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This board is for Hot trending stocks only. Stocks that can post greater than 50% gains within a week. Get Your Freak on and lets make some fast cash ! smiley

Harmonic Energy Inc. (ASUV) Is my current freak of the week , as of 5/24/16......Big day today up 38%...Up to double digits again. Possibly just days away from a big potential merger with Klean Industries. ALL the signs point to a merger. If it in fact does happen,The pps could go to dollars from 10  cents. Also Klean tweeted out a few weeks ago , that they would be sharing BIG NEWS within "a few weeks" ...."a few weeks" is about up ...as its been about 3 weeks since they made that statement. 


90M Authorized Shares (Share Structure has stayed the same since 2007!)

74M Outstanding Shares (CEO owns 40%)
No History of Reverse Splits
3 Forward Stock Splits

Merger Updates with Klean Industries

Harmonic Energy, Inc. (ASUV)

0.10 Up 0.03(38.89%)
Day's Range: 0.07 - 0.10                                    Image result for check this out!

What is making Harmonic Energy so exciting is that Harmonic Energy (ASUV) is merging with Klean Industries.  That news update is due very shortly so STAY TUNED here!  If you are thinking about buying ASUV shares in the near term, please do your DD as soon as possible!  You need to have shares prior to the merger announcement!  That merger announcement can be announced AT ANY TIME!
52wk Range: 0.01 - 0.10
As you all know our alert 2 weeks ago was ASUV. As you can tell from the chart and accumulation we have stuck by this alert. ASUV is one of the easiest alerts fundamentally going forward. Here are a few quick facts, which I will follow up with some DD we have dug up on a possible merger.

*Company has never had an R/S but has in fact had 3 Forward Splits.
*90mill A/S (which has not changed since 2007)
*74mill O/S (CEO owns 40% of this)
*Just went current 2 weeks ago.
*Majority of the shares, including the past few years when it had a stop sign have traded above .01 range.
*Terms on their CD note are unheard of: $62k note can convert at 90% of previous days close.

~~Sounds like a perfect candidate for a merger with the above fundamentals: Below is what we found~~

*Jamie Mann as stated helped previously start up a company called Klean Industries, where he is listed as director for Klean Industries UK.

*Klean Industries Inc was incorporated in Nevada last year, and if you look has the same Registered Agent and same A/S listed for ASUV.

*Also notable with the similarities is ASUV director Adrian J.R Smith, is also a director for Klean Industries. Also Joe Laxague is listed as council for both ASUV and Klean Industries.

*Klean Industries on Friday Pinned a tweet saying "Check out Klean Industries & its up coming endeavors as a public company - contact us for more info".

*Klean Industries webpage was updated on March 3rd to include an investor section, and when you click on the links say "Coming Soon". There is also a place for a stock symbol on the homepage.

*If you look at the ahitdata link below you will see that Klean Industries UK (which Jesse and Jamie founded together) has been getting updated regularly this year including changing the company address to Joe Laxagues on 2-5-16 (council for both Klean and ASUV).

*Jesse Klinkhamer (CEO for Klean Industries) is listed on ASUV filing as a director, and Jamie Mann (CEO for ASUV) is listed on Klean Industries filings as a director.

~~Klean Industry Facts~~

*Link that says whistlerforestproducts is an article comparing Jesse Klinkhamer to Tiger Woods and Mark Zuckerburg.
*Link that says tradekey says Klean Industries has 51-100 employees as well as more than $100mill in sales volume.
*Klean Industries has 18 websites for all of their divisions.
*Klean Capital division specializes in doing mergers.

~~~To recap~~~
ASUV has the perfect setup for a merger. Small SS and clean balance sheet. It shares many of the same directors as Klean Industries, Inc, including the CEOs. Their businesses are built around the same industry. Klean Industries recently has filed on nvsos with same SS as ASUV, and has recently updated their website and twitter to include investor pages as well as talking about going public. If a company with $100mill in revs (and a CEO compared to Mark Zuckerberg) merges into a stock that has 90mill A/S...what do you think will happen?



we are planning on making announcements within a few weeks - exciting stuff, please sign up for our news letters.

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