Likes Subject mhiller99 11/09/22 4:58 PM
That’s how I read it. LeauxMar 04/20/22 9:21 AM
Forgive my ignorance, is this LOI for Galenfeha nwbup100 04/20/22 8:31 AM LeauxMar 04/20/22 8:16 AM
If it’s just business as usual and nothing nwbup100 03/01/22 11:23 AM
I thought Ketner was bad at putting out aidadd2 03/01/22 9:45 AM
Still no updates. Getting tired of NADA!!!! aidadd2 03/01/22 9:42 AM
Don’t be a fly at the picnic. flippa 02/18/22 12:34 PM
So glad I sold most of my position aidadd2 02/18/22 8:08 AM
There are those who are interested. GLFH flippa 02/16/22 12:34 AM
No one seems to be interested in GLFH. aidadd2 02/11/22 9:47 AM
No one seems to be interested in breaking nwbup100 02/09/22 11:15 AM
Agreed... Markets are risk and reward. Anything flippa 02/07/22 2:38 PM
Well guidance pointed to substantial increase in top Lightone3 01/26/22 7:19 AM
STILL NOTHING. Are they doing any business aidadd2 01/25/22 10:25 AM
254K shares already sold today. Is it aidadd2 01/11/22 11:03 AM
Looks like another week of nothing. aidadd2 01/05/22 9:34 AM
UR RIGHT. Why buy a stock that aidadd2 01/04/22 1:12 PM
I doubt we’ll be getting any news or nwbup100 01/04/22 9:43 AM
Down to 3 MM’s on the bid…. nwbup100 01/04/22 9:39 AM
It's a new year and new week. aidadd2 01/04/22 8:50 AM
Last days of tax loss season. JACKPOT 12/22/21 1:53 PM
This is getting pretty stale! nwbup100 12/22/21 12:26 PM
Yes and the Company seems to be pump. curber 12/14/21 3:49 PM
Let's see what does the form 4 say..... curber 12/14/21 3:48 PM
I think we are going to be good. flippa 12/14/21 2:05 PM
Nice turnaround today. Form 4 must be really bad...................... JACKPOT 12/14/21 1:46 PM
Learn how to read & interpret a Form JACKPOT 12/14/21 11:40 AM
Anyone see the Form 4 that was filed aidadd2 12/14/21 11:28 AM
Small floater........61,859,482......12/05/2021 JACKPOT 12/06/21 11:45 AM
Thank you Mr. Obvious. LOL curber 12/03/21 10:50 AM
Stock is now trading at 7 cents. aidadd2 12/01/21 10:58 AM
Patience is a virtue... not always easy. nwbup100 11/30/21 3:15 PM
Agreed… Once again… nothing is promised, but it’s flippa 11/30/21 10:20 AM
Risk on trades are struggling but not dead. Lightone3 11/30/21 7:36 AM
That's a possibility, but it would be insane flippa 11/29/21 9:05 AM
How much lower is it going to go??? aidadd2 11/29/21 8:41 AM
The company is in really good hands. flippa 11/29/21 7:53 AM
I’ve been holding for a while as well, nwbup100 11/23/21 9:50 AM
With no dilution & small float, anything is JACKPOT 11/23/21 9:29 AM
Been holding for a long time, think we leftydrools 11/23/21 9:26 AM
Maybe they don't have any worthwhile news to aidadd2 11/22/21 5:12 PM
To make it an even 20%....great time/price for JACKPOT 11/22/21 12:37 PM
No Promo = No eyes No eyes = No nwbup100 11/17/21 4:42 PM
I do believe that nothing would change your curber 11/17/21 4:05 PM
confirmed that the Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Tyszkow, JACKPOT 11/17/21 10:41 AM
I don't think those financials are going to aidadd2 11/17/21 10:33 AM fade 11/17/21 9:32 AM
Don't need any pro-mo. The numbers are letzgetrich 11/17/21 9:26 AM
NEWS out! Let’s hope they added a nwbup100 11/17/21 9:21 AM
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Galenfeha, Inc. (GLFH)

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Welcome to Galenfeha, Inc.

Simplicity From Technology





July 13, 2021

Galenfeha's Environment Solutions Acquires Poff's Power Solutions

May 19, 2021

Galenfeha Organizes New Energy Environmental Solutions Opportunities

May 6, 2021

Galenfeha’s Eminent Auto Group, Inc., Acquires The Detail Dudes

February 18, 2021

Galenfeha Announces Creation of Eminent Auto Group Subsidiary

January 4, 2021

Galenfeha Adds New Directors, Offices, and Changes Operating Domicile

October 1, 2020

Third Quarter Results, Added IT Position, C&CE increase, New Products


Outstanding Common:  90,325,679

Tradable Float:  61,859,482



Galenfeha was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada. The Company is a publicly traded company focused on developing and acquiring businesses that fit into the disruptive DSF business model of Developing, Scaling, and Financing synergistic industry focused business groups. Galenfeha understands the nature of how technology and innovation can accentuate any business opportunity. The Company’s focus is on how the adaptation of informational technologies, even in brick and mortar businesses, can drive scalable growth and innovation. Galenfeha also believes that the holdings should benefit synergistically from each other and that the ability to have collaboration across varying industries can facilitate the genesis of new ideas and create fertile ground for competitive advantages.

As of the date of this announcement, the Company is a holding company that owns five operating subsidiaries:

-Liveminent, Inc.
-Eminent Auto Group, Inc..
-The Detail Dudes, LLC
-Nexgen Environmental Solutions, Inc.
-Nexgen Environmental Services, Inc

-Poff’s Power Solutions, LLC

2020 Third Quarter Results of Operations:


End of Quarter Cash and Cash Equivalents: $82,509.98 (+$25,245.71 a 44% increase)


End of Quarter Outstanding Common Stock: 82,325,679

Nexgen Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Nexgen Environmental Services, Inc.

At the end of Third Quarter 2020, Galenfeha, Inc. has no outstanding debt, no options or warrants that convert into any class of stock, and no other instruments that convert into common or preferred stock.

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