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GIFA Inc (A Nevada Corporation)
Trading Symbol: GIFX

WARNING: GIFX IS OTC FULL "GRAY SHEET" and "CAVEAT EMPTOR" a non reporting and NON SEC COMPLIANT company - investing in this stock is an EXTREME RISK !

One shoud expect a high probability of LOSING THEIR ENTIRE INVESTMENT in GIFX common stock as stated on the OTC markets and by the SEC per the "CAVEAT EMPTOR" and "DARK DEFUNCT" warnings:

As of March 12th, 2022 GIFA Inc the new entity ($GIFX) has yet to ever complete the filing of any current SEC filings for the new company/new entity and are Caveat Emptor status on the OTC Marketplace.  GIFA Inc, aka GIFX this stock are now deliquent in their SEC filing requirements for years  2018, 2019, 2020 and now all of yr 2021 as of March 12th, 2022.

With 3 plus years of MISSING SEC filings (Qty-14 SEC filings total MIA and never filed !) , $GIFX is severely and grossly "SEC delinquent" in their legally obligated SEC filing requirements !


Buyer Beware. There is a public interest concern associated with the company.

GIFX : GIFA INC Share Structure
(Transfer Agent Verified as of March 12th, 2022)

Transfer Agent:  Pacific Stock Transfer

Authorized Common Shares: 500,000,000
Issued Common Shares: 160,931,844 

Corporate Name Change to Gifa Inc and new CUSIP Number posted on official FINRA "Daily List" 9/24/2018

Stock Symbol Change from FRFS to GIFX posted on official FINRA "Daily List" 10/22/2018

GIFA Inc Corporate Website; https://gifainc.net  (was gifainc.com but that no longer works and went "dark" and vanished?)

On Sept 26th of 2017, there was a corporate charter amendment filed with the Nevada Secretary Of State, to change the name of public company "Firefish" (stock symbol FRFS) to "GIFA Inc".  At that time, there were also changes made to the corporate charter to name new corporate officers of the company, to change the corporate address listed with the NV secretary, and also reduce the available shares from 1 billion shares available (A/S) to 500 million available shares.


Around approx mid 2018  stock symbol GIFX (formerly symbol FRFS and formerly known as "Firefish", a company based in India and in the "educational services" business) began a process of attempting to complete a reverse-merger corporate action to become GIFA Inc, a conglomerate finance and services company primarily based out of the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) that also maintains a San Diego CA secondary corporate location.  This major corporate action has not yet been completed and is awaiting further PR and/or SEC filings to confirm that such a reverse merger has reached completion:




On Monday Feb 4th, 2019 GIFX (GIFA Inc) released a formal corporate PR (issued by company attorney and co-secretary Mr William Aul of San Diego, California) in which it was announced that the reverse merger of GIFA Inc and the diversiture of the subsidiary, former "Firefish" (prior symbol FRFS) had been completed.  In addition, the PR noted that on Jan 16th, 2019 that GIFA Inc (now symbol GIFX) had purchased, in an all cash buy-out, all the stock of a Cyprus based direct finance and loan company named GRANDEX FINANCE.  


This Feb 4th, 2019 PR essentially conveyed the completion of the reverse merger of former FRFS w/ privately held GIFA Holdings w/ the addition of the new company GRANDEX Finance being added as part of the GIFA Inc (GIFX) portfolio of subsidiary companies.

Nevada Secretary of State business license and corporate registration: ACTIVE and CURRENT (after being lapsed for almost 1 yr during 2019)

As of March 12th, 2022 GIFA Inc, the new entity and corporation has yet to ever complete the filing of any current SEC filings for the new company/new entity and are Caveat Emptor status on the OTC Marketplace (GIFA Inc, aka GIFX this stock are now deliquent in their SEC filing requirements for years 2018, 2019, 2020 and now all of year 2021 also... as of March 12th, 2022):

GIFA Inc (GIFX) issued a formal PR on Feb 20th, 2020 that appears to indicate the new entity (GIFA Inc, aka GIFX this stock) may be trying to change business plans and/or direction and attempt to move to, or re-invent itself into other areas of business.  The formal PR issued by attorney William Aul of San Diego was as follows:


Also, starting approx March of 2020 the company CEO Yusuf Kisa created and began heavy use of an Instagram account to release information and upates about the company (an apparent "stock pump/promotion campaign" where he actually purchased 1000's of fake "followers" instantly on Instagram) - it can be found here, along with their older "Gifa Holding" Twitter account used heavily prior by Yusuf Kisa as CEO and to falsely pump/promote this stock:



On Sept 22nd 2020 the Instagram account (either run by Yusuf Kisa or possibly an impersonator account run by a shareholder group) now made wild claims that GIFA is going to become a "Cryptocurrency company" (abandoning the prior false information peddled about "switching to petroleum trading to off-set high inflation and start being able to do business in U.S. dollars" for which a PR (lies) was issued about same over a year ago resulting in a literal one page worthless website and a stolen/photshopped image of an oil tanker and never progressing beyond that fraud and clear criminal con attempt) - on that same date that the Instagram "Cryptocurrency" grandiose claims were made - a poorly constructed amatuer "Cryptocurrency website" went live and is hosted in the U.S. which makes it appear very similar to the "Intel Chemicals" fake "Pharmacy division" claims/scam run by GIFA approx 2 years ago.

GIFA is located in the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and thus all their websites (despite being fake subsidiaries) were always hosted in Turkey using the same Turkish web host.  Hosting on a U.S. based company makes it highly suspect that the "Cryptocurrency" claims are being run again (like Intel Chemicals) via a shareholder built impersonator account and is just pure and typical OTC fraud and a scam once again.

(that was the "Gifa Petroleum subsidiary" fraud and con GIFA INC pitched in early 2020, prior to their new lies being pumped and peddled via Instagram and some newly built cheap websites about now being a supposed "Crypto Currency" company)


"GIFA Coin" = A textbook "CRYPTOCURRENCY" criminal scam and is apparently the latest GIFA INC attempt (or shareholder group run attempt possibly) at a new con and textbook OTC fraud. The "Oil trading" scam claims have clearly been abandoned apparently as the GIFA INC prior fraud attempt, and now as of Nov 10th 2020 the new lie is "We're now a Cryptocurrency company" which is noted by the SEC and other agencies as probably the most common scam/fraud ever used by OTC worthless shell corps.

GIFA INC (Symbol $GIFX a NV filed corporation) has now begun full operation of a criminal and sham "Cryptocurrency Exchange" after supposedly conducting a "GIFA Coin ICO" (Initial Coin Offering) fraud (un-registered sale of securities they claim were valued at $1 dollar each, for a total of $150 million U.S. dollars per their own sham website gifatoken.com) .  

GIFA Inc are now attempting to get penny marks or anyone else dumb enough, to give them their Visa or Mastercard or similar methods of payment to "buy" a worthless "Crypto Coin" named "GIFA Token" on a fabricated and illegal "exhange" market.  This is a complete sham and criminal off-shore fraud like numerous others conducted by GIFA Holdings, now a 100% owned supposed "subsidiary" of GIFA Inc, the CAVEAT EMPTOR and dark/defunct OTC penny stock symbol GIFX.


Additionally, it was announced on social media (Facebook, LinkdIn, etc) that former company director and Sr company officer Illksen Yesilida had "retired" and left the company.  According to Yesilada's own Facebook account, he is stated as "Leaving GIFA Inc on Dec 31st, 2019", this has never been announced or clarified in any formal company PR.  

The Nevada Secretary of State "List Of Company Officers" is out of date by approx 2.5 years now and Yesilida is still listed there as a "Director" as of late Jan, 2021, but that list is from 2018 and was never updated, despite the company renewing their business license with the state of Nevada.

Also in early 2020, the compnay appears to have opened or started a supposed "Russia subsidiary" but has never released any formal PR to explain what the Russia subsidiary does or if it is owned/controlled by GIFA Inc (GIFX this stock) etc?

AS OF LATE OCT 2020 the GIFA supposed "Russia subsidiary" (like 20 plus other fake GIFA "subsidiaries") has vanished - the website went dead and the domain name is now "for sale" according to several domain/web tracking sites.  It appears the "Russia subsidiary" was just another pump attempt by Yusuf Kisa using Twitter at the time, and never existed as a real, functioning, actual "business":


Last known contact info for U.S. based portion of the company via their SEC attorney (and self described $GIFX or GIFA Inc corporate co-secretary) is attorney William M. Aul of San Diego, CA who appears to no longer reply to any "inquiries" or "questions" regarding GIFA INC, despite stating "For further information contact William Aul" when GIFA INC used to issue what looked like legitimate and "legal PR" press releases.  GIFA Inc now, or at least their supposed "CEO" Yusuf Kisa uses Instagram which of course is likely fraudulent and not proper for "formal" or SEC compliant or OTC Marketplace compliant public PR:

William (Bill) M. Aul

1660 Hotel Circle North, Suite 207, San Diego, CA 92108-2803


Also from recent Google maps information (Oct 2020) William M. Aul may be maintaining a new "virtual office" location listed as:
William (Bill) M. Aul
8880 Rio San Diego Dr, #1000

THAT is the FRAUDULENT and CRIMINAL fake "Annual Shareholder's Meeting Notice complete with free hotel rooms" aka a supposed "Invitation" that GIFA INC aka GIFX began peddling on gifainc.net website around approx early 2020 and all the way up until it was "scrubbed down" and removed on June 6th, 2021.

NO "shareholder meeting" was ever held or took place anywhere on June 3, 2021, let alone at the "Elexus 5-star luxury hotel with free rooms provided to shareholders by invitation" as was the criminal claims made by GIFA Inc aka GIFX !

It was a complete ruse and total fraud - there never was any "shareholder meeting" and no, "Luxury free hotel rooms" were ever given to shareholders, etc.  Pure OTC penny fraud perpetuated by this off-shore scam once againg !!

Below is a web capture showing that fraudulent "shareholder meeting invitation" being FRONT PAGE highly promoted on the main GIFA INC and GIFX website using a large blue banner "link" to the supposed "meeting invitation" - and several shareholders claimed they receieved fraudulent "room reservation confirmation notices" from the 5-Star luxury Elexus Hotel in Northern Cyprus, complete with business card images , all fraudulent !


JULY 11th, 2021 GIFA INC CEO (Symbol GIFX) is ARRESTED in the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus for "FINANCIAL CRIMES" and is held a minimum of 3 days in police custody and has to appear before a court for further hearings, etc.  Financial crimes, credit card related crimes, violating banking and usury laws, and CRYPTO CURRENY fraud all are cited in the formal legal complaint and police arrest:



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