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Beautiful. Axolotl 03/24/22 7:14 PM
CEO has been doing tons of interviews and Axolotl 03/09/22 2:25 AM
Ok so I got in on this like TattooedTraderFry 03/07/22 1:51 PM
Ok so I got in on this like TattooedTraderFry 03/07/22 1:50 PM
Nickel is $22/lb! I pity those who are Axolotl 03/07/22 12:52 PM
Here we go back up. Axolotl 01/13/22 4:25 PM
Don't know much about 'em (me) so thanks nowwhat2 01/12/22 11:29 PM
Anyone without shares in this company has no vision. Axolotl 10/26/21 9:18 AM
FPX Nickel Confirms Significant New Discovery in Maiden Axolotl 10/19/21 6:09 AM
Nickel is back up above $9 per pound Axolotl 10/15/21 6:20 AM
Tonnes of insider buying has been going on Axolotl 09/21/21 11:29 AM
FPX Nickel Completes Drilling Programs at Decar Nickel Axolotl 09/20/21 5:54 PM
Nickel is trading at over $9 a lb Axolotl 09/09/21 6:30 PM
Waiting on those drill results from Van and Axolotl 09/01/21 6:44 PM
Analysts are ridiculous on this thing. Not hard Axolotl 07/02/21 6:50 AM
Watch the drilling at the van target result Axolotl 06/30/21 3:13 AM
Watch the drilling at the van target result Axolotl 06/30/21 3:12 AM
People would do well with this opportunity to Axolotl 06/29/21 5:28 AM
Slow march to a dollar continues. God bless FPX. Axolotl 02/27/21 12:44 AM
FPX is great. Done phenomenal on this ticker Axolotl 11/20/20 6:03 PM
Nice move this week...! 8) going much higher IMHO... chico237 11/20/20 4:38 PM
In the mood to recite the 2 min NewJerichoMan 09/24/20 1:40 PM
This is a nice channel it's been trading Axolotl 09/23/20 5:57 PM
It just returned to regular volume. It went Axolotl 09/17/20 8:07 PM
Super-rebound - On small vol. tho ? nowwhat2 09/17/20 12:12 PM
Thanks for the heads up.....Shall consider. nowwhat2 09/17/20 9:17 AM
Story hasn't changed. In fact, it's gotten better. Axolotl 09/17/20 4:02 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if that gap filled. Axolotl 09/16/20 4:05 PM
Hey - yer draggin' us down here nowwhat2 09/16/20 2:17 PM
If I had to guess, people are jumping Axolotl 09/15/20 11:19 PM
Seriously, with an after-tax NPV of almost $2 Axolotl 09/14/20 11:24 PM
Here's a post-PEA interview Martin did explaining the Axolotl 09/13/20 10:47 PM
Closed above $0.8 today. Real good sign, that's Axolotl 09/09/20 4:13 PM
I don't monitor them in the same way Axolotl 09/09/20 8:01 AM
FPX Nickel Announces Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment for Axolotl 09/09/20 7:58 AM
Nickel Prices nowwhat2 09/08/20 9:05 PM
Slow march to $1 continues. Even with a Axolotl 09/08/20 4:52 PM
Love this churning in the channel. Building support Axolotl 09/02/20 5:51 PM
FPX Nickel Reports Initiation of Field Tests to Axolotl 09/01/20 5:49 PM
We're in different boats. I bought this at Axolotl 08/31/20 3:24 PM
You SEE how this chit works ?...... nowwhat2 08/31/20 2:30 PM
Yep I understand all that (those fundamental factors) nowwhat2 08/31/20 11:31 AM
I'm quite a fan of Turenne. I like Axolotl 08/31/20 1:33 AM
Thanks am listening now....Boy, the CEO Turenne is nowwhat2 08/30/20 5:55 PM
Yeah, they changed from first point. This board Axolotl 08/30/20 2:02 AM
Guess they changed their name at some point ? nowwhat2 08/30/20 12:37 AM
Well on its way to a dollar. Axolotl 08/18/20 4:53 PM
Rumblings that $FPX may be bought out between Axolotl 07/29/20 7:09 PM
Shame. $FPX is going $1 EOY. Axolotl 07/23/20 6:45 PM
No. Limited funds so miss out on a ThSeeker 07/23/20 6:20 PM
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FPX Nickel Corp (FPX)

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First Point Minerals is THE WORLD LEADER in exploration for Nickel-Iron alloy deposits.

First Point is focused on the exploration and development of naturally occurring stainless steel nickel-iron alloy deposits worldwide. The Company's flagship Decar property, located in central British Columbia, is optioned with Cliff Natural Resources, an international mining and natural resource company focused on serving the world's largest and fastest growing steel markets. Nickel mineralization at Decar occurs as disseminated nickel-iron alloy in serpentinized ultramafic rocks. First Point is targeting this same type of mineralization at prospects around the world and at its seven other 100%-owned properties in North America.
  April 14, 2011
Share Structure as of April 14, 2011


First Point Minerals' shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol FPX.

Shares outstanding 86,928,718

Shares reserved 15,689,800

Fully diluted shares 102,618,518  

Shares held by Management & Directors: 5,528,999 (6.4%)

Shares held by Significant Shareholders (>3%): 22,759,880 (26.2%)   

If you have any questions regarding First Point Minerals Corp.'s share capital, please contact Peter Bradshaw, President at:

Tel: 604-681-8600
Fax: 604-681-8799
Toll Free 1-866-FPM-8601

President's Message

Dear Shareholder,

Our vision is to use the well-established copper porphyry mining model as an analog to develop our naturally occurring stainless steel (nickel-iron alloy) targets. Our flagship Decar property is our starting point to verify this concept as it shows promise as a potential bulk-tonnage, open pit, modest-grade, near-surface nickel-iron alloy target. Where it differs from a copper porphyry model is that the nickel-iron alloy is dense, highly magnetic and has no sulphur so has the potential to be amenable to simple magnetic and gravity separation techniques and sold directly to steel mills avoiding smelting.

We are in good company in our belief in this porphyry analog model, with steel industry leader Cliffs Natural Resources having come to the table to join us in developing this concept at Decar. It is no small coincidence that Cliffs' expertise is in processing bulk-tonnage iron ore deposits using magnetic and gravity separation techniques.

The Company has seen success build upon success over this past year, and really launched into a new phase with Cliffs' recognition of the potential of our Decar nickel-iron alloy property. Along with their option on Decar and investment in the company late in 2009, came the first market recognition of the credibility and potential of First Point's concept.

Milestones since then have included:
  • Raising CAD$7.5 million in the spring of 2010 to finance worldwide exploration for additional nickel-iron alloy properties, similar to Decar.
  • Seeing in drill core from the first holes drilled on the Decar property during the summer of 2010, that the nickel-iron alloy mineralization discovered at surface is consistent in grade and grain size to depths exceeding 300 metres. (All full-length drill holes ended in mineralization.)
  • Development of a commercially certified, alloy-selective analytical method for alloy nickel analysis, that is proprietary to First Point.
  • Expanding the lateral extent of the Baptiste and Sidney targets at Decar, and showing, through the drill program, that the alloy mineralization continues under overburden, between the surface outcrops identified during earlier exploration programs.

This work has fully supported the geological model we have for the nickel-iron alloy mineralization, and has increased our confidence in our strategy to test the concept at Decar, and to explore for more of these occurrences around the world. First Point has developed a unique skill in exploring for and identifying such nickel-iron alloy mineralization, and our intention is to use this first mover advantage to find other properties like Decar.

Dr. Peter Bradshaw, P.Eng.

President & CEO  



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