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Please note: The following are summaries. Do your own due diligence.

First American Scientific Corp.
Innovators in Grinding and Drying Industrial Feedstocks

First American Scientific Corporation manufactures and sells the KDS (Kinetic Disintegration System) Micronex 

The KDS Micronex grinder-dryer employs intense kinetic energy to simultaneously pulverize and dewater a wide variety of virgin and recovered materials into fine dry powders. The innovative vertical shaft impact mill design incorporates high rotational speed and high velocity air flows to achieve superior grinding and drying results without requiring supplemental heat.

Addition of supplemental or waste heat may be used to increase machine throughput. The energy used for drying can be as low as one-third the energy used by a drum dryer and no secondary grinding process is required. An internal classifier in the unit controls the output particle size to between 100-2,000 microns.

The production rate ranges between 1-4 tonnes per hour depending on the raw material characteristics and moisture removal required. While many conventional grinding or milling systems require dried feed material, the KDS Micronex can process materials containing up to 70% moisture and can reduce them to less than 10% moisture.

The KDS disintegration technology is patented in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Korea and China.

The KDS Micronex system is marketed in various sizes and each model is customized to the buyer's requirements. The basic models are the S4, S6 and S8, plus there is a table top model designated the S2 and possibly an S3. FASC's licensees may use different names (e.g. MF-777 in Malaysia).

The acquisition cost of the model S8 varies from $300,000 to $400,000 depending on the application, auxiliary equipment, and the version chosen.

State of Incorporation: Nevada
Current A/S: 200,000,000 (Increased from 100,000,000 - March 7, 2000)
Current O/S: 199,952,195

Company officers information compiled from SEC filings:

John Brian Nichols, 77

  - President, Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer and Sole Member of the Board of Directors
  - Shares owned: 4,981,700

Cal Kantonen: DECEASED (February 1, 2011) 

  - Was Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer
  - Owned 8,580,000 shares at time of death. Current status of estate unknown                          

Kelly Niavis, 39

  - Replaced Cal Kantonen as Chief Financial Officer on January 26, 2012

Latest 10-Q (3/31/12)

Latest 10-K (6/30/11)

For all SEC filings click here.

Companies marketing the KDS (click on logo to visit its site)



FASC videos
BioDeposit videos


KDS Micronex

FASC's Home page
FASC's pictures of KDS installations around the world
Micronex Systems Inc. Home https://micronexsystems.com/
Micronex Systems Inc. Twitter https://twitter.com/micronexsystems?lang=en
Micronex Systems Inc.  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MiconexSystems

Companies involved with the KDS include:



JP Steel Plantech Co. / Kitagawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.

October 2005 JP Steel Plantech Co. named exclusive licensee in Japan

Certification (#0856) of the KDS Micronex as a waste water treatment device

KDS in use at Biomass Recycling Center Inc. in Okinawa Prefecture. The recycled wood waste will be co-combusted with coal.  

From April 2012 Kitagawa Iron Works Co., Ltd. will be producing and selling such equipment.



QL Resources

June 2004, 50/50 joint venture established, Noel Wambeck named as engineer to implement palm biomass projects

July 2008 Neo Tek Siong (President of FASCM) and Brian Nichols (President of FASC) announce the joint venture is granted 5 year tax exemption by Government of Malaysia

July 2008 QL Resources enters into Cooperation and Reseller Agreement with First American Scientific Corp. (M) Sdn. Bhd. ("FASCM") to be their authorised reseller of KDS MicronexTM ("KDS"), a patented grinder-dryer in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

"QLPP also entered into a Technical Collaboration Agreement with Ulimec Sdn. Bhd. ("Ulimec") through its designated specialists in attendance, Neo Teck Siong ("Neo") and Noel Wambeck @ Nurehsan bin Abdullah ("Noel") (collectively referred to as "Consultants") to engage their services to develop and market the "Palm Pelletising System" in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia."

November 2009 Managing Director of QL Resources confident they can commercialize the palm biomass pellet system in FY2011 (ending March 31)

December 17, 2012  UN CDM Validation Report for QLTawau Palm Pellet Sdn Bhd, which includes 3 Kinetic Disintegration Systems as part of the registered system 

May 9, 2013  QL’s Stabilised Biomass (EFB Pellet) Project Registered! 


Joint Venture and License Agreements


Malaysia  50/50 joint venture - FASC Malaysia Sdn Bhd

June 7, 2004
First American Scientific Corp. finalizes joint venture agreement for the sale of KDS equipment in Malaysia
C.L. Kantonen, Chairman of First American Scientific Corp., is pleased to announce that the Company has reached an agreement with Ulimec Sdn. Bhd. to establish a joint venture company (First American Scientific Corp. [Malaysia] Sdn. Bhd.) to operate a KDS palm waste processing plant in Kluang, Malaysia and to market the KDS equipment to the palm oil industry.

In addition to earning royalties for all KDS equipment sold in Malaysia, FASC will share equally in the operating profits of the joint venture and retain a 50 % ownership in FASC (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Ulimec and its affiliate, Sawipac Sdn. Bhd., are major suppliers of equipment and expertise to the palm industry in Malaysia and to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Japan licensee - JP Steel Plantech Co /  Japan Sub-licensee - Kitigawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.

October 25, 2005
First American Scientific Corp (FASC - OTCBB) announces signing of exclusive agreement to license KDS technology in Japan
Vancouver, BC: Brian Nichols, President of First American Scientific Corp. (FASC) is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive license agreement for manufacturing and marketing the KDS System in Japan with JP Steel Plantech Co.(SPCO) of Yokohama, Japan.

JP Steel Plantech Co. is a well established engineering company formed in 2001 by four Japanese steel industry giants ; Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), Hitachi Zosen (Hitz), JFE Engineering (JFE) and Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI).

The alliance was created by consolidating the resources of these four major Japanese integrated iron and steel plant equipment manufacturers to lead the world in production technology and product quality. Their corporate mission is to contribute to the development of the world's steel industries, as well as the protection of the global environment. As the exclusive KDS licensee in Japan, they will marshall world-class iron and steel engineering
resources and state-of-the art environmental technologies to ensure the successful launch of our marketing efforts in Japan.

Mexico licensee - Sodif S.A. de C.V. (developer of Naturelo® earth-friendly nixtamalized corn four)

In June 2007 we signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Sodif S.A. de C.V. in Mexico. One condition of exclusivity was that they purchase a demonstration machine and adapt it to the local market conditions. The machine has been delivered and is operational.

Naturelo website

Eastern USA licensee - Cover Technologies Inc.

In October 2008, we signed an exclusive marketing license with Cover Technologies Inc for the states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Florida. One condition of exclusivity was that they purchase a demonstration machine and adapt it to the local market conditions. The machine has now been set up and is operational. The customer is now developing applications for the paper and biomass industries on the eastern seaboard of the USA. No other KDS machines have been sold so far under this agreement.

CTI Micro-Reduction Technologies, LLC website

South Korea licensee and 50/50 joint venture -  JP FASC Co., Ltd.

June 16, 2009
First American Scientific Corp. (OTCBB: FASC) is pleased to announce it has acquired a 50 % interest in JP FASC Korea Co. and signed a new exclusive license agreement to manufacture and market the KDS technology in South Korea. Operating under the name "JP FASC Co., Ltd", we will jointly, in conjunction with our Korean partner, setup a fully operational KDS processing facility in South Korea to showcase our technology.

Brazil licensee - FASC Brazil Ltda.

On November 11, 2008, the Company singed an agreement letter of intent to form a joint venture to be named First American Scientific Brazil Ltda. for the manufacture, marketing, and operation of KDS equipment in Brazil. This agreement, if formalized, will result in our ownership of 50% of a newly formed Brazilian joint venture corporation named FAS Brazil Ltda.

Latvia licensee - SIA EHT Engineering (developer of BioDeposit® organic fertilizer)

In October 2009, we signed an exclusive marketing agreement with SIA EHT Engineering for Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. One condition of exclusivity was that they purchase a demonstration machine and adapt it to the local market conditions. The customer has developed a unique algae-based fertilizer which it sells in Northern Africa. The first demonstration machine was delivered in 2009 and is operational.

EHT Engineering website

BioDeposit website

Patent Information


North America

Device and Method for Comminution - US Patent # 6,024,307 and Canadian patent # 2,218,429
A patent was issued for the KDS as for a "device for comminution" on November 24, 1998, and its U.S. patent number is 6,024,307 with additional patent applications filed in Australia, Canada, Europe (EEC), Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Cryogenic Comminution of Rubber - US Patent # 6,655,167
On April 20, 2001, the Company filed a patent application in the United States to protect its research into developing a process for cryogenically freezing non-tire scrap rubber and processing in into a micro-fine powder using the KDS equipment. This patent has now been issued.

Method of Recovery of Precious Metal and Heavy Minerals - US Patent # 6,682,005
On May 4, 2001, the Company filed a patent application in the United States to protect its research into developing a process for disintegrating and separating precious metal from hard rock without the use of chemicals. This patent has now been issued.

February 25, 2009
Recovery of Fuel and Clay from a Biomass - US Patent # 7,481,385


February 15, 2010
Recovery of fuel from biomass

June 13, 2010
A Comminuting and Drying Method and its Process

Other Countries

Additionally, FASC holds patents in the UK, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia and Korea.

Research and Development


Hong Kong - JCL Engineering Ltd.

May 26, 2010
First American Scientific Corp (FASC - OTCBB) signs agreement with Hong Kong engineering firm to build KDS pilot project at Beiqu Wastewater Treatment Plant in Zhuhai, China

"The Zhuhai project will include First American's patented KDS pulverizing equipment coupled with JCL's proprietary dewatering filter system to be designed for the treatment of sewage sludge and other related applications in China. Upon successful completion of the trials, the pilot plant will be used as a show-case in promoting the technology in the China market. JCL will provide all personnel and resources in China to construct and operate the plant."

10-K update for fiscal year ending 06/30/11:  The Company has reached an agreement with a Hong Kong engineering firm to run demonstration trials processing sludge from a waste water treatment site in Mainland China. Formal plans and documentation have been finalized and the machine has been shipped. The project, if successful, will result in the sale of one KDS machine, and could expand to include further multiple sales.

JCL Engineering Ltd. website

MnVAP to research the use of the KDS in various biomass feedstocks for pellet fuel production   [PROJECT DEAD]
June 2008
A Minnesota cooperative returns its founding vision of biomass energy
Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers started plans to generate electricity from alfalfa stems 14 years ago. But after investing six years of effort and millions of dollars, the farmer-owned cooperative was forced to pull the plug on the project when its partners dropped out.
Despite its rocky start, MnVAP went on to became one of the nation's largest alfalfa pellet mills, says Montevideo farmer Keith Poier, MnVAP chair. And now - as Minnesota pursues ambitious renewable-energy goals - MnVAP has returned to its founding vision of biomass power. The cooperative wants to supply biomass fuel pellets to Minnesota's growing renewable-energy sector.
Late last year, the cooperative received a $1 million renewable-energy grant from the Xcel Energy Renewable Development Fund. MnVAP will use the grant money to test a new technology for grinding and drying high moisture agricultural fibers, such as wood, native grasses and crop residues.
MnVAP will work with AURI and Canadian equipment manufacturer First American Scientific Corporation to test a biomass pulverizing method known as a kinetic disintegration system or KDS. KDS was originally developed for the mining industry, Poier says. Now it's being used by other industries that need to grind and dry materials before condensing them into pellets.
February 1, 2011
NextGen Energy Board 2011 Report to the Legislature
Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers - Raymond The Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers (MnVAP) was awarded $400,000 to demonstrate biomass pelletizing, in which a variety of biomass materials-such as crop waste, grasses and woodland biomass-are processed into uniform-sized pellets that can be more easily stored and transported.

Prince George, B.C. wastewater treatment   [PROJECT DEAD]

October 31, 2005
First American Scientific Corp (FASC - OTCBB) signs agreement with the City of Prince George to install KDS Micronex equipment for processing sewage sludge at their wastewater treatment facility

Brian Nichols, President of First American Scientific Corp. (FASC) announced today the signing of an MOU with the city of Prince George, BC, Canada to assist in solving its environmental cleanup problems with sewage sludge using the KDS Micronex system. "This will be the first operation of its kind in the world, says David Dungate, FASC's VP of marketing, where the strictly regulated Class B municipal sludge can now be cleaned, bagged and profitably sold to the public as a soil amendment." The initial runs will be monitored for three months, and if satisfactory, the city plans to establish a permanent facility utilizing up to 4 micronizers.

According to Dayton & Knight, the city's consulting engineers, "the series of tests undertaken this summer 2005 at FASC's Vancouver demonstration site confirmed the ability of the KDS Micronex to consistently convert Class "B" biosolids to Class "A" biosolids and achieved an effective pathogen destruction rate of 99.9 % in all test samples"

FASC believes the KDS Micronex could become the preferred universal solution for handling Class B sludge by converting municipal waste into a valuable resource. With the successful showcase of our system's ability in Prince George, Canada, we could see our system in use all across the developing world.

There are approximately 15,000 municipal wastewater treatment plants in North America alone that process almost 34 billion gallons of domestic sewage and other wastewater each day. In Asia and Europe the markets are even larger, and FASC is well poised to service those markets through its established network of licensees and affiliates in the U.K., Poland, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Japan. 

Pilot Testing of the Micronex™ System to Produce a Class A Biosolids - A report by Dayton & Knight Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

10-Q update for quarter ending 03/31/09: Phase II is underway at our Abbotsford site where some design changes and modifications are being made to handle the much wetter municipal sewage. Results will be announced as they materialize.

Update: This project was not listed in the subsequent 10-K (period ending 6/30/2009) or any filings thereafter.

WRAP Project Explores New Projects and Markets for Paper Mill Sludge   [PROJECT FINISHED]

March 2007
A New Approach to Paper Mill Sludge

As part of its programme to encourage the economic use of recycled fibre, WRAP identified a novel process in Canada - the KDS Micronex, which uses relatively low energy input to treat paper mill sludge through centrifugal action to produce a commercially dry material which can be separated through vibrating screening into a fibre fraction and a filler fraction.

10-K/A-1 update for fiscal year ending 06/30/08: In December 2004, a KDS Model S-4 was shipped to Aylesford Newsprint in London, England for trial runs and evaluation. The testing is now complete and a final report was issued in April 2007. 

The KDS machine has been relocated to a new mill in Northern England where it awaits new funding to continue the research.

Research in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory   [PROJECT FINISHED]

U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Technology Transfer - Phase 1 Award
Combined Drying and Grinding of Biomass in One Operation

June 12, 2003
First American Scientific Corp (FASC - OTCBB) wins competition for research grant awarded by United States Department of Energy

First American Scientific Corp. ("FASC") is pleased to announce that the Company has been selected for a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I Award ($ 100,000 USD) by The United States Department of Energy. The grant will provide funding to continue research to enhance and improve the KDS Micronex biomass drying and grinding capabilities. Working with FASC on the project will be Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) of Tennessee,
represented by Dr. Shahab Sokhansani, PhD, P. Eng, a world renowned and published expert in Bio-energy systems.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Biomass Research Initiative grant

July 26, 2004
First American Scientific Corp. selected to participate with the University of Tennessee in USDA Biomass Research Initiative

First American Scientific Corp. (FASC.OB) announced today that the United States Department of Agriculture has awarded a grant of $717,399 USD for research to be conducted by the University of Tennessee, Oakridge National Research Laboratory and First American Scientific Corp.

University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory/FASC slide presentation

University of Tennessee website for USDA-DOE biomass project

FASC SEC Suspension for Financials / Filings delinquencies and Revocation:


Admin Proceeding: 

Warning post on Feb 22,2015: 

Revocation by SEC:

This ticker will never trade again.

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