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cool  Welcome to the FRONT PAGE STOCKS BOARD yes

        MUCH here And MORE on 

Feel free to post any plays you might have on the main board below!  

This board is for the discussion of any news, earnings, filings, press releases, stock related or not.

A jump in stock price can be considered FRONT PAGE news.

Feel free to spread the news around! News can make us happy or give us the blues. 



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Our site and social media community exists to provide a forum for smaller companies to tell their story to individual investors.

This helps individual investors to investigate compelling investments.
We are a link between small public companies and the investing public. The company’s plans, profiles and information are written with the individual investor in mind.
Our goal is to explain the complex, reduce the jargon, and provide a clear and engaging story of each company’s strategy and growth potential.

Bringing you this information requires our staff to work closely with each featured company, as we are small cap stock investors ourselves.
We want what you want – an understanding of what the company does, how they make money and how they intend to grow with frequent company updates.

Small cap investing is unlike buying shares of an S&P 500 company. It is generally a longer term commitment that generates an emotional link with the company.
An understanding of opportunity and the company plan generate the interest. Continued updates and information provide the basis for a satisfied and supportive investor base.

Here at Front Page Stocks, we understand that relationship ultimately closing the gap between investor and company.

We promise to present to you engaging, real companies with real products and services. We hope they will captivate and excite you in return.

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Nothing in the contents transmitted on this board should be construed as an investment advisory, nor should it be used to make investment decisions. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The author(s) may have positions in the stocks or financial relationships with the company or companies discussed and may trade in the stocks mentioned. Readers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to considering buying or selling any stock. All information should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange has approved or disapproved of the information here.

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#19724   $ SWRM News: AppSwarm Announces Launch of Precious Metal jedijazz 09/18/20 12:28:32 PM
#19723   $DKMR produced it's first live MMA event since StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 12:27:32 PM
#19722   $QNTA DD https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1um7F7CIzqvKVgTs5t Stockstax 09/18/20 12:22:26 PM
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#19715   $PSYC is pleased to announce that the Company StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 11:32:00 AM
#19714   $ RXMD .048 +2.35% Connect and stay in touch jedijazz 09/18/20 11:15:23 AM
#19713   $JETR Star Jets International, Inc. Engages an Investment StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 10:47:02 AM
#19712   $ CYCA .009 +5.88% Only 15M Float! In Recent jedijazz 09/18/20 10:35:54 AM
#19711   $GDMK Global Diversified Marketing Group and Costco Wholesale StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 10:31:11 AM
#19710   $EXMT Board of Directors are pleased to announce StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 10:16:21 AM
#19709   $ AABB .0047 +2.17% is currently directing a full- jedijazz 09/18/20 10:12:13 AM
#19708   $CYCA CYTTA Corp Retains US Based Manufacturer Specializing StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 10:05:03 AM
#19707   $RXMD read this article now! https://dailytrendingstocks.com/progressive-care-in DealerSing 09/18/20 09:47:17 AM
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#19705   $AABB - Asia Metals Inc. Pursues Development of StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 09:45:45 AM
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#19703   IKTO BIG AND BULLISH ACROSS THE BOARD http://www.stockta.com/cgi-bin/analysis kaisdaboss88 09/18/20 09:16:24 AM
#19702   $ SODE Social Detention Inc. is a publicly traded jedijazz 09/18/20 09:14:53 AM
#19701   Alliance Creative Group $ACGX Reports Total Revenue of StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 09:01:25 AM
#19700   $RXMD is an Under the Radar Nationwide Tele-health Player zigzagman 09/18/20 08:56:05 AM
#19699   $BTDG B2Digital, Inc. Discusses its Rapid Growth Strategy StockHighAlert- 09/18/20 08:41:00 AM
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#19697   $ AABB announced this week that the Company has jedijazz 09/18/20 08:38:10 AM
#19696   $ BTDG B2Digital, Inc. Discusses its Rapid Growth Strategy jedijazz 09/18/20 08:33:06 AM
#19695   $ RXMD is making moves that place it at jedijazz 09/18/20 08:22:56 AM
#19694   $ SMME Buy Opinion here as SmartMetric Welcomes a jedijazz 09/18/20 08:14:04 AM
#19693   $NAFS developing new modules for its client-side dashboard budfoxfun 09/18/20 07:48:43 AM
#19692   $XALL on alert this week! https://www.xalles.com/ budfoxfun 09/18/20 06:52:20 AM
#19691   $EXMT Anything Technologies Media Inc., Subsidiary Amethyst Beverage budfoxfun 09/18/20 06:44:54 AM
#19690   $GDMK has secured distribution with Grocery Outlet to budfoxfun 09/18/20 06:44:38 AM
#19689   $AABB Asia Metals Inc. To Advance New Gold budfoxfun 09/18/20 06:44:14 AM
#19688   $ SODE .017 +8.97% is well positioned. Opportunity is jedijazz 09/17/20 02:54:48 PM
#19687   $ GDMK on high alert. An up and coming jedijazz 09/17/20 01:22:23 PM
#19686   $ AABB .0046 +2.22% is currently directing a full- jedijazz 09/17/20 01:01:13 PM
#19685   $ RXMD .0465 +6.65% Progressive Care to acquire te jedijazz 09/17/20 12:38:11 PM
#19684   Social Detention Inc. $SODE Subsidiary Awarded New $687,000.00 StockHighAlert- 09/17/20 12:30:49 PM
#19683   $SMME SmartMetric's Biometric Credit Card Platform Can Turn StockHighAlert- 09/17/20 12:22:47 PM
#19682   $ EXMT .0007's back up! Announced that the company jedijazz 09/17/20 12:07:19 PM
#19681   $FUNN https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-biz-chicago-board-game-cafe-sol TheGreatGreenRush 09/17/20 12:04:27 PM
#19680   Star Jets International, Inc. $JETR Engages an Investment StockHighAlert- 09/17/20 12:03:12 PM
#19679   $GDMK Global Diversified Marketing Group and Costco Wholesale StockHighAlert- 09/17/20 11:52:45 AM
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