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Not your everyday kind of place, these plays are the product of a style of investing that involves digging in Sec'y of State filings or chart scanning for sleepers. An assessment of that material involves looking for something of interest, something that sticks out in those filings. A shadow perhaps, as opposed to a statement. A slithery head poking up out of the grass, checking the way forward out.

It involves taking Subbies and piling them into a port. Sometimes having ten or twenty of them, perhaps many more, sitting there, waiting for one to bloom. Patience.

The approach can be very lucrative. More of us are doing it. Feel free to join the club.




Please reserve 'discussion' for the stocks posted here to the boards they reference. Posting specific fundamental information is important, but we want to avoid chit chat. General trading strategy discussions are welcome. We'll keep this place for 'heads up' on moves only, clean and free of much of the editorial found elsewhere (I sometimes reference a link to the work on other boards whenI post a stock).

We profile many stocks here, sometimes with just a few words and a chart, but each post is valuable in its own way. The aggregate of cumulative posts can tell quite the story and is a powerful tool in its own right.

Please take a second to do a quick search on the board for posts made on the stock ticker you are interested in, prior to the one you are about to make and if you find one, just reference that post by using the REPLY function. It keeps the thread alive, and builds up a valuable annotation of work over a short time.

I'll know if it's working or needs improvement via PM or boardmark feedback. Feel free to get in touch.




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