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The website below will provide a chart for CHDO. Feel free to view and look for what you want to DD in a chart. http://www.stockscores.com/quickreport.asp?ticker=chdo Suggestions for Due Dilligence #1 Check to see if the Company has a Convertible Debt "CD" conversion on the go. #2 Always check and see who are the main MMs in that stock. Find out which are the ones to be aware of and what their connection to the Company is. #3 Never Buy on a posters pumping capibilities. Many will tell you all about their Buying but are very silent about their Selling. This Board has been created for all to share their RUNNERS or Potential RUNNERS so we can all look at them and through DD make our own decisions. Alerts can be given for Buyers or Sellers. All Charts and TA is very welcomed. Your also welcome to discuss any stock you would like. News on all stocks can also be posted here. Gotta make people aware of what is happening Stock Symbol Search Website http://www.profitspi.com/ Technical Indicator Definitions. The Williams %R produces values from 0 to -100, a reading over 80 usually indicates a stock is oversold, while readings below 20 suggests a stock is overbought. The MACD is calculated by subtracting the 26-day exponential moving average (EMA) from the 12-day EMA. A nine-day EMA of the MACD, called the "signal line", is then plotted on top of the MACD, functioning as a trigger for buy and sell signals. Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) An oscillator that helps signal if a stock is undergoing accumulation or distribution. RSI ranges from 0 to 100. An asset is deemed to be overbought once the RSI approaches the 70 level, meaning that it may be getting overvalued and is a good candidate for a pullback. Likewise, if the RSI approaches 30, it is an indication that the asset may be getting oversold and therefore likely to become undervalued. ChiOsc Chaikin Oscillator monitors the flow of money in and out of the market - comparing money flow to price action helps to identify tops and bottoms in short and intermediate cycles. He suggests that it be used in conjunction with a 21 day price envelope and an overbought/oversold indicator (such as Momentum or RSI). Parabolic SAR allows the investor to follow the dots in either an upward or downward trend until SAR is reached and the trend reverses. It is primarily used in trending markets and is based on always having a position in the market. The indicator may also be used to determine stop points and to estimate when to reverse a position and take a trade in the opposite direction. ACCUM/DIST At nearly all times the oscillator will track market movements. When it is rising, the underlying market will be rising, as more and more stock is purchased and volumes increase ( Accumulation ). When it starts to head downwards the underlying market will be heading down an stock is sold off and volume decreases ( Distribution ). When a divergence in the market occurs,e.g. the Oscillator is rising but the market isn't, then this is an indicator that a change in trend is imminent To form a Golden Cross, the 50 day moving average must cross from below the 200 day MA to above the 200 day MA, whilst the 200 day MA must also be rising". Dilution usually can be worked out on a 6 to 1 ratio. 1..Absolute Smartest Move...Sell at 25% profit 2..Smart Move...............Sell at 50% profit 3..Very Risky Move..........Sell at 100% profit 4..Stupidity.....hold for more than 100% profit
#580   img139.imageshack.us/img139/7853/img2699xd1.jpg Townie 02/12/08 01:59:45 PM
#575   Stocks that do a R/S usually (at least Townie 01/01/08 06:34:52 PM
#574   Market Update InPlay Townie 12/28/07 10:05:14 AM
#573   CLXN .015 my newest hidden Diamond in the rough. Townie 11/06/07 12:39:00 PM
#571   CHDO .023 getting ready to explode Townie 10/10/07 03:22:43 PM
#570   I'm betting on it! Major product roll out PatD100 10/09/07 03:11:14 PM
#569   CHDO the stock to own imo Townie 10/09/07 11:10:06 AM
#568   CHDO action heating up, Friday was a very Townie 10/07/07 11:23:47 AM
#567   FCCN really didn't do very good so far today. Townie 10/05/07 10:01:14 AM
#566   Don't worry Lucy I got the same hopes PatD100 10/04/07 04:03:58 PM
#565   I used to think that, one day. Now, lowman 10/04/07 11:46:19 AM
#564   WOW is all I can say. Townie 10/04/07 11:43:40 AM
#563   I'll be buying all the way up to lowman 10/04/07 11:42:51 AM
#562   Your buying I'd presume and not fully filled? Townie 10/04/07 11:37:46 AM
#561   Gonna be a monster, lucy. I deleted the lowman 10/04/07 11:36:08 AM
#560   Waiting for hopeful 1st round approval on what PatD100 10/04/07 11:27:26 AM
#559   It's waking up and I have a small position. Townie 10/04/07 11:22:53 AM
#557   CTUM chart NICE looking Pat Townie 10/04/07 11:18:59 AM
#556   OOPS make that $1.03 now PatD100 10/04/07 11:15:51 AM
#555   CTUM now up to .93 heading back into PatD100 10/04/07 11:14:49 AM
#554   SWVC doing a booming business today. Townie 09/28/07 01:48:45 PM
#553   Will very soon be putting the vast majority Townie 09/28/07 01:47:16 PM
#552   CLX .014 and a no brainer for anyone Townie 09/28/07 12:01:07 PM
#551   SNTX up 20% today (Mon) Townie 09/24/07 09:51:07 PM
#550   SNTX on watch alert big day Friday Townie 09/23/07 09:44:59 PM
#549   NEXA could very well be a BIG filing Townie 09/20/07 10:37:59 AM
#548   CTUM 9/19 Letter to Shareholders ypsiCPA 09/19/07 01:32:16 PM
#547   Thanks Pat, have put it on a watch Townie 09/18/07 10:51:11 AM
#546   Lucy Et al, CTUM is also awaiting FDA PatD100 09/18/07 10:28:15 AM
#545   A post worth reading Townie 09/17/07 12:00:55 PM
#544   KDKN going to be real big. Townie 09/17/07 11:20:34 AM
#541   CHDO & CLXN are no brainer BUYS Townie 09/13/07 10:39:17 AM
#540   Like this one, will DD up tonight and PatD100 09/11/07 03:48:06 PM
#539   oops PatD100 09/11/07 03:47:55 PM
#538   In CLNX great possibilities Townie 09/11/07 12:21:28 PM
#537   Long down trend with a (current)last candle being PatD100 09/11/07 11:20:59 AM
#536   Give me a parameter and I'll find the Townie 09/10/07 11:17:52 PM
#535   CLXN closed within 20% of year high and Townie 09/10/07 11:15:02 PM
#534   FKLT RSI up a little another watcher at Townie 09/10/07 09:53:05 PM
#533   CLXN RSI trending up. maybe a sleeper here. Townie 09/10/07 09:51:23 PM
#532   DGIA Chart RSI in nice up mode position. Townie 09/10/07 09:11:48 PM
#531   AVCP Chart RSI extremely high might be ready Townie 09/10/07 09:09:27 PM
#530   COPI Chart RSI a little uptick but relatively Townie 09/10/07 09:06:02 PM
#529   Going to be a hard call. Townie 09/10/07 09:01:51 PM
#528   SNTX Chart RSI also looking real good. Townie 09/10/07 09:00:36 PM
#527   GLIF Chart RSI is beautiful. Townie 09/10/07 08:58:28 PM
#526   SWVC Chart RSI a little flat at end Townie 09/10/07 08:56:51 PM
#525   ABPH chart notice RSI heading up. Townie 09/10/07 08:54:07 PM
#524   Thanks and welcome Pat, have been adding CHDO Townie 09/10/07 08:52:18 PM
#523   CHDO below .015 is a good ad. nice PatD100 09/10/07 08:40:44 PM