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FreeSeas, inc. (FREEF)

FreeSeas is a premiere, global commercial shipping company transporting iron ore, coal, grain, steel products and other drybulk cargoes along worldwide shipping routes.

With a dynamic management team focused on shareholder growth and an active presence in the capital markets, FreeSeas has positioned itself to capitalize on the emerging drybulk industry.

Vessel Employment

A spot charter and a period time charter are contracts to charter a vessel for an agreed period of time at a set daily rate. Under a spot charter, this daily rate can either be a contract to carry a specific cargo for a per day rate or a per ton carry amount, depending on the agreement with the charterer.

Under spot charters, FreeSeas pays voyage expenses such as port, canal and fuel costs.  Under period time charters, the charterer pays these voyage expenses.

Under both spot charters and period time charters, FreeSeas is responsible for vessel operating expenses, which include crew costs, provisions, deck and engine stores, lubricating oil, insurance, maintenance and repairs. FreeSeas is also responsible for each vessel’s intermediate drydocking and special survey costs.

The exception to this practice is known as a “bareboat contract”, whereby the charterer is responsible for the vessel’s maintenance and operations, as well as all voyage expenses as explained above.

Vessels operating on period time charter provide more predictable cash flows, but can yield lower profit margins than vessels operating in the spot market during periods characterized by favorable market conditions. Vessels operating in the spot market generate revenues which are less predictable but may enable FreeSeas to increase profit margins during periods of increasing drybulk charter rates.

However, FreeSeas would then be exposed to the risk of declining drybulk charter rates, which may be higher or lower than the rates at which FreeSeas chartered its vessels. FreeSeas is constantly evaluating opportunities for period time charters, but only expects to enter into additional period time charters if FreeSeas can obtain contract terms that satisfy its criteria.

Finally, FreeSeas may from time to time employ its vessels in carrier pools.  These pools, operated by third parties, bring together vessels from one or multiple owners to service the needs of charterers.  In this arrangement, voyage and operating expenses are paid by the pool manager, and FreeSeas would be paid its “share” of the voyage revenues on a predetermined schedule.


FREEF Security Details

Share Structure

Market Value
a/o 9/28/2018
Authorized Shares
a/o 9/18/2018
Outstanding Shares
a/o 9/18/2018


Financial Reporting/Disclosure

Reporting Status
U.S. Reporting: SEC Reporting
Audited Financials
Latest Report
Fiscal Year End
OTC Marketplace
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Contact Info
10, El. Venizelou (Panepistimou) Street
Athens, J3 10671
Phone: 011-30-210-452-8770
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