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Dahlman Rose is out with its report today Bart Myers 06/16/11 10:36 AM
All commodities crashed. GGC is a commodity company. zsvq1p 05/08/11 10:29 AM
what happened? dz1 05/07/11 5:23 PM,uu[h,a]dhclyiay[dc][pc50!c200!f][iuf!!lk9!ll5!lah5,15,10!uc strikehold 04/27/11 2:31 PM
Mild winter ahead good for ggc. Killa stocks 11/14/10 5:37 PM
My guess is the market is going to Killa stocks 11/14/10 5:08 PM
Seems like we have some hedge funds or zsvq1p 11/14/10 8:27 AM
Pulte group sent any housing stock down today. Killa stocks 11/03/10 2:57 PM
Great earnings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Killa stocks 11/02/10 6:27 PM
On fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Killa stocks 11/02/10 4:06 PM
In 4-5years this stock will go to $100 Killa stocks 10/31/10 8:47 PM
I think wall street knows this stock... They've zsvq1p 10/31/10 7:58 PM
MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS STOCK!!!!!!!!! Killa stocks 10/30/10 3:30 PM
90%+ institution owned!!!!! Less than 400 shareholders in Killa stocks 10/30/10 3:28 PM
You can play this for the short mid Killa stocks 10/30/10 3:25 PM
[Possibly one of the best stocks out there!!!!!!b] Killa stocks 10/30/10 3:20 PM
oh.. I love box! I know that zsvq1p 10/07/10 5:16 PM
Bleeding cash.. due to feedstock cost with them zsvq1p 07/31/10 8:17 AM
CHART... I think I'm going to watch this zsvq1p 07/31/10 8:14 AM
Georgia Gulf Could be a very nice trade Californicator 10/02/09 3:48 PM
back under the radar. pinoleropuro 10/02/09 7:49 AM
holding 37 level nicely. Californicator 08/14/09 10:31 PM
Is anybody else out there trading this but me??? Californicator 08/12/09 9:32 PM
Including me..... Californicator 08/04/09 11:15 PM
I sold 3/4 of mine yesterday at $25 ShootinBlanks 08/04/09 2:24 PM
I guess your happy today. Unbelievable. Californicator 08/03/09 8:54 PM
I cannot believe GGC has run post split Californicator 08/03/09 8:53 PM
GGC needs to chill the F out, ive The Night Stalker 08/03/09 10:02 AM
If you guys feel bad, shoot, i held realest 07/31/09 12:50 PM
That stinks. Californicator 07/31/09 9:26 AM
No that was ACCURATE. Only Problem I Hammer1 07/31/09 9:17 AM
I could not believe HOD @ 20.75 if Californicator 07/30/09 10:39 PM
THIS GGC gonna make me 8K after the Hammer1 07/30/09 6:42 PM
Unbelievable Californicator 07/30/09 2:01 PM
try 150%, who knew this could become a monster The Night Stalker 07/30/09 1:41 PM
I can't believe this was up 100% today. Californicator 07/30/09 11:45 AM
damn, look at the POS run! The Night Stalker 07/30/09 11:32 AM
It was either today, or yesterday. I just Californicator 07/29/09 7:15 PM
when did this R/S? The Night Stalker 07/29/09 12:16 PM
Took a position in this today @ 25. Californicator 07/08/09 12:13 AM
damn totally forgot about this one... Al_Capwn 06/30/09 10:52 PM
Hope to see a buck, then buck n sk1 06/30/09 9:40 PM
I'm in some, what the hay, this has realest 06/30/09 1:31 PM
Running good today! stock2windaily 06/24/09 11:22 AM
Strong close too. Sidney 06/16/09 8:46 PM
Wow! Nice move today! radar72 06/16/09 7:58 PM
ginormous volume today Al_Capwn 06/16/09 4:33 PM
just jumped in this one! couldn't pass up passthegravy 06/16/09 12:06 PM
wild upticks! BIG BALLER 06/16/09 10:45 AM
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Bart Myers
06/16/11 10:36 AM
05/07/11 5:23 PM
Killa stocks
11/14/10 5:37 PM
Killa stocks
11/14/10 5:08 PM
11/14/10 8:27 AM
Killa stocks
11/03/10 2:57 PM
Killa stocks
11/02/10 6:27 PM
Killa stocks
11/02/10 4:06 PM
Killa stocks
10/31/10 8:47 PM
Killa stocks
10/30/10 3:25 PM
10/02/09 3:48 PM
10/02/09 7:49 AM
08/14/09 10:31 PM
08/12/09 9:32 PM
08/04/09 11:15 PM
08/04/09 2:24 PM
08/03/09 8:54 PM
08/03/09 8:53 PM
The Night Stalker
08/03/09 10:02 AM
07/31/09 12:50 PM
07/31/09 9:26 AM
07/31/09 9:17 AM
07/30/09 10:39 PM
07/30/09 6:42 PM
07/30/09 2:01 PM
The Night Stalker
07/30/09 1:41 PM
07/30/09 11:45 AM
The Night Stalker
07/30/09 11:32 AM
07/29/09 7:15 PM
The Night Stalker
07/29/09 12:16 PM
07/08/09 12:13 AM
06/30/09 10:52 PM
06/30/09 9:40 PM
06/30/09 1:31 PM
06/24/09 11:22 AM
06/16/09 8:46 PM
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06/16/09 4:33 PM
06/16/09 12:06 PM
06/16/09 10:45 AM

Georgia Gulf Corp (GGC)

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Georgia Gulf is a leading North American manufacturer and international marketer of commodity chemicals as well as polymers and durable, custom and other vinyl-based building and home improvement products. Our products are used in a diverse range of industrial and construction applications from high performance plastics, pulp and paper production, packaging, chemical intermediates, pharmaceuticals and medical applications

Year Founded 1985
Employees 4,463
2008 Revenues US$2.92B
Reportable Segments 4
Corporate Officers
Paul D. Carrico
President & CEO

Our vision is to be a Company that provides increasing value to shareholders.

Georgia Gulf's mission is to continue to be an efficient, integrated manufacturer and marketer of quality chemical and plastic products to users worldwide and to grow responsibly in present and closely related businesses.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of the processes, products and services required to meet our customers' changing needs.

We will strive to earn a superior long-term return for our shareholders while providing meaningful work for our employees and always operating with the highest regard for environmental protection, safety and overall well-being in the communities where we live and work.

Guiding Principles
All applicable laws and regulations will be adhered to with special emphasis on meeting or exceeding environmental and safety standards.
Relationships with customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers and the communities within which we operate will be conducted in a fair, open and ethical manner.
Never-ending process improvement will be practiced in order to provide quality products and services which meet the needs of our customers.
Equal opportunity for advancement will be provided to all employees in an atmosphere of open communication, trust, respect and support.
Competitive compensation and benefits, including incentive and equity programs based upon Company profitability and long-term growth, recognizing both teamwork and individual achievement, will be offered to all employees.
Core Aims
Complying with Environmental, Safety and Regulatory Responsibilities
To operate our business in a safe and environmentally sound manner by improving safety and environmental performance with special emphasis on the Responsible Care® initiative, and by always conducting our business in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Optimizing Businesses
Sell to and grow with customers in the most profitable long-term markets.

Creating a Positive Environment for Employees
To create and maintain a positive environment for our employees in which they are treated with respect, provided competitive compensation and benefit programs, training, advancement opportunity and the potential to share in the Company's success.

Optimizing Resources
To maximize utilization of all resources through continuous improvement to remain a low-cost provider.

Improving Financial Performance
To pursue a strategy of responsible growth, stock repurchases and dividends that balances both long- and short-term return to shareholders



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