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GEI Global

GEI Global Energy Corp.GEI Global Energy Corp.


GEI Global Energy Corp.engages in the development of fuel cell based auxiliary power systems. The company’s power systems provide electricity to power various applications, including buildings, automobiles, emergency back-up systems, laptop computers, consumer devices, commercial trucking, telecommunications, marine, data security, and military. GEI Global Energy Corp.is based in
Flint, Michigan


Reformer will turn natural gas to Hydrogen.K. Joel Berry and his research team at Kettering University in Flint have developed
the world’s first scalable and multifuel reforming system. 

A team of researchers at Kettering University in Flint has developed a device, called a reformer, that converts gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and other commonly available fuels into hydrogen — the lifeblood of fuel cells.
By tapping existing energy sources, the so-called GEI-X5 HTPEM Fuel Cell Electric Power Generator (X5) provides efficient, clean, and near-zero emissions; runs nearly silent; and alleviates the need to set up a costly hydrogen distribution system. In essence, the X5 allows for the commercialization of stationary or auxiliary fuel cells around the world.
The effort is in response to a bid from the U.S. Air Force and Applied Research Associates, which tasked Kettering University with developing an advanced fuel cell generator that produces 10 kilowatts of power by 2012.  In recent months, K. Joel Berry, a professor and head of Kettering’s department of mechanical engineering, has reached the 10-kilowatt mark; he says he and his team of researchers and consultants are on pace to more than double the prototype’s energy output.
“Our internal goal is to develop a 50-kilowatt fuel cell generator,” Berry says. “We have no doubt that we can reach that mark.” Berry, founder and principal of Global Energy Innovations Inc. in Flint, is actively raising $1.5 million to complete a series of field tests before the device reaches consumer markets.
The X5 is projected to cost between $8,000 and $10,000 per unit once it reaches mass production. All of the components are guaranteed for five years, while the overall system will carry a 10-year warranty.
“We are working closely with the Air Force and Applied Research Associates, while at the same time we’re actively seeking partners to commercialize and market the new technology,” Berry says. “The biggest growth potential for the X5 is in developing countries that lack, or have a limited, electrical grid system.”
Other markets include existing homes, since the reformer can run on natural gas, as well as industries such as aerospace, municipal waste-to-power systems, emergency response, and telecommunications. “This is not a technology that will be introduced overnight, but the reformer boosts energy efficiency by 30 percent while producing near-zero emissions,” says Steve Hoffman, a former marketing executive at Detroit-based American Axle & Manufacturing Inc., who serves as vice president of operations at Global Energy Innovations.
The reformer, about the size of a large shoebox, is complemented by a lithium polymer battery storage system and a power electronics package that, together, provide a uniform source of energy to operate a hydrogen fuel cell. Since a fuel cell has no moving parts, the X5 creates very little noise; however, because the reformer throws off excessive heat, it requires plenty of insulation.
“By running virtually silent, the X5 is an improvement upon traditional generators,” Berry says. “You could drop a unit into a remote location, say in Afghanistan, and the troops would have power to operate air conditioners, computers, lights, and equipment.”
The X5 can also be modified to propel vehicles, adding to its potential uses. In recent years, the Department of Defense has accelerated its use of renewable energy. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown, insurgents are increasingly attacking American fuel supply convoys. At the same time, more efficient fuel systems are needed as battle vehicles are outfitted with heavier armor.
Because fossil fuel is the U.S. military’s largest import to Afghanistan, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus says he wants 50 percent of the power for the Navy and Marines to come from renewable energy sources by 2020. Meanwhile, the Army buys 50,000 auxiliary power units each year.
The X5 can process military fuel, known as JP8. It also can run on methanol, ethanol, synthetic, and bio-renewable fuels. “The failure rate is very small, so once we get it on the market, the X5 will have a life span of 18,000 to 20,000 hours,” Berry explained during a recent tour of Kettering’s Center for Fuel Cell Systems and Powertrain Integration. Founded in 1926 as the General Motors Institute, Kettering University (renamed in 1999 to honor famed GM engineer and inventor Charles “Boss” Kettering) graduates more than 500 engineers annually. The university also works with more than 700 companies, including the Big Three automakers, Delphi, United Technologies, the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), Bosch, Johnson Controls, and Sun Microsystems.
“Our goal is keep as much of the research, development, and production in Michigan,” Berry says. “We have the world’s only scalable and multifuel reforming system. We want to create as many jobs here as possible.”

K. Joel Berry

Dr. Berry
Dr. Berry, honored as Flint, Michigan's fuel cell father(1), has been Professor of Mechanical Engineering for over 26 years at Kettering University, and served as the former Head of Mechanical Engineering for 17 years. With over 1200 students mechanical engineering is ranked as one of the largest undergraduate programs in the country, and has been constantly ranked in the top 5 by U.S. News and World Report.

Dr. Berry, honored as an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Fellow, also spearheaded, conceived, and raised over $10 million in funding for Kettering's Center for Fuel Cell Systems Engineering's (www.kufuelcellcenter.info) research initiatives. Recognizing the lack of an infrastructure for the storage and distribution of hydrogen as a "fuel," as required for traditional fuel cells, as being a major barrier to global fuel cell commercialization, Dr. Berry's vision was a more robust fuel cell power plant system to leverage the existing global logistic fuel infrastructure such as abundant and inexpensive natural gas. The result being the GEI X5 as a novel and revolutionary hybrid fuel cell power systems architecture. Dr. Berry who has invested 2 million into GEI through personal money and grants, hopes someday to create hundreds of local jobs.


$5,000,000.00 Line of Credit

(A few key notes from the 8K)
1.01 Entry or Termination of a Material Definitive Agreement
On July 31, 2014, GEI Global Energy Corp, a Nevada corporation (the “Company”) entered into a Senior Secured Revolving Facility Agreement (the “Credit Agreement”) with TCA Global Credit Master Fund, LP,
as lender (the :Lender”).
The Credit Agreement provides for a revolving credit facility (the “Credit Facility”) of up to $5,000,000. Funds under the Credit Facility will be made available to the Company on an as-needed basis, based on a
mutually approved formula of eligible receivables and assets with an initial draw down at closing of $200,000 less transaction expenses. The net expenses were $109,000 with $80,000 allocated to immediately resolving corporate debt. The Company also incurred legal fees of $5,000.
The Company intends to use the proceeds of the Credit Facility for execution of the Company’s business plan for global commercialization and in the pursuit of the following business revenue generation models
as outlined in our 2012 business plan:

1. Manufacturing and selling of fuel cell electrical power generation systems.

2. License of core technology for third party integration. Fore examle, licensing of hydrogen extraction technology or system controls technology for integration with third party fuel cell stack technology.

3. License of fuel cell power system for third party private label manufacturing for specific application.

4. License of fuel cell power systems technology for third party power purchase agreement (PPA) and revenue sharing.

Italian JV Partnership with Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo Economico (AISVEC)

FLINT, Mich., Jul 09, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- GEI Global Energy Corp. GEIG, a fuel cell electric power generation company, announced the JV partnership execution with the Italian firm Associazione Italiana
per lo Sviluppo Economico (AISVEC) to leverage the expanding global natural gas supply infrastructure to deploy its fuel efficient electric power generation devices within Italy and Europe.
Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo Economico (AISVEC) (Italian Association for Economic Development)
"3000 public authorities and private companies connected to AISVEC"

"To this end, AISVEC is negotiating with governmental authorities in Central and Eastern Europe with regards to fuel supply, power requirements, and economic development"

A pilot plant and technology showcase will launch in October 2014 providing over 6,000 kW-hr per month of combined heat and power (CHP) to a small municipality in Northern Italy. The partnership will focus on
clean, efficient and environmentally friendly electric power systems within public owned buildings, shopping malls, commercial real estate, and industries.

Share Structure

Shares Outstanding 10,917,012 a/o February 3, 2016
Float 1,135,770 a/o August 21, 2015
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o August 21, 2015
Par Value 0.0001  

A 1 for 2500 Reverse Split took place on March 20, 2015.


GEI X5 has a strategic advantage in terms of systems integration and a robust design methodology. The design methodology has improved overall product quality. The X5 has a significant advantage over
other fuel cell systems through the use of HTPEM fuel cell stacks which increase power density by 25% due to more efficient flow distribution and thermal management. This also results in a higher tolerance
for impurities such as CO and sulfur in the fuel source while providing the capability to use logistically inexpensive fuels such as low sulfur diesel, propane, methanol, ethanol, and bio-diesel fuels.
Due to the varied application of the GEI fuel cell systems, the Company faces competition from a number of companies. However, many of them do not currently pose a significant threat due to the technological advantage the Company has over them.

Plug Power Systems : Low temperature fuel cell operate on pure hydrogen designed for fork lift trucks. They are not a direct competitor to GEI due to its limited market segment, its low temperature
technology and limited scope for expansion.
Clear Edge Power : California based high temperature 5kW fuel cells operating on natural gas and focused on residential customers.  Applications are limited by its inability to meet power demand spikes created by every day household appliances. GEI possesses competitive advantages due to greater perceived system flexibility.
Nordic Power Systems : European based high temperature 1kW fuel cells operating on low sulfur diesel fuel. Nordic has lower operating efficiencies and low volume production compared to GEIG.
UltraCell Power : Portable high temperature 25kW fuel cells operating on reformed methanol.   UltraCell Power target market and large cell size is a significant barrier.
Bloom Energy : We believe Bloom could be a serious competitor in the large stationary and base load stationary markets.  However GEIG fuel cell systems operate at a much lower temperature compared
to Bloom’s core fuel cell which operate at 800C and are less responsive to spike in operating loads. Further their current manufacturing process is expensive.


Item1.01      Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement


1.   The GEIG Board approved the execution of a definitive agreement to acquire, through a stock equity exchange, Zarvic Brothers, LLC. of New York. The purchase will enhance financial opportunities for
GEI Global and integrates with a strategy to provide high-impact real estate and technology merger acquisition transactions throughout the United States and the world. The acquisition adds to our overall
brand and represents an important strategic opportunity to focus our business model and to acquire assets for product deployment. By purchasing Zarvic Brothers, GEI Global will be able to expand our
business and product offerings to a larger commercial real estate customer base throughout the world.
2.   GEIG will form new private subsidiary to execute agreement.
3.   GEIG will desire to move private vehicle toward public vehicle status in 12 months. Although there may be several unforeseen factors that may influence this objective.
4.   GEIG will issue 500,000 shares of restricted GEIG common stock $0.001 par to execute agreement.
5.   Agreement execution is effective upon legal review.

 Zarvic Brothers is a privately-held, New York based company, that specializes in the acquisition and disposition of value added commercial real estate, leasing, and merger acquisitions of private and public companies.

Solar Partner Sought for GEI Global Tanzanian Project

FLINT, MI -- (Marketwired) -- 12/07/15 -- GEI Global Energy Corp. (OTCBB: GEIG), after 18 months of development with our world-wide partners, GEI GLOBAL will "light-up" Tanzania and seeks a partnership
with an established international Solar Power company for a suite of 15MW-45MW projects with the Government of Tanzania resulting in guaranteed and long term revenues.

Working collaboratively with the Tanzania Rural Energy CorporationTranscend Enterprises Limited, and the non-profit organization known as the Africa Community Advancement Initiative(http://www.acainitiative.org)
GEI Global Energy Corp. seeks a global minded solar energy partner to provide one component of a large bold initiative that will resolve a primary challenge that has restricted access to affordable plentiful energy
for decades. As a merger of technologies, the 360° Energy Deployment and Economic Development solution presented by the Tanzania Rural Energy Corporation (TREC) and its partners herein have solved the primary set of constraints to improving the economic viability for a people, and provides a strategy to ensure a sustainable energy solution from one generation to the next.

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