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The mining sector seems to be targeted heavily by scammers.
Always has been and always will be.
If you suspect a mining company might be a scam, report it here and receive DD + feedback.


Some of the most obvious RED FLAGS include:
- Companies that are touting alluvial-type gold deposits, especially in Latin America
- Companies that claim to have new technology that no one else has
- Management team with little to no direct experience in the mining industry
- "gagged TA" i.e. the transfer agent will not release info on the share structure
- Companies that are non-reporting or have an E at the end of their ticker symbol
- Accusations of having "mineral reserves" or "N.I. 43-101 resources" that cannot be confirmed
- Companies claiming to be a takeover target of Majors
- Companies with UPS/P.O. Boxes or Las Vegas-based addresses
- Anything you learned about from a mailer!




Constitution Mining (CMIN)

Claimed to have huge alluvial gold "reserves" in Peru. Changed name to Goldsands Development Co. (GSDC) after pump.

Punchline Resources (PUNL)

CEO bought up all the shares, ran a promo, sold stock, then stock dumped. Changed ticker to NMEX (See Below) in September 2013

North Spring Resources (NSRS)

Biggest scam of 2012. Ran a huge promo program led by Awesome Penny Stocks, milked millions of dollars from investors. Ran up to almost $2 before dumping. Never halted, still trading, CEO should be jailed.

Liberty Silver (LBSV)

This one touted a subpar silver deposit that has been around forever. Bobby Genovese managed to cash in millions before SEC finally got involved. Now trading at pennies. Black eye for the TSX to.

Portage Resources (POTG)

These guys never even acquired a project as far as I can tell, just ran a promo. Don't even have a website. Called out by our-street.com here.

Nevada Gold Corp (NVGC)

The pump on this scam was just starting out when the SEC stepped in and halted trading, putting an end to it.

Was heavily touted by Stock Castle and Small Cap Voice, they should be ashmed of themselves it was an abvious scam from the beginning. 

NVGC did nothing more than stake a few BLM claims and sign an option agreement in Nevada and then talk about other gold companies having success in Nevada, as if it was somehow related to them. Ridiculous. Merrill Moses is a scumbag.



Lone Star Gold Corp (LSTG)

LSTG paid Mermaid Finance and John Myers $200k to send out promo letters during summer 2011. This one tries to use its QB status to fool investors. Most recent 10-Q reports $0 in cash but watch out, it looks like they may be lining this up for another pump n dump.
DD Link-

Coyote Resources (COYR)

This one pumped and dumped as recently as April 2013. Traded as high as $1.00, now sitting at around $0.06 as they rev up for another promo. Company reported 6k in cash and $1.9 million in liabilities in last 10-Q.  
DD LINK- (http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=94732535)

American Mineral Group, Inc. (SUGO)

Ran a pump and dump in 2012 under Sungro Minerals (SUGO). Completed name change and reverse split (1 for 125 lol) in April 2013. Looks like they are revving up for another pump n dump under the new name.

Last 10-Q from 2012 shows no cash and convertible debt on the books,. The debt will be issued  at a 40% discount to the share price. It is likely being converted now in preparation of a new promo during the first few months of 2014.

Being heavily touted on iHub by "trader53" who must be in on the upcoming scam. Read some of his ridiculous posts here, here and here.


Dutch Gold Resources (DGRI)

This former pump n dump looks like it could be revving up for another run. Volume starting to pick up and next scam may revolve around placer properties in Nicaragua.

Watch out. CEO Daniel Hollis is connected to this scam and SHMX as well.

Disovery Minerals (DSCR)

The pump is lining up an iron tailings sccam, claiming it will provide quick rewards to shareholders (just like in the past right?). Nice tight share structure with one billion shares in float LOL  1.6 billion shares outstanding with 1.3 billion restricted. CEO Russell Smith owns 1 billion of the shares which will become unrestricted in 2014. Look for him to line up another pump so he can dump his shares and book millions in proifts while investors gets duped.
Silver Falcon Mining (SFMI)

This long running pump is ramping up for another run. Just announced plans to write 43-101 report (not possible) that will no doubt outline "billions of dollars worth of minerals" just about the time the pump starts. The company also was recently also lost title to its Diamond Creek Mill and was ordered to pay $567,0000
This one likes to hide behind its QB status, but don't be fooled massive pump and dump is on the way.



Affinity Gold (AFYG)

Alluvial gold play in Peru. Claims to have NI 43-101 techincal report and compliant resource estimate of +2 million ounces of gold based on a few trenches and soil samples. Traded above $6, now around $0.10.  Being heavily pushed on iHub boards


Mission Mining (MISM)

Actually had the balls to put out a press release claiming they have NI 43-101 compliant resource valued at $20 billion. You can't make this stuff up. 


Northern Minerals & Exploration (NMEX)

Changed name, rolled back stock, same crap project. Most recent 10-K (as of July 13, 3013) reported that cash and equivalents was -$273... bank account is overdrafted. They may have changed name but chart is the same.

Colorado Resources (CGFI)

A long-rnning sham that has milked millions from investors. The company favors the well known sham of converting debt at ridiculously low prices, running promos, and dumping the shares. Rinse and repeat.

North Bay Resources (NBRI)

NBRI has been working towards production since, well forever... always with the excuses... fact is NBRI is and always will be a recipe for epic failure and shareholder dilution LOL.

Seachlight Minerals (SRCH)

A scammer that hides behind QB status for now but not for long...this one has multiple nice runs to rip investors off... a reall bright star for the industry LOL..

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