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This latest press release is a big deal. 77Port 11/29/22 11:48 PM
No news. I can no longer sign on 77Port 11/24/22 4:20 PM
I opened a Fandifi beta account and was 77Port 11/18/22 12:05 PM
Fandifi PC App Explainer (NHL Demo) $FDM Peter28 11/18/22 7:32 AM
Fandifi Technology Corp (CSE: FDM) (OTC: FDMSF) Empowering JY5 11/16/22 4:25 PM
Fandifi Fan Engagement Platform Live (CSE: FDM) JY5 11/10/22 3:30 PM
Esports is another rocketing industry and the investors Peter28 11/08/22 9:48 AM
$FDM Monthly chart looks astonishing. This shows that Peter28 11/07/22 9:01 AM
Awesome. Caution: long post. This is about to get 77Port 11/03/22 7:27 PM
Fandifi Announces Platform Launch Date of November 10 $FDM Mr. Elliot 11/03/22 1:07 PM
Esports industry has expanded at a breathtaking pace Mr. Elliot 11/01/22 1:25 PM
Fandifi Technology Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTCQB: FDMSF) (FSE: Mr. Elliot 10/31/22 12:39 PM
Where are the numbers from the BETA? Are 77Port 10/28/22 3:53 PM
Tech Play Fandifi Technology (FDM.V) Peter28 10/28/22 10:29 AM
The popularity of Esports has skyrocketed and there Mr. Elliot 10/24/22 11:52 AM
The eSports industry is seeing more and more Peter28 10/21/22 1:16 PM
The popularity of eSports has attracted global investors, Mr. Elliot 10/20/22 1:27 PM
There are no buyers. And the volume 77Port 10/17/22 10:31 AM
Dr Reuter Investor Relations - Fandifi goes online: Peter28 10/17/22 8:48 AM
Fandifi Technology Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTCQB: FDMSF) (FSE: Peter28 10/14/22 11:19 AM
This clip posted the other day by Mr 77Port 10/13/22 2:31 PM
partnership campaign with Elite Duels, bringing the fun JY5 10/13/22 1:47 PM
The multi-billion-dollar esports and gaming sector is among Peter28 10/12/22 12:50 PM
Tech stocks in autumn & what happens next: Mr. Elliot 10/11/22 11:42 AM
Esports Play: Fandifi Technology Corp. (OTC: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) Mr. Elliot 10/10/22 11:50 AM
Fandifi goes online, beta phase has started Peter28 10/07/22 11:14 AM
Fandifi Expands Beta Sign-Ups Under Elite Duels Partnership Peter28 10/06/22 11:07 AM
Now that we are aware the starting gun 77Port 10/03/22 1:03 PM
Fandifi Technology (CSE:FDM) commences sign-ups for Fandifi’s beta launch Mr. Elliot 10/03/22 9:58 AM
Many days last week had 1 trade: 77Port 10/01/22 9:18 PM
The Power Play by The Market Herald Releases Peter28 09/30/22 1:46 PM
Beta Sign Ups Live for Fandifi Peter28 09/30/22 9:25 AM
sign up here 77Port 09/30/22 2:16 AM
Anybody? How does one register? Their website is 77Port 09/28/22 11:18 AM
No clue if people are waiting to sign 77Port 09/27/22 3:03 PM
After Fandifi announced their progress on their platform Mr. Elliot 09/27/22 10:31 AM
NEWS RELEASE 77Port 09/26/22 7:44 PM
Fandifi (FDM.CN): Interview with David Vinokurav (CEO, President, Peter28 09/20/22 12:02 PM
Fandifi Technology (CSE:FDM) prepares to launch a fan Peter28 09/19/22 8:50 AM
Dr Reuter Investor Relations On Fandifi: Great Potential Peter28 09/16/22 1:13 PM
Fandifi Commences Marketing Preparations for Beta Launch $FDM Mr. Elliot 09/15/22 10:28 AM
Undervalued Tech Company in Overlooked Field DD (CSE: Peter28 09/14/22 12:10 PM
Why some technical indicators mention $FDM is currently Peter28 09/12/22 1:34 PM
Fandifi Technology Corp. (CSE: FDM, OTCQB: FDMSF) Corporate Peter28 09/08/22 1:07 PM
IRW News: Dr. Reuter Investor Relations: Dr. Reuter Peter28 09/07/22 9:28 AM
Fandifi Sees its Volume Increasing $FDM Mr. Elliot 09/06/22 10:50 AM
Multi-billion dollar esport industry has shown a tremendous Mr. Elliot 09/02/22 1:09 PM
$FDM Buying opportunity and this will soar again Peter28 08/31/22 11:46 AM
Tech Play Fandifi Technology (FDM.V) $FDM Mr. Elliot 08/30/22 1:31 PM
I have 5000 shares now. I bought Investor004 08/25/22 8:29 PM
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Fandifi Technology Corp. (FDMSF)

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