 2) - Room 106C 10:00AM - 12:00PM

At the same time in the room next door, MSE gives their presentation "Strategies for Treating and Dewatering Contaminated Soils and Sediments Simultaneously".

SESSION 026: Technical Innovations in ER and Site Closure (Part 2 of 2)Room 106C 1:30PM - 3:10PM

This is a continuation of the session where MSE did their presentation. The DOE and it's major contractors at the Oak Ridge site finish up this education track with "An Exploration of Mercury Soils Treatment Technologies for the Y-12 Plant".

I don't believe it's just a coincidence that MSE presented their work in Part 1 of 2 and then the DOE/ORNL contractors finished up with their portion in Part 2 of 2. I'd say MSE was given center stage and there are good things in the works here folks! Don't make your investment decisions based on anything I say. My comments are just my opinions.

Strategies for Treating and Dewatering Contaminated Soils and Sediments Simultaneously:

Waste Management Symposia 2013

February 24 to 28, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona
Presented by Jody L. Bickford
J3 Advanced Engineering Technologies, Inc.
Formerly with MSE Technology Applications, Inc.

Acknowledgement: This work was performed for Global Technologies Group, Inc. and M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc.

GTGP is for real!!

Current DOE Mercury Remediation Estimate at Y-12 ALONE

There was a recent Battelle International Conference in Texas that most people know about. The conference is specific in its purpose of "addressing the maintenance of the economic and biological viability of the environments of rivers, lakes, bays, and harbors which require management of a complex series of actions related to accumulation in sediments of potentially hazardous contaminants." The Sediments Conference is a forum for sharing experience and progress toward this goal.

There was one particular presentation that was done by The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland Washington) which is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) government research laboratory. This comes from part of their presentation:

"The project is complex, technically challenging, and expensive, with a current estimated cost of $1B for mercury remediation at the Y-12 Complex alone."

"Innovative methods are required to identify and control contaminant fate and transport pathways."

"Treatment technologies are being developed that will reduce the concentration and flux of mercury from subsurface flow paths within the industrial complex to surface water."

Sounds like the MBS/M2 Polymer combined technology could be part of the equation for success at Y-12.



Global Technologies  Group, Inc. (GLOBAL) is a company that is in the business of acquiring exclusive licenses and distribution and reseller contracts on proven technologies in the environmental, green and war fighter industries. The criteria for the licensing or distribution agreements of the technologies are: they must be proven, validated and in use. The business plan of Global is to sublicense the technologies it acquires to companies in geographic regions covered under the original license grant and in exclusive distribution and reseller agreements, to place with appropriate representatives in the covered countries for resale of turn key projects.

To date, the company has purchased the exclusive rights to the MBS technology and process for remediating soils containing heavy metals and rendering them non leachible instantly. It was tested by EPA and also Brook Haven National labs and met all requirements for use. http://WWW.SOLUCORPLTD.COM The exclusive license granted is for North America, South and Central America, Canada and Russia. The company paid $4,000,000 for the rights( Four Million shares) of preferred stock at a $1.00 per share  conversion price for one share of common stock.and there is no expiration date on the agreement
In the technology arena, To date, we have  concluded agreements for the exclusive distribution, reseller rights and purchasing agent for all technologies developed by MSE Technology Applications, Inc. http://WWW.MSE-TA.COM and M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc. http://WWW.M2POLYMER.COM specializing in dewatering remediation using polymer technology.We are currently pursuing business opportunities throughout our covered countries in all fields, technology and remediation. The countries covered are the entire European Union, Russia, Canada and the middle east.

The company has also set  up  advantageous  joint venture agreements with companies qualified in both large remeadiation projects, devleopement and new technology applications. 
 M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc. Joint Venture
M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc.,
specializing in dewatering remediation using polymer technology.This joint venture covers the newly developed and validated process which combines M2 Polymer technology for dewatering heavy metals and the MBS technology which stops the leacability of the heavy metals in one combined application. Both technologies have been EPA approved and used on numerous projects.

Solucorp Industries Joint venture agreements

This  agreement covers the new process developed by Global and M2  for dewatering  and heavy metals remediation using the MBS and M2 combined  technologies developed specifically for  a single combined application.  

The second agreement covers all the uses for the MBS technologies not covered by the original license grant .

East Morgan Holdings, IncJoint Venture

This joint venture covers all the technologies that EMHI has acquired for multiple uses of the IFS technologies and we are currently working on a design system at the request of a well known cement plant for reducing the emissions of mercury outgassing from  cement plants.

The company also has in place teaming agreements with Science and Technology Applications LLC.  with expertise in providing cost effective technologies for health and environmental protection led by Dr. Dash Sayala.

Advanced Environmental Technologies 
is a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive environmental solutions. They are experts at environmental science and engineering with the ability to translate that experience into on-site construction and field logistics.
We are currently pursuing business opportunities throughout our covered countries in all fields, technology and remediation. 
all information on the above technologies can be viewed at: http://WWW.GLBTECH.COM
EPA & DOE have Lab & Live-Run Reports


Not only is the MSE lab certified, but the VERY specific testing which produced incontrovertible proof (not open to question) was conducted FOR THE EPA, and WHICH DID REQUIRE THAT THE EPA PROTOCOLS WERE FOLLOWED, OR ELSE THE RESULTS WOULD HAVE HAD ZERO CREDIBILITY WITH THEM. The second series of testing was to provide critical information for the DOE, to show that the use of MBS in no way increased the "acid gasses" (smog) NOx & SOx when used in the power plant environment for mercury containment. This also, was HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL


It is all on the MSE website (whom GTGP has a JV with). Just has to be read.


The next moves will be made by the EPA, and the DOE. GTGP did their part, and these two government agencies both have a need for MBS.

Contracts will have to follow if the government is serious about the mercury issues in America.
Please read pgs. 8 & 9 of the link.

•Y-12 National Security Complex - Environmental Risk
-Nearly 20 million pounds of mercury was used at Y-12; approximately 2 million pounds are unaccounted for and roughly 700,000 pounds are believed to have been released into the environment.

Mercury abatement (The ending, reduction, or lessening) projects, and soil, and groundwater clean-up are
projected out through the year 2043 !

They might have a "little" extra money for mercury because they are under their budget for this year, however mercury has become a much greater focus for upcoming years, and if we are able to capture a contract at Y-12 as a result of the meetings that the Department of Energy requested from GTGP, then that will become quite a source of reliable revenue (asset), and will help immensely towards our valuation for future up-listing, or the potential for a buyout.

The facts speak truths, and TRUE links cannot be argued. with.







Global Technologies Group, Inc.
1304 North Lake Shore Drive
Sarasota, FL 34231                                                                                                                                             

Phone: 941-685-1616

Fax: 941-847-0909



Jurisdiction Of Incorporation

United States

Year Of Incorporation


Company Officers

James Fallacaro, Chairman, CEO, President
Corinne Fallacaro, Treasurer, Secretary
Company Directors

James Fallacaro, Chairman, CEO, President

Number of Employees

3 as of Sept 28, 2010

Reporting Standard

U.S. Registered & Reporting: SEC Filer



Fiscal Year End


Estimated Market Cap

$22,608,022 a/o Aug 13, 2012

Outstanding Shares

38,778,420 a/o Aug 11, 2012

Authorized Shares

100,000,000 as of Aug 11, 2012

Restricted Shares

17,928,475 as of Dec 19, 2011

Float (shares)

20,851,945 a/o Aug 11, 2012


Transfer Agent

Pacific Stock Transfer Co.

4045 South Spencer Street
Suite 403
Las Vegas, NV 89119




About Global Technologies Group, Inc. :                 

Global Technologies Group applies next generation physical and chemical sciences to solve environmental remediation and alternative energy related problems.The Company licenses mature, patented technologies and applies them to carefully identified market niches. Our licensed Molecular Bonding SystemR (MBSR) uses a solid-phase chemical stabilization process to reduce the leach ability of heavy metal contamination in soils, sludge, sediments and other solid wastes.This product is applied for the remediation of Superfund and Brownfield properties, which is required for these properties to be removed from the EPA National Priority List so that they can be commercially developed.This process has been used on over 30 sites throughout the country both as soil remediation only and also for commercial land redevelopment. The 29 acre site in E. Providence Rhode Island was awarded Brown Fields site of the year and will have mixed use of residences and retail business when complete.The licensor is Solucorp Industries and the U.S. patents covering the MBS technology are 5,898,093 and 5,877,393





Ph.D, Geochemistry

MS, Geochemistry

MS, Sedimentary Geology 

BS, Geology, Chemistry and Zoology



Dr. Sayala has over thirty four years of professional experience in various technical fields such as hazardous and radioactive wastes management; environmental technologies; environmental impact assessments; risk assessments; environmental economics, hydro-geochemistry; hydrogeology; knowledge management; and program planning and management. He has effectively applied geochemistry, hydrochemistry, hydrogeology, emanometry to assess fate and transport of pollutants, solving environmental problems relating to hazardous-radioactive wastes, and to assessing the pollution impacts on health and natural resources. Through a synergism of multi-disciplinary approach, he has developed strategies and options for investigating, characterizing and assessing various hazardous waste sites.  He has supported DOE on two geologic repository studies for disposal of defense transuranic mixed wastes and high-level radioactive wastes. He has developed innovative technologies for radiation shielding, and waste solidification.  He has developed guidance manuals, and proposed policies and regulatory reforms to international governments for pollution control management and environmental protection.  In addition, he has recommended for adoption of clean technologies, based on economic incentives and innovative market-based instruments (MBIs), and for restructuring of industries for industrial pollution control management and protection of environment and human health.  He has taught courses in hydrology, geology and environmental courses at universities/colleges in the U.S. and abroad.  He has trained international government staff in environmental monitoring, auditing and reviews, and in industrial waste management. 

He has managed and successfully completed multimillion-dollar projects/programs, including field programs for DOE, EPA, USAID, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other national and international organizations.  He was a member of the team who developed the modified Hazard Ranking System for hazard ranking of Superfund sites for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

He has reviewed and interpreted federal and state environmental regulations and developed guidance and policy documents in support of compliance with regulatory requirements.  



Science & Technology Applications, LLC
January 2001 - Present



 Developed innovative and cost-effective technologies for gamma-neutron radiation shielding, which is applicable for various aspects of radioactive waste management, including waste storage, liquid/sludge radioactive waste solidification/immobilization, and decontamination and decommissioning. A patent was awarded by the US PTO (2007).

Developed and tested radiation shielding concrete and polymer based products for radioactive waste management, facility decontamination and decommission and medical facility applications

As a consultant, provided scientific and technical advice and support to several companies

Developed and field tested patent pending blast and radiation resistant multi-barrier concrete protective structure technology against IEDs and terrorist activities. 

Department of Energy: High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository Program at Yucca Mountain, Nevada 



 Provided technical support and wrote reports on: Radionuclide Inventories and Impacts of Igneous Intrusion on Waste Packages and Waste Forms pertaining to High-level Radioactive Waste Repository Project, Yucca Mountain.

Revamped the technical and quality assurance requirements for conducting and   completing various technical studies in support of the repository for regulatory compliance 

Peer reviewed the technical reports on drift-scale thermal-hydrologic-chemical model and in-drift microbial-community model and radionuclide sorption.  





Kathpal Technologies, Inc. - July 1998 - 2000

Director of Environmental Programs 

He has put together a strategic plan and partnership with big to small companies, and competed for various procurements such as USDA Health Risks Assessment, GSA Millennia Lite, NIH Image World2 and CIOSP2, and EPA's Information Centers Support and FAIR II.  Developed effective technical proposals and won two multimillion-dollar and multi-year NIH Image World2 and CIOSP2 ID/IQ contracts, as a prime contractor.  Also won three Maryland State Integration contracts, as a subcontractor to Versar Inc.  

Maryland State Low-level Radioactive Waste Management Project 

Project Manager and Technical Specialist:  Provided technical services, which includes review of key issues that affected the sitting of a Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) disposal facility for the Appalachian Compact; assessment and QA/QC of data on LLRW quantities, their storage and disposal facilities; and preparation of a comprehensive report. 

Asian Development Bank Project (Industrial Pollution Control Management in Malaysia) 

Project Director and Environmental Specialist:  Coordinated and managed the project activities. For industrial pollution control management in Malaysia, surveyed pollution control and waste management approaches of 200 electroplating, textile and food-beverage industries; and reviewed the existing regulations and policies.   Based on the findings of deficiencies and problems, recommended reforms to policies and regulations, introduced market based instruments (MBIs) and incentive based ISO 14000 and 9000 approaches for waste and pollution control management; and recommended adoption of cost-effective clean technologies for improving efficiency of industrial processes and environmental pollution management through waste minimization and pollution prevention.

Washington D.C GIS Project 

Project Director:  Coordinated and managed the project activities related to GIS and IT system design and development, and peer reviewed the project reports.

NIH Image World Project 

Project Manager:  Promoted GIS technology application for effective management of science and technological information. Developed over $4.2 million business. 

International Business & Technical Consultants Inc. - Nov. 1996- June 1998

Principal, Environmental Division 

USAID Privatization Environmental Project 

As a Due Diligence contractor, reviewed environmental impact assessment reports pertaining to privatization of three pharmaceutical plants in Russia, and made recommendations to the State Department for compliance of the plants with the applicable regulations.  Suggested for inclusion of environmental framework and liability issues into the industrial privatization projects.  Recommended to the State Department ways and means of avoiding future liabilities through modification of existing agreements. 

USAID Global Environmental Center Project 

Responsible for winning the $8.3 million IDIQ contract for providing technical and administrative support to Global Environmental Center.

Submitted a position paper to USAID on policies and guidance for promoting reduction of emission of greenhouse gases and global warming.  This paper recommended a synergistic approach based on the cooperative agreement of USAID Center for Economic Development, Global Environmental Center and Global Climate Protection Division, and based on the market-based incentive program for restructuring and adoption of clean technologies by small and medium size industries in developing countries. 

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) - April 1991-1996 

Assistant Vice President, Environmental Programs and Senior Scientist/Program Manager, Technology Assessment Division (Held  DOE "Q" Clearance)


DOE/Environmental and Waste Management Projects


Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Program (Department of Energy)


As principal investigator on WIPP project for DOE/WIPP Headquarters, Dr. Sayala has assisted DOE in Test Phase Program activities related to Defense mixed transuranic waste (including plutonium, actinium, uranium, and thorium) disposal. 

Reviewed EA and EIS documents pertaining to characterization of transuranic wastes from Rocky Flats, Hanford, and other storage sites, and actinide test phase program.

As a member of the Special Team, he has assessed the regulatory requirements and participated in developing a regulatory compliance based Test Phase Program in support of WIPP repository Performance Assessments and RCRA No Migration Demonstration.

As a member of an expert committee, established by DOE Headquarters, made an in-depth review of the EPA's proposed rule, 40 CFR Part 191, on radioactive waste disposal.  Based on the review, some significant implementation issues were identified pertaining to the deep geological repositories for disposal of radioactive wastes.

Developed a technical and logistical rationale paper in defense of the revised WIPP regulatory compliance Strategy.  This paper was developed for presentation to the US Congress.

Involved in developing a strategic Test Phase Program for WIPP based on 40 CFR Part 191 and RCRA LDR mixed waste regulations, as well as "No Migration Variance regulations

Reviewed radioactive source-term test plans pertaining to EIS and significantly contributed for their technical defensibility.

Participated in National Academy of Sciences Board review meetings on WIPP and assisted DOE in resolving the issues/concerns of the Board.  Responded to the public comments pertaining to the WIPP issues.

Developed a synopsis of the test phase program activities for transuranic waste disposal and their 5-year cost-logistics for DOE's Strategic Management Plan and Program reviews.

Developed a DOE/EM-342 position paper on Issues Pertinent to Tracer Tests and Source-Term Tests/Models.  This was intended for improving the test approaches and reducing uncertainties in the data developed for WIPP performance assessments.

A draft report, "Some Global Issues Pertaining to WIPP Experimental Activities and a Recommended Guidance for Resolving them" was developed for improving the WIPP Experimental Program for meeting the compliance with applicable regulations.

Involved in strategic planning meetings with WPIO and WPIO contractors, DOE headquarters and EH/DOE to discuss the issues and concerns related to the implications of applying the SDWA regulations, as proposed in 40 CFR 191, to WIPP.  Prepared comments and recommendations to EPA for improving the proposed radioactive waste disposal regulations.


Peer review and QA/QC of the annual WIPP performance assessment documents and made recommendations for improvement.


On behalf of WIPP/DOE, authored a technical paper, "An Overview of DOE's WIPP Program" and presented the paper at the International SPECTRUM Conference on Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Management, August 1994, Atlanta, Georgia.  The paper is published in the Conference proceedings.

International Nuclear Energy Agency (INEA) position paper on the work program was reviewed, and comments and suggestions were made to improve the medium- and long-term future program activities.

Reviewed the draft Application for WIPP Compliance Certification package.  The review focussed on the approach, data presentation and defensible demonstration of compliance with 40 CFR 19.  Made comments for improvement. 

Offices of Environmental Guidance and Compliance (Department of Energy. 

As a Program Manager, Dr. Sayala has assisted US Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Guidance on policies, planning and developing guidance documents in support of DOE field activities.  These guidance documents include removal action guidance, guidance on generator pre-transport and generator manifesting requirements for compliance, groundwater investigation guidance, groundwater investigations at hazardous waste sites, and guidance on cultural resource assessment.  He has assisted the Office of Environmental Compliance (DOE) in reviewing the compliance documents such as EPIPs and EIS, and has made recommendations for strategically and cost-effectively achieving the implementation program for health/environmental protection.  

Developed a draft guidance report on groundwater investigations and monitoring

Developed Information Briefs, policies and guidance on State Historic Preservation Officers Requirements; on ignitable, corrosive, reactive, and incompatible wastes; RCRA hazardous waste container labeling, marking, and placarding requirements; and on manifesting, shipping papers, record keeping and reporting requirements 

Office of Nuclear Safety Policies and Standards (Department of Energy) Project


Supported NE-70 in rule making  for 10 CFR Part 830 on Nuclear Safety

Wrote preamble to the final rule on 10 CFR 830.320, and reviewed and commented on the draft of the final rule on 10 CFR 830.320, and reviewed and commented on the draft of the final rule and its comment responses.


Army Environmental Center Project - Baltimore

Reviewed the NPL packages of DOD bases, and developed strategies with recommendations for delisting the Airforce Base sites and repackaging the land for Base Realignment and Closure for Privatization.


Army Environmental Policy Institute Project, Illinois

Wrote sections of Mission Area Pollution Prevention Guidance


World Bank Environmental Project - Government of Republic of Kazakhstan


Strategically put together a team of US and Kazakh specialists and wrote a winning proposal for a multimillion dollar contract on Institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Environment and Bio-Resources. Dr. Sayala developed uniform policies, procedures, systems, and guidance for environmental auditing, review of industrial activities, environmental monitoring, and environmental Impact Assessments.  He has also trained various government officials in environmental monitoring and auditing of sites polluted by radioactive waste and industrial chemical wastes.


  Other Tasks

 For Oak Ridge DOE, he, as a principal investigator, has written a document on the proposed dye-tracer study to delineate potential groundwater flow paths for migration of radioactive and chemical pollutants at Y-12 Plant area.  Reviewed and made improvements on the draft and final documents on the Field Tracer Studies at Y-12 plant.

Assessed the cost logistics of site pollution-remediation technology program submitted by the Management and Operating contractor of DOE, and based on the assessment, made recommendation for saving several hundred million dollars.


The Mitre Corporation - 1985-1991

Member of the Technical Staff, Hazardous Waste and Safety Systems Division


 EPA Superfund Project Tasks

As a member of the team, developed the revised Hazard Ranking System (HRS) for assessing the relative hazards of Superfund sites for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Also involved in field testing the ranking system.  Developed guidance for uniform and consistent implementation of the HRS and trained the regional offices in implementing the HRS.


Assessed various physical, geochemical and biological processes responsible for fate and transport of radioactive, organic and inorganic pollutants as a function of characteristics of different environmental media.  Examined both dissolved and facilitated/colloidal transport of contaminants and their implications to aquifer contamination.  Evaluated various groundwater models, and their functional applicability.  Based on a synergistic approach, developed cost-effective factors for ranking of hazardous waste sites.

Responded to public comments on HRS application and conducted training classes on HRS to promote HRS to the industry and public.

Developed a methodology for calculating contaminant release rates from sources, through unsaturated zone, to aquifers as a function of waste quantity, constituent concentrations, leachability of wastes, net percolation, and specific yields of wastes and geomedia.

Assessed the impacts of fracture flow, granular flow and conduit flow on groundwater risks. Also assessed the impacts of cross contamination due to surface water-groundwater interconnections

Evaluated safe drinking water standards and ACLs with reference to radioactive waste, including uranium mill tailings

Reviewed geophysical techniques and assessed the feasibility of their use in P.A. and S.I.

Developed guidance for characterization of sites and hazardous waste sources.

Developed a radon prediction technology by utilizing NURE Aerial spectral radiometric survey data.  Presented the paper in the International Indoor Radon Conference and subsequently published the paper 

Prepared a technical information brief on radon problems and mitigation technologies for American Nuclear Society

Reviewed various innovative and/or alternative remedial technologies, including bioremediation, in-situ remediation and waste stabilization technologies, and assessed their efficacies

Assisted EPA Headquarters in writing a portion of the preamble to the final HRS rule

Developed guidance for evaluating the HRS groundwater pathways and delineation of an area of soil contamination

 Assisted EPA Headquarters in writing responses to public comments on the final Hazard Ranking System and in reviewing the work of other EPA subcontractors

Assessed groundwater-monitoring technologies under variable gradients, velocities and heterogeneous aquifer conditions.


Woodward-Clyde Consultants, 1983-1985


Senior Project Geochemist, Nuclear Waste Disposal and Hazardous Waste Studies Division


DOE Nuclear Waste Isolation Project Tasks

 Senior Geochemist, in charge of geochemical studies related to high-level nuclear waste isolation in the bedded salt formation of Paradox Basin, Utah and in crystalline rocks of the northeastern U.S.  Investigated site characteristics, in terms of possible radionuclide release, transport and retardation, for evaluating the potential candidate sites for nuclear waste disposal.


Planned and conducted field studies and managed laboratory programs related to repository site characterization. Field studies included collection and study of groundwater and surface water samples, and evaluation of stable and unstable radioactive isotopes, trace/major metals and non-metals, water quality, organic species, water-rock interactions/alterations and migration/retardation of radionuclides and associated chemical species

Developed QA/QC procedures and guidance for evaluating various types of field data used for assessing the suitability of sites for  nuclear waste repository.

Responded to public comments on the nuclear disposal site selection

Evaluated origin and source of groundwater and traced groundwater-flow paths, by means of isotopic studies, for selecting suitable sites for disposal of radioactive wastes

Reviewed world's salt deposits in contact with igneous intrusives and assessed their hydrothermal alterations as natural analogues in support of performance assessment of salt repositories for nuclear waste isolation


Served as a member of the committee, established by the DOE/ONWI, to respond to the public comments on the environmental impact assessment of salt repositories for disposal of high-level radioactive wastes

Supported in planning and designing of proposed engineered-barriers for nuclear waste isolation.  Evaluated the feasibility of temporary storage of radioactive wastes in Monitored Retrieval Storage facilities

Coordinated work programs with DOE/ONWI and promoted innovative ideas for characterizing nuclear waste repository sites.  Based on innovative ideas, Dr. Sayala was awarded program contracts. 

Bendix Field Engineering Corporation, 1979 - 1983

Manager of Technology Integration Department,

National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) Program


 DOE Project Tasks (NURE Program)


 Manager of Technology Integration Department (18 research geoscientists and five year, multimillion dollar program) of the National Uranium Resource Evaluation program (NURE).  Planned and developed cost-effective technologies for characterizing and exploring uranium deposits occurring in different environments and negotiated the work programs with uranium companies and DOE. Developed fate and transport based innovative technologies for detection of uranium and associated elements in different geologic environments

Planned, managed, and monitored various field and laboratory programs related to site characterization, and successfully completed four multi-million dollar projects related to uranium deposits of different environments.  Field programs included drilling, and geologic, geochemical, geophysical, radiation and emanometric surveys, while lab programs included analyses of rocks, soils and waters by various sophisticated techniques

Made a comprehensive study of migration and attenuation of various organic and inorganic constituents and radionuclides with reference to hydrologic regimes, rock alterations, sedimentary conditions, soils, clays, organic matter and depth of uranium deposits.  With various computer and statistical techniques, Eh-pH diagrams and thermodynamics, Dr. Sayala has effectively explained the measured concentrations and mobilities of radionuclides and associated elements, and solubility of minerals under various environmental conditions

During the program, Dr. Sayala has promoted a systems (synergistic) approach and integrated the results of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, emanometry, hydrology and structure/tectonics for developing cost-effective exploration programs for uranium deposits

Served as a member of various committees responsible for successful planning and management of NURE program and goals.  Coordinated work programs with DOE and promoted innovative ideas

Interacted and briefed the national and international community such as U.S.G.S., national industries, International Atomic Energy Agency, and visiting delegates from China, South Africa and Australia on the trends and progress of uranium exploration technologies

Served as a member of the DOE and Bendix Team to plan an interim program on Strategic Mineral Resources Evaluation and developed comprehensive field guidance for classification and recognition criteria of those deposits.


The George Washington University, 1977 - 1978 and 1974 - 1975

Lecturer in Geology/Environmental Science and Research Fellow, Department of Geology


Dr. Sayala has taught courses in economic geology and environmental science, and field mapping.  As a research fellow, he conducted research and developed a well-organized mineral laboratory.  He has also participated in a marine geochemical expedition sponsored by the National Science Foundation, where he made an Atlantic Ocean expedition to collect marine suspensates, waters and bottom sediments and to study marine geochemistry as a function of river contribution to the Argentinean Basin.  This study was aimed at locating regions of terrestrial mineral deposits in Argentina.


 Howard University, 1975 - 1977

Assistant Professor in Geology


Dr. Sayala has taught courses in mineral deposits, structural geology and field geology to undergraduate students.  During his tenure, he was awarded a commendation of one of the best teaching staff from the dean of the Science College.


Uranium King Corporation, 1968 - 1974

Manager of Field Programs

Dr. Sayala has planned, managed and conducted field programs for exploration and development of uranium, gold, silver, copper, lead-zinc, and fluoride deposits in the western United States.


He has supervised several shallow and deep drilling programs, and monitored geophysical logging of drill holes and geological/geochemical logging of cores and cuttings.


Through his systems (synergistic) approach, he was successful in discovering and locating uranium and gold deposits in New Mexico, Wyoming, California and Nevada.  For placer gold operations, he made a careful assessment of hydrogeology and structure of a mining area in California and successfully brought water well into production.

He has assessed ore reserves and potential resources of many mining properties through drilling and sampling of both surface and subsurface geomedia.


University of New Mexico, 1966 - 1972

Teaching Fellow

During graduate program, Dr. Sayala conducted laboratory classes and taught geology


New Science College, India, 1964 -1966

Lecturer in Geology

 Dr. Sayala taught mineralogy, physical geology, structural geology, and paleontology.  He conducted extended field programs to train students in field geology and mapping.


 1.         Certificate of Appreciation Award--Awarded by the Office of Geologic Repositories, Department of Energy, in recognition of Dr. Sayala's contribution leading to the Presidential approval of three sites for characterization for the nation's first high-level nuclear waste repository.

2.         Program Achievement Award--Awarded by the MITRE Corporation for contribution to the development and implementation of the Hazard Ranking System used for the establishment of the National Priorities List of Hazardous Waste Sites, which brought prestige to the MITRE Corporation.

3.         Inducted member, American Men and Women of Science and Asian Men and Women of Science

4.        Judge for Environmental Sciences, Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair

5.        Member of the Council of Energy Advisors




Over 66 national and international publications and reports





Performing consulting services in business development, commercialization of new products/technology and process development. Clients include major companies such as Sun Chemical, Noveon, Elementis, E. Merck, ISP Corporation, Novozymes, DSM and Octel Corporation
SPECIALTY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS/LIPO CHEMICALS, Paterson, NJ              2000-2002 Director of Business Development
GAF CORPORATION/ISP CORPORATION, Wayne, NJ           1986 - 2000
Director of Process Engineering and Chemistry
Engineering Associate
ASARCO, INC., South Plainfield, NJ          1977 - 1982
Senior Research Engineer
GAF CORP., Wayne, NJ      1973 - 1975
Process Engineer
Jerusalem, Israel



Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
MS, Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
BS, Chemical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY
AIChE, Sigma Xi

PATorm of Free-Flowing Powders", U.S. Patents 5,077,047.ENTS AND PUBLICATIONS
J.M Cohen and R.W. Mead, "Mass Transfer at the Edge of a Rotating Disk", presented at the 18th AIChE-ASME National Heat Transfer conference, San Diego, CA, July, 1979.
J.M Cohen, "Extraction of Arsenic and Antimony from Copper Refining Electrolyte", presented at the 1983 International Solvent Extraction Conference, Denver, CO, August 1983.
J.M. Cohen, E.L. Paul and C.P. Hilber, "Scale-up of Batch Reactors-Consecutive, Competitive Reactions", presented at the 10th Engineering Foundation Mixing Conference, Henniker, NH, August 1985.
J.M. Cohen, K. Larson and E.L. Paul, "Continuous Flow Precipitation of a Pharmaceutical Product in an Annular Jet", presented at the AIChE National Meeting, Miami, FL, November 1986.
J.M. Cohen "Crystallization of Copper and Nickel Sulfate by Solvent Displacement", presented at the Society of chemical Industry, Manchester, UK, July 1987.
J.M. Cohen "Applications of Solvent Displacement Crystallization in Hydrometallurgy" in Separation Processes in Hydrometallurgy, G.A. Davies, ed. Ellis Horwood Ltd., London.
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SUMMARY:  Profit and action-oriented general manager with 19 years of accomplishments in the chemical and related industries with a diverse functional background in sales, marketing, operations, and R&D.  Exceptionally strong strategic planning and business development ability.  Experience in developing and implementing programs in TQM & Continuous Improvement, ISO 9000, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Regulatory Compliance (EPA, OSHA and State level), and Safety.


1996 - Present  Larchmont Technologies, L.C.,  Danville, VA


Responsible for all aspects of this specialty chemical start-up.  During the first 18 months, 6 products were developed, scaled-up, and introduced.  At the end of the first full calendar year sales were $0.3M.  Six additional products are currently in scale-up and '01 sales will exceed $2M.

1992 - 1996  HICKSON DANCHEM, INC.,  Danville, VA

Vice President & General Manager

Responsible for all aspects of this $45M-$55M chemical subsidiary of Hickson International PLC.  Leadership and direction is provided for the 155 person organization in all key areas including Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, Finance, Operations, Regulatory Compliance, Strategic Planning, Responsible Care, and Community Relations.  Technology base includes batch operations in vinyl and acrylic polymerizations, multi-stage synthetic chemistry, and high purity inorganics.  Markets served worldwide include pharmaceutical, coatings, textile, personal care, and electronics.

Developed and implemented a strategic growth plan that increased profits 35% over 3 years.

Established an international distribution channel critical to attaining 11% per year increase in worldwide sales.

Reduced LWC (lost work cases) from 3 per year to zero, and led effort to implement Responsible Care and Process Safety Management programs.

Executed $8M in capital expansions and productivity improvement projects that increased capacity 20%.

Implemented a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance program that has recently been audited and approved by FDA.

Increased administrative productivity by 25% in customer service, production and inventory control, shipping and invoicing through computer automation.

1977 - 1992  E.I. DUPONT de NEMOURS & COMPANY, INC., Wilmington, DE

Business Unit Manager,  Printing Products,  Wilmington, DE  (1990 - 1992)

Worldwide profit and loss responsibility for a $20M new photographic business start-up, including product and strategic planning, directing R&D programs, driving worldwide manufacturing programs, directing sales and marketing activities.

Successfully launched two new products and repositioned two existing products to meet a start-up objective of break-even within one year of introduction.

Pioneered a new indirect channel of distribution for DuPont in North America.

Planned and executed the acquisitioned a $17M company that was critical to meeting strategic objectives.

Product Manager,  Electronic Imaging Devices,  Wilmington, DE  (1988 - 1990)

Worldwide profit and loss responsibility for a new product line representing the first electronic technology commercialized by DuPont.  Responsibilities included leading field evaluation, market introduction programs, and scale-up programs for a high resolution scanner used in the printing market.  Commercial release milestones were achieved on time and the business exceeded profit objectives for two years.

Area Manager,  Photopolymer Manufacturing,  Towanda, PA  (1986 - 1988)

Responsible for operation of a world-scale photopolymer manufacturing facility.  Managed a group of 7 engineers, 2 scientist, and 24 production personnel.

Cost reduction of 24% in real dollars, attained over a 2 year period.

New product scale-up included 5 products per year.

Quality improvement initiatives resulted in a 30% reduction in customer complaints.

Quality Assurance Manager,  Photo Products,  Towanda, PA  (1984 - 1986)

Responsible for all quality assurance and total quality management programs in three manufacturing areas including FDA regulated medical X-Ray screens.

Successfully implemented FDA GMP standards and passed an FDA audit.

Established "just-in-time" inventory/delivery system for key customers such as IBM,

AT & T, Boeing, and the Department of Defense.

Product Manager,  Photopolymer Printing Plates,  Wilmington, DE  (1982 - 1984)

Led North America marketing and national account program for this $4M product line.  Developed competitive marketing and strategic plans that increased market share 25% over 18 months.

Sales Representative,  Photo Products,  Parlin, NJ  (1977 - 1979)

Sold silver halide and photopolymer imaging systems to the printing industry.  Managed a dealer network in addition to direct accounts.  Sales increased from $1M to $2.8M.

Research Engineer,  Photo Products,  Parlin, NJ  (1977 - 1979)

Developed photopolymer imaging systems to the printing industry, resulting in a patent for a unique approach to film process.

EDUCATION:       B.E. Ch.E., Cooper Union, New York, NY

MBA studies at Rutgers University Newark, NJ and Widner University, Wilmington, DE

COMMUNITY: Board of Directors, Danville Science Museum

School Board member Sacred Heart School, Danville, VA

Rotary International


 Molecular Bonding System

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