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Geobio Energy (fka GBOE)

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GeoBio Energy 


GeoBio Energy, Inc.
1100 Dexter Ave. N.
Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206-838-9715
Older # 206-491-1771 (don't use)

New Website! June 2010!


About GeoBio Energy:

GeoBio Energy's business model emphasizes the acquisition and operation of existing companies
in the oil and gas services and energy industry. As oil well and gas exploration continue in the face of
ever rising demand, obtaining peak efficiency and production from existing, aging wells becomes
increasingly important. GeoBio believes this to be a principal challenge and an opportunity in its
strategy to combine and consolidate companies in the oil and natural gas services sector. The
company is working to develop more efficient and alternative methods for handling existing
resources in this sector in order to realize greater efficiencies and provide efficient, green technology
services, where and when available.

Company Directors:

John L. Sams as Chief Executive Officer (May 2010)

 L.G. Miyatovich, CEO

Joseph J. Titus will serve as Chief Operating Officer (May 2010)

Chris Wain, Chief Operating Officer

Douglas A. Daniel will be the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Finance (May 2010)

Paul Spencer,  Chief Financial Officer


EXCERPT;    due to SEC regulation he is bound not to disclose any information about the company privately, especially,
when he is no longer with them... very profession though.

Investor Relations:

GeoBio Energy, Inc.
Investor Relations
Joseph J. Malone
Transfer Agent:

Corporate Stock Transfer, Inc.,
3200 Cherry Creek Drive South
Suite 430
Denver, CO 80209

Ph:(303) 282-4800    Fx: (303) 282-5800

Authorized Shares: 1 Billion

Outstanding Shares:

             2,486,314 As of Dec 7 2010

  • 2,078,513,501 as of Dec 16, 2009
    3,278,513,501 as of Feb 17, 2010
    3,678,513,811 as of March 29, 2010
    8,298,513,501 as of June 25, 2010
    9,948,513,501 as of July 16, 2010
    10,573,513,501 as of July 29, 2010
    11,573,513,501 as of August 17, 2010

    11,573,959,501 as of September 9, 2010

    Due Diligence Center:


About Goodrich Capital

Goodrich Capital corporate financial advisors assist small and middle market companies in identifying, developing and implementing strategic and financial transactions.

Goodrich Capital brings a unique value to transactions stemming from our extensive operating background in business development along with financial planning. This enables Goodrich Capital to more fully qualify transaction opportunities, enhance recognition of our client companies strategic market value and create broad transaction appeal. This operating experience further provides access to an extensive base of corporate relationships for partnership or joint venture opportunities to create new or expanded commercial platforms.

Through an affiliation NASD licensed Broker Dealer, Goodrich Capital is able to assist companies in completing investment transactions ranging from securing growth capital up through and including M&A transactions. Further, as part of our focus on value creation, Goodrich Capital offers operating and strategic planning assistance through Accrete Partners, an affiliated company, and executive search via our partnership with Stanton Chase International a "top ten" management recruiting firm. Goodrich Capital also provides global reach to international markets as the U.S. office of the thirteen country euroMerger organization.

Goodrich Capital is committed to providing integrated solutions supporting the overall growth and development of client companies.

GeoBio and its investment bankers, Goodrich Capital, LLC, are currently working to secure financing of up to $20 million to complete the acquisitions of the target Company and H&M. For more information on Goodrich Capital LLC, please go to: http://www.goodcap.com



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#17111   GBOE registration revoked: Renee 12/08/20 09:37:10 AM
#17110   https://www.sec.gov/litigation/opinions/2020/34-90106.pdf lucky,mydog 10/07/20 05:47:22 PM
#17109   Trading Halt this one is toast. roger wilco 08/27/19 04:07:14 PM
#17108   GBOE SEC Suspension for severely delinquent Financials: Renee 08/27/19 09:39:49 AM
#17107   The SEC should really shut this one down. XenaLives 02/28/19 07:00:47 AM
#17106   Still a piece of crap Luna Tic 03/27/18 02:48:12 PM
#17105   Why the drop? Because it's a POS Luna Tic 02/14/18 10:28:00 AM
#17104   GBOE was Up 33.33% at 0.0040 x 0.0060 Value_Investor 02/14/18 10:19:27 AM
#17103   Volume is still Z E R O. Luna Tic 02/12/18 12:13:43 PM
#17102   GBOE: 199K-0.0005 x 10K-0.0030 now. The next ask Value_Investor 02/12/18 11:42:10 AM
#17101   GBOE: 10K-0.0029 x 10K-0.0080 now. The next ask Value_Investor 02/07/18 11:48:10 AM
#17100   GBOE: 4,000 shares Slapped at 0.0090 ~ 0.0089 Value_Investor 02/06/18 12:26:48 PM
#17099   Wow, 200,000 shares Slapped at 0.01 so far! Value_Investor 02/05/18 10:19:08 AM
#17098   100% WRONG Data! GBOE shareholders Never sold 200K Value_Investor 02/04/18 12:00:33 PM
#17097   I wonder who that was???? Hmmmmm Luna Tic 02/03/18 11:47:20 PM
#17096   Nice to see 2,000 shares Slapped at 0.01 Value_Investor 02/03/18 01:24:03 PM
#17094   Question for everybody. If you owned 200k shares Luna Tic 02/02/18 02:30:50 PM
#17093   Yet, Z E R O volume. Yep, gonna soar...investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2011/5/9/ Luna Tic 02/02/18 01:09:04 PM
#17092   200K-0.0029 x 46K-0.01 now. The bid is already Value_Investor 02/02/18 12:50:46 PM
#17091   GBOE:NEWS 24 cent second trade of the day. Luna Tic 02/01/18 02:51:49 PM
#17090   GBOE might hit new high $27.50. But I Luna Tic 02/01/18 10:43:08 AM
#17089   Finally we saw the bid was raised to Value_Investor 02/01/18 10:30:02 AM
#17088   Today GBOE just hit its All-Time-Low 0.0005 again Value_Investor 01/23/18 11:21:58 AM
#17087   Exactly as I predicted the bid already crashed Value_Investor 01/20/18 03:23:00 PM
#17086   I have a great idea. I have a Luna Tic 01/19/18 11:45:05 AM
#17085   Those very lucky 0.0005 ~ 0.0016 buyers should Value_Investor 01/19/18 09:25:09 AM
#17084   GBOE had 40,000 shares Slapped at the Seven-Year's Value_Investor 01/18/18 02:39:10 PM
#17083   10K-0.0029 x 40K-0.0100 now. The next two asks Value_Investor 01/16/18 11:29:09 AM
#17082   0.0029 x 0.0060 now. Once the bid is Value_Investor 01/13/18 01:53:54 PM
#17081   If it's impossible to sell at one price, Luna Tic 01/12/18 04:09:24 PM
#17080   The ask jumped to 0.0060 today v.s. the Value_Investor 01/12/18 01:15:23 PM
#17079   Let's startwith, Z E R O volume today... Luna Tic 01/11/18 12:40:19 PM
#17078   133K-0.0016 x 10K-0.0030 now. The bids are increased Value_Investor 01/11/18 12:27:18 PM
#17077   All those sellers are stupid for selling too low... Luna Tic 01/09/18 09:17:50 PM
#17076   Re: To the 0.0016s buyer: you need to Luna Tic 01/09/18 09:08:37 PM
#17075   To the 0.0016s buyer: you need to Slap Value_Investor 01/09/18 08:52:29 PM
#17074   I'm wondering why those 0.0005 ~ 0.0016 sellers Value_Investor 01/09/18 01:17:00 PM
#17073   Who dumped 100,083 shares at 0.0005 ~ 0.0016 Luna Tic 01/08/18 11:17:03 AM
#17072   Who dumped 100,083 shares at 0.0005 ~ 0.0016 Value_Investor 01/05/18 12:03:50 PM
#17071   It's not going to soar with $16 average Luna Tic 01/03/18 08:49:29 PM
#17070   Who are those very stupid sellers which dumped Value_Investor 01/03/18 01:09:33 PM
#17069   The 0.0090s seller needs to raise the bid Value_Investor 12/29/17 11:14:41 AM
#17068   Re: The ask dropped to 0.0090 today! The Luna Tic 12/29/17 10:31:57 AM
#17067   The ask dropped to 0.0090 today! The first Value_Investor 12/29/17 10:23:54 AM
#17066   And there you have the beginning. Luna Tic 12/28/17 05:23:45 PM
#17065   GBOE is Up 96.08% today! Let's see if Value_Investor 12/28/17 04:35:24 PM
#17064   How could GBOE close at 0.01 today while Value_Investor 12/28/17 04:28:02 PM
#17063   I'm sure they are. And I don't think Luna Tic 12/28/17 03:42:06 PM
#17062   Why did he/she manipulate the price up to Value_Investor 12/28/17 03:40:48 PM
#17061   Duhhhh. Only if s/he is able to sell. Luna Tic 12/28/17 03:17:20 PM
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