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Forget it.... alstocks 11/27/18 8:13 PM
amazing what due diligence can alstocks 11/27/18 6:28 PM
Thanks for the quick reply ,, I do brwtrpilot 01/04/13 10:48 AM
Pilot: The SEC only cares about the registered Renee 01/04/13 9:09 AM
Do you or anyone else on who use brwtrpilot 01/04/13 8:58 AM
GPSNQ revoked: Renee 12/18/12 9:37 AM
Has anyone seen the product the stock CADY brwtrpilot 12/17/12 2:39 AM
Krisl: The Admin Proceeding was crystal clear that Renee 11/21/12 10:28 AM
ah, it is only for 1 week, so krisl 11/21/12 10:18 AM
GPSNQ: SEC Suspension: Renee 11/14/12 10:24 AM
I hope you are right. Harry V Radford 02/26/12 10:54 PM
agree, last few days have been interesting amelow 02/24/12 1:33 PM
I got the feeling that this one can krisl 02/24/12 12:55 PM
Getting some love? Harry V Radford 12/07/11 1:32 PM
Still alive? Harry V Radford 08/25/11 6:08 AM
Some nice support here. I think this one krisl 05/02/11 1:09 PM
Just a couple of links.. draw your own brwtrpilot 04/16/11 5:10 AM
I see. EOPIQ said the same words in Value_Investor 04/15/11 3:24 PM
Still waiting for that notice. Since 2009. Harry V Radford 04/15/11 3:19 PM
I think many shareholders do not know the Value_Investor 04/12/11 5:06 PM
What i don't understand is, if the shares krisl 04/12/11 1:33 PM
I just received the email from the General Value_Investor 04/12/11 12:18 PM
At the moment there is no official document krisl 04/12/11 5:23 AM
To be honest, i dont know. I Harry V Radford 04/11/11 8:10 PM
Here is the email address of the person Value_Investor 04/11/11 5:50 PM
hey Value can you do us all a brwtrpilot 04/11/11 5:45 PM
What do you think about GPSNQ? I got krisl 04/11/11 2:43 PM
I was able to add another 800K shares krisl 04/11/11 1:50 PM
Hope the best for all the GPSNQ shareholders! Value_Investor 04/11/11 1:26 PM
Yes, it is, but the people who bought krisl 04/11/11 1:26 PM
maybe, there is always a big chance that krisl 04/11/11 1:17 PM
I see. EOPIQ was canceled today. It is Value_Investor 04/11/11 1:13 PM
All the common shares will be canceled soon Value_Investor 04/11/11 1:12 PM
Nothing new there. He has been saying Harry V Radford 04/11/11 1:11 PM
Someone sold there shares at me, so cool krisl 04/11/11 12:40 PM
I sent a email to GPSNQ and here Value_Investor 04/11/11 12:32 PM
I know nothing.I just like to say that phrase. castboy 04/11/11 10:32 AM
Why did you say that? Any insider information? Value_Investor 04/11/11 10:26 AM
quit pumping this pos!!!!!!!!!!! castboy 04/11/11 10:03 AM
look at level 2 thats the story if s17gator 04/11/11 9:53 AM
Whats the story here? bluebird50 04/11/11 9:41 AM
let's smack a little ask today and see Sims84 04/11/11 8:21 AM
A good support at BID is not bad krisl 04/11/11 4:21 AM
buy at the ask no bid sitters please s17gator 04/10/11 10:56 PM
I'll be buying more tomorrow myself! grab what j0nny5 04/10/11 10:46 PM
i have been in this for a while. Harry V Radford 04/10/11 10:03 PM
yep this is gettn more attention if volume s17gator 04/10/11 8:59 PM
Seems that there is a lot of attention Harry V Radford 04/10/11 8:25 PM
GPSNQ has the 52-week low 0.0002 and 52-week Value_Investor 04/10/11 3:10 PM
GPSNQ has 591M shares OS and 539M shares Value_Investor 04/10/11 3:03 PM
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04/11/11 1:26 PM
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Harry V Radford
04/11/11 1:11 PM
04/11/11 12:32 PM
04/11/11 10:26 AM
04/11/11 10:03 AM
04/11/11 9:53 AM
04/11/11 9:41 AM
04/11/11 8:21 AM
04/11/11 4:21 AM
04/10/11 10:56 PM
Harry V Radford
04/10/11 10:03 PM
04/10/11 8:59 PM
Harry V Radford
04/10/11 8:25 PM
04/10/11 3:10 PM
04/10/11 3:03 PM

GPS Industries Inc. (fka GPSNQ)

Posts (Today)
Posts (Total)


Outstanding Shares:  590,833,000 Shares.


Floating Shares:  538,660,000 Shares.


Authorized Shares: 1,600,000,000 Shares.



Note, the company has already exited from the CH11 bankruptcy last year!

Status:  all the common shares will be canceled by the company per Email.







Company web site:

Robert C. Silzer, Sr. - President and CEO
Alex Doaga, M.Sc. - Vice President, Operations
Peter Lesyk - Vice President, Wireless Solutions
David Stratton - Vice President, Sales

Robert Silzer and Greg Norman

GPS Industries Inc. is a business solutions provider that is changing the way people play golf and how golf courses do business. Our signature solution, the Inforemer, has reinvented the application of global positioning (GPS) to the game and the business of golf by enhancing both a golfer's game and a course's profitability like never before.
GPS Industries, a publicly traded company based in Vancouver, Canada with customers around the world, is both a pioneer and market leader in the development of GPS golf business solutions. The Company has nearly a decade of experience in GPS and has invested heavily in its patented Inforemer technology.

Our Partners Bring More To The Game

GPS Industries partners with other leaders in sports and technology, such as Greg Norman's Great White Shark Enterprises and CBS Sportsline, to offer its customers and investors the ability to do more. Greg Norman is a legend in both the game and business of golf. His 86 tournament victories worldwide include 20 PGA Tour titles and two British Open Championships. Norman is also the CEO of one of the world’s most successful golf course development and management companies, Great White Shark Enterprises. A member of GPS Industries' Board of Advisors, Norman has endorsed Inforemer for the 60-plus courses in which his company is involved around the world,uu[m,a]daclyyay[da][pb20!b50!f][vc60][iUa!Lyb20,2.0]&pref=G

6 month chart:

GPS Industries Reports Second Quarter Financials
Operating Results Improve Despite Lower Than Projected Revenues Tuesday August 22, 6:30 am ET

GPS Industries Signs Memorandum Of Understanding for US$10-Million Equity Investment With Dubai Group
Thursday September 14, 6:15 am ET

GPS Industries Signs Eleven Golf Courses to Million Dollar Hole-in-One Program in Four Weeks
Monday September 18, 6:30 am ET

Sales Growth Continues for GPS Industries
Wednesday September 20, 6:30 am ET
New Jersey Country Club Chooses INFOREMER(TM) GPS Management System

Inforemer(TM) Wi-Fi Powered Management System Voted #1 by Southland Golf Magazine

Nov. 20,2006 6GPS Industries Buys Out All Financial Obligations to NIR Group, LLC

Nov.28-2006 GPS Industries Announces $15.7-M Investment from Greg Norman's Great White Shark Enterprises and Dubai based Leisurecorp LLC

12-2-2007-GPS INDUSTRIESFinancials

3-12-2007-GPS Industries (GPSN) Forecasts 'Dramatic' Revenue Surge in Interview

3-15-2007-PGA of America and GPS Industries Forge Strategic Alliance

3-16-2007-GPS Industries Forge Strategic Alliance with PGA Magazine, Official Publication of The PGA of America

3-20-2007-GPS Industries Adds to Sales Team in Lucrative Territories

3-21-2007-Incline Village Golf Resort Praises Inforemer-HD Management System from GPS Industries

3-27-2007-GPS Industries Announces Multiple Inforemer-HD Sales, Exceeding US-$1Million

3-29-2007- Beijing's Bayhood No. 9 International Club Goes Top of the Line with Inforemer-HD System

4-2-2007- GPS Industries Secures $16.5 Million Annual Contract Through Global Golf Advisors, Formerly KPMG Golf Industry Practice

4-4-2007 - GPS Industries Acquires Intellectual Property of Golf IT, Creating Industry's Only End-To-End Management System.

4-9-2007 - GPS Industries Continues Global Expansion with Another Key European Contract

4-12-07 - GPS Industries Comments on Research Firm Prediction for Global GPS Sales to Grow $4.1 Billion in 2007

4-17-07 - Annual Report

4-17-07 - GPS Industries Reports Double-Digit Revenue Growth in 2006

4-23-07 -GPS Industries Secures $2-Million Contract to Implement Wireless Community Services Throughout Dubai Golf Development

4-25-07 - GPS Industries Global Expansion with Acquisition of Leading European Distributor, Golf Academies

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