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Ener-Core, Inc. (“Ener-Core”) designs and manufactures innovative systems for producing continuous energy from a broad range of sources, including previously unusable ultra-low quality gas.  The Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer, our patented oxidation technology, enables the conversion of these gases into useful heat and power with the lowest known associated emissions. With the Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer  matched to gas turbines, Ener-Core offers systems with fuel flexibility and pollution control for power generation. The Gradual Oxidizer  can also be customized for integration with larger existing power generation systems to offer unparalleled pollution control and achieve zero emissions.

Ener-Core has developed the 250kW Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 (“FP250”), and its larger counterpart, the 2MW Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3G/GO, to transform methane gas, especially “ultra-low Btu gas” from landfills, coal mines, oil fields and other low quality methane sources into continuous clean electricity with near-zero emissions. The Powerstations are  specifically engineered for fuel flexibility and modularity, so that these low-Btu gas sources can be used as an energy resource instead of wasted through venting and/or flaring.

With dedication, deep expertise, and broad energy experience, Ener-Core serves several markets globally, including oil fields, biogas, coal mines, natural gas, emissions control, and utility power generation.


    • The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 is a 250kW system that integrates our patented Gradual Oxidizer technology with gas turbine technology, offering both pollution control and electricity generation where previously impossible. The system oxidizes gases from 100% to as low as 1.5% fuel – all while producing near-zero NOemissions, well below the most stringent environmental regulations.
      The Ener-Core Powerstation KG2-3G/GO is a 2MW system that integrated our Gradual Oxidizer technology with a larger gas turbine, offering clean power generation at a larger scale. It can be configured with or without a recuperator to match your needs for high electrical efficiency or waste heat for steam generation. This system can produce electricity from gases with as little as 2.5% methane, all while producing near-zero NOx emissions.
      The Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer is a flameless Gradual Oxidizer that can be used to destroy low concentration fuels and for pollution control. It adapts to systems developed for pollution control, using slow acting oxidation reactions to extract heat energy from fuel of any quality, and eliminating harmful emissions. while generating a useful, profitable product – electricity.


Ener-Core, together with select partners, serve both private and government entities worldwide. Through its dedicated team of experienced professionals, who hold degrees in a variety of engineering, professional, and scientific fields, Ener-Core drives product innovation that solves real-world challenges. Ener-Core is headquartered in Irvine, California, USA.

Powerstation at Benning - side

Attero (the largest biogas producer in the Netherlands) installed an FP250 machine at its Schinnen landfill.  For the first time ever, a gas that is both too low in energy density (calorific value) to be processed by traditional power generation is being utilized to produce clean renewable energy.

watch the video of the event at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFUWRoZ9bMA

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    • Turns waste fuel into a resource:   Generate power from generally unusable gas sources
      Designed to operate on a much wider range of fuels. When configured for low-quality fuels, our systems are designed to operate on gas with concentration as low as 50 Btu/scf (1700 kJ/m3). By comparison, most turbine, engine, and fuel cell systems require fuel quality of significantly higher concentration.
      Flexible, configurable design; High pressure fuel injection for  extremely low emissions, and Low pressure aspiration for use of lowest quality gas


    • Substantially lower air emissions. Particularly when configured for ultra-low emissions, our Gradual Oxidizer technology may produce substantially lower emissions of NOx, CO, and VOCs than competitive systems.
      Designed to achieve Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) for several major air pollutants (NOx , CO, VOC, PM2.5) in non-attainment areas


    • No chemicals or catalysts used (no urea or ammonia) for emissions control. Unlike other emissions control systems such as selective catalytic reduction, our Gradual Oxidizer does not use chemicals or catalysts and thus cannot be rendered inactive from catalyst poisoning.
      Mechanically simple: No actuating parts
      Less fuel conditioning may be required. When configured for low-quality fuels, our systems are designed to require minimal fuel pre-treatment or conditioning.  When configured for ultra-low emissions, we may require some additional fuel conditioning.  However, regardless of configuration, our systems are designed to require substantially less fuel pre-treatment than competitive systems.

Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 at U.S. Army Base Landfill in Fort Benning, GA

Transforming Low-Btu Landfill Gas into Clean Onsite Power

In November 2011, Ener-Core commissioned a FP250 field test unit at the U.S. Army base at Fort Benning, Georgia.  The Fort Benning FP250 project was funded by the DoD Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (“ESTCP”), which seeks innovative and cost-effective technologies to address high-priority environmental and energy requirements for the DoD.  We were a subcontractor to Southern Research Institute (“SRI”), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) scientific research organization that conducts advanced research in environmental, energy, and other fields.

As part of the ESTCP protocol, SRI conducted independent verification tests in October 2012.  Exhaust emission measurements were taken per standard EPA reference methods. Among the results, which will be published formally in coming months by SRI, the FP250 emitted far below the allowable NOx limits of California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) 2013 waste gas standards, considered among the strictest in the world.  To our knowledge, the FP250 is the only power generation solution to meet this standard using a gas turbine or reciprocating engine without chemicals or catalysts.

The Fort Benning project provided us with an opportunity to successfully operate the FP250 on a closed landfill with application challenges.  First, the landfill collection system initially provided fuel of insufficient volume to operate the unit.  Our team adapted the unit to accept supplementary fuel in addition to the LFG.  Also, an unreliable electric grid caused impediments to operation.  Our team addressed this application challenge by modifying the hardware and software to ensure robust, continuous operation in this harsh environment.  In addition to overcoming these application challenges, we also made key improvements to core components, such as the filter, insulation systems, and system controls.  These changes and improvements will be included in future applications and the commercial product.

The Fort Benning FP250 now is property of the base, and we are working with SRI and the Army on a successful transition to full commercial operation.

How the Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 Works

The Ener-Core Powerstation is the integration of a gradual oxidizer and a gas turbine, which results in a system that can generate electricity from a wide range of gaseous fuels, while producing ultra-low emissions.  The system provides a solution for using ultra-low Btu fuels, and can accept fuel gas with such dilute methane concentrations that they are typically considered unusable. The system also provides a solution for producing ultra-low emissions, and can achieve less than 1ppm of NOx, CO, and VOC emissions. The Ener-Core Powerstation can be configured to produce a ultra-low Btu utilization solution, a ultra-low emissions solution, or both.

In conventional technologies, compressed fuel is injected into compressed air and combusted. This high-temperature and high pressure fuel/air mixture spins the turbine at high speeds to generate electricity. Each fuel is different, and therefore requires its own compressor, clean-up, and unique combustor. In the Ener-Core Powerstation, the conventional combustor is replaced by the Gradual Oxidizer, which produces the heat to drive the turbine. Because there is no flame in the oxidizer, and the operating temperatures are kept below 2000° F (1100 °C), the Ener-Core Powerstation avoids NOx formation. In addition, fuel conditioning systems can be the weakest link in traditional gas power plants and can consume up to 20% of the power generated. The Ener-Core Powerstation has a high tolerance for contaminants like H2S and siloxanes in the fuel gas and thus requires substantially less fuel pre-treatment than competitive systems.

Solution for Ultra-Low Btu Fuels:

The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 is engineered to operate on gas much lower in quality than a typical engine or turbine. This is achieved with an “Aspirated Configuration” of the Ener-Core Powerstation, where fuel is aspirated with air forming a fuel/air mixture prior to the inlet.  The gas is diluted to 1.5% fuel concentration by volume. This is intended to minimize the overall system parasitic loads and decrease capital costs since the high pressure compression and associated fuel conditioning should no longer be required.  The system is designed to accept fuel at low pressure, with only a simple water knockout requirement. The fuel/air mixture is then compressed and oxidized in the Gradual Oxidizer, which produces the thermal energy to spin the turbine and generate electricity. The system is aimed to consistently achieve low emissions, with exhaust NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions below 1 ppmv @ 15% O2.

This solution is designed for customers intending to generate energy from low-Btu fuels, including previously unusable gases typically vented or flared.

Solution for Ultra-Low Emissions:

The Ener-Core Powerstation can also achieve emissions of less than 1ppm of NOx, CO, and VOCs. This is achieved with a “Direct Inject Configuration” where fuel gas, instead of being aspirated with air prior to inlet, is externally pressurized and delivered directly into the Ener-Core Gradual Oxidizer. This configuration is most applicable for higher-Btu fuels. With higher quality fuel, the added parasitic load for the external gas compression can be more readily absorbed thus optimizing overall site power output.

This solution is designed for customers intending to meet emissions regulations in areas with significant air quality problems.  Generally, installation of new power generating equipment in such areas requires complicated air permitting and compliance with very strict air quality regulations and controls.


Ener-Core’s management team brings a high level of expertise, solid executive business experience and a deep understanding of the practical needs of the energy market. Leadership’s continual focus is on creating value for all of its stakeholders.


Alain Castro

Alain Castro
Chief Executive Officer

London Business School: Sloan Fellowship, Executive Masters Degree, Business and Management; University of Texas, B.S., Industrial and Mechanical Engineering.
Alain is the Chief Executive Officer of Ener-Core, Inc. He has spent the vast majority of his career developing, financing and building new power generation plants, as well as optimizing older energy infrastructure assets  across many countries throughout Europe, Latin America and North America.    Most recently, he was interim CEO of the North and South America divisions of Akuo Energy, a leading international developer/operator of renewable energy projects with over $1 Billion in operational power plants.   He also founded International Energy Ventures in 2002, which has invested capital and nurtured the growth of companies across the areas of fuel cells, batteries, wind energy and biofuels.
Prior to his career in the renewable energy sector, Alain was a Partner at Ernst & Young Consulting, and held overall responsibility for the firm’s oil & gas industry consulting practice across the South America region.
In addition to his role with Ener-Core, Alain is currently an executive advisor to one of the largest global manufacturers of utility-scale wind turbines, as well as a member of the advisory board of Global Energy Innovations, a leading provider of diagnostics solutions for the utility-scale energy storage and standby power sectors.


 Boris Maslov

Boris Maslov

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology: Ph.D., Electrical Engineering; B.S., M.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Boris is the President of Ener-Core, Inc. He was previously the Vice President of Corporate Development at FlexEnergy where he led Strategic Planning, Technology Development, and Intellectual Property Protection. Boris holds CEO experience at Energy One, a renewable energy project development company. He has served as CEO of several technology and financial companies, as well as CTO of WaveCrest Laboratories, a manufacturing company specializing in electric transportation markets.
As a leading Russian scientist, Boris spent his early career working in Moscow for various organizations, including the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the Foreign Policy Association established by Edward Shevardnadze, and the Soviet-American Foundation Cultural Initiative established by George Soros. Boris is a senior member of IEEE and holds more than 30 US and international patents.


Domonic J. Carney

Domonic J. Carney
Chief Financial Officer

Northeastern University: Masters in Accounting; Dartmouth College: Bachelors degree in Economics
D.J. is a seasoned clean-tech corporate finance executive with over twenty-four years of experience in high-growth environments including over eight years as the CFO for NYSE MKT and Nasdaq OTC public companies. D.J. has successfully raised over $300 million of debt or equity financing transactions and closed over $200 million of M&A transactions.
Between 2005 and 2012, he was CFO of Composite Technology Corporation, a clean tech company in Southern California, where he helped the company grow from pre-revenue to over $75 million in revenue within three years.  D.J. began his career with Deloitte & Touche and has spent over ten years in VC-backed high tech software, networking, and Internet startups in the Bay Area and Southern California. D.J is an (inactive) CPA.

Douglas Hamrin
Douglas Hamrin
Vice President, Thermal Oxidizer Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:  M.S., Mechanical Engineering; Illinois Institute of Technology, BS, Mechanical Engineering
Doug Hamrin is the VP of Thermal Oxidizer Engineering at Ener-Core, Inc., and is responsible for the technical development of the oxidizer at Ener-Core. He has filed 17 patents on Ener-Core Technology over the past 4 years, during which he served as Director of Thermal Oxidizer Development at FlexEnergy.
Prior to joining Ener-Core, Doug held positions as Technical Manager, Applications for Honeywell Turbo Technologies, the Director of Fuel Systems at Capstone Turbine Corporation, and Engineering at Generals Motors Powertrain Division. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he has a proven record of product development and launch. During his career he led engineering teams to develop gas turbine solutions, customized turbochargers for large volume OEM customers, fuel systems, and spark ignition engines.


Bennet Tchaikovsky

Bennet Tchaikovsky
Independent Director, Audit Committee Chair

Bennet Tchaikovsky has served as a Chief Financial Officer for publicly traded and privately held companies for the last 15 years including Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Company (NASDAQ: SKBI) and China Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc. (NASDAQ: CJJD). As CFO, Mr. Tchaikovsky assisted these companies with raising over $55 million collectively through public offerings, obtained three NASDAQ up-listings, and led a company through the direct listing process. Presently, Mr. Tchaikovsky consults for publicly traded companies providing guidance as to reporting responsibilities, investor relations, and cost reduction strategies.
In addition to his CFO roles, Mr. Tchaikovsky has served as chairman of the audit committee and “designated financial expert” for several publicly traded companies including Ever-Glory International Group (NYSE MKT: EVK). Mr. Tchaikovsky serves on the advisory boards of the Arthritis National Research Foundation (www.curearthritis.org), and the audit committees of Pretend City Children’s Museum (www.pretendcity.org) and the Long Beach Day Nursery (www.lbdn.org). Mr. Tchaikovsky is also an adjunct instructor of accounting at Irvine Valley College and Pasadena City College.
Mr. Tchaikovsky earned his Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, CA, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Mr. Tchaikovsky is an actively licensed California Certified Public Accountant and active member of the California State

Jeffrey A. Horn

Jeffrey A. Horn
Independent Director

Jeff retired from Caterpillar Inc. in 2012 after a 34 year career. During that period he held senior management positions with geographic, distribution and global business unit responsibilities. Those responsibilities were carried out from positions based in Asia, Europe, South America and the U.S. The majority of his focus being on the Power Generation and Mining markets.
Most recently, Jeff was the Managing Director of Caterpillar Power Generation Systems. In this role he had global responsibility for the design, sale, construction and operation & maintenance of turn-key power plants based on Caterpillar technology. The power plants ranged in size from 50 to 200 MW and were used in both base load and peaking capacity. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of F.G. Wilson, a subsidiary of Caterpillar, whose global focus was on the design, distribution and product support of power generation products in the 15 to 2000 KW range which were used in emergency back-up and prime power applications. Other key positions held include Director of Electric Power and Director of the Caterpillar Corporate Mining Group.
University Of Wisconsin, B.S., Economics; Carnegie Mellon, Program For Executives; Caterpillar Advanced Management Program


The Hon. Dr. Stephen L. Johnson 

The Hon. Dr. Stephen L. Johnson
Advisory Board, 11th Administrator, U.S. EPA

Stephen brings to the advisory board over three decades of exemplary commitment to the environment. Within the EPA, he controlled a $7.7 billion annual budget and managed over 17,000 employees. He is also the recipient of the White House’s Presidential Rank Award, the highest award bestowed to civilian federal employees. Before working for the U.S. Government, he held a number of positions in laboratory and bio-technology companies. He was also the director of Hazelton Laboratories, now Covance.
Stephen began working at the EPA in 1979. He had been working at a private lab, Litton Bionetics Inc., in Washington. Johnson’s rise from career scientist to EPA chief began in 2001, when he made the jump from civil service bureaucrat to political appointee after serving as the acting deputy administrator in 2003 and then in January 2005 the acting administrator of the EPA. On March 4, 2005, President George W. Bush nominated him formally for the permanent position. He became the first career employee to hold the position of Administrator and the first scientist to head the Agency. His tenure as Administrator of the EPA expired on January 20, 2009. Stephen received a B.A. in Biology from Taylor University and a Master’s Degree in Pathology from George Washington University. He has also been awarded honorary Doctor of Science degrees from Taylor University and Wesleyan University.

Michael J. Hammons

Michael J. Hammons
Chairman of the Board and Partner at SAIL Capital Partners

Mike is a senior adviser to several organizations utilizing his 20 plus years of senior leadership experience into building operational value. He has diverse domestic and international experience across multiple verticals such as telecommunications, energy, automotive, aerospace and defense, data storage, enterprise software, and electronic hardware. His diverse background has spanned the gamut of company life cycles from start-ups to large organizations.

He held leadership positions including Partner at SAIL Venture Partners, CEO at Vigilistics, CEO at Nexiant, CEO at ARGO Tracker, VP of Global Operations at Cogent Communication, and Director of the South American Automotive Practice at Ernst & Young Consulting. Recognized as an expert in private equity, energy, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, product development and logistics, Mike has spoken at multiple conferences and written numerous articles. Mike serves on several boards including the Advisory Board for California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He has also received multiple awards throughout his career, including Top 100 Most Innovative Vendors from Supply and Demand Chain Executive and Deloitte and Touche Fast 500. He earned a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Ian Copeland

Ian Copeland
Independent Director

For more than 25 years, Ian has developed, financed and managed privatization, independent power and infrastructure transactions and companies in the Americas, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. He has also delivered engineering and construction services for world-class projects in the power, rail, water, and mining markets.
Ian retired in December 2012 as a Senior Vice President and Partner of Bechtel. During 15 years with the firm he served as Managing Director of Bechtel Enterprises and President of the firm’s Fossil Power, Communications and Renewable Power businesses. Previously he was Managing Director of Wärtsilä Power Development (Asia) Limited and Vice President of Hannon Armstrong & Company. He began his career with the utility consulting practice of Booz Allen Hamilton after graduating from Rutgers University with degrees in physics and mechanical engineering.
His accomplishments include the privatization of, and £2 billion financing for, the infrastructure of a portion of the London Underground system and delivery of the world’s largest solar thermal power project. In addition, he developed and financed greenfield power plants in Indonesia, Pakistan, China and the Philippines and buildings and energy-related assets used to support the U.S. Federal Government.
He currently is an investor in, and Director of, two privately-held companies, Concentric Power, Inc. and Innovus Power, Inc. Ian also provides consulting services to select companies and pursues community service activities.

Dr. Christopher J. Brown

Dr. Christopher J. Brown
Principal at SAIL Capital Partners

Chris is a scientist and entrepreneur with diverse business and technical backgrounds. His past experiences have spanned multiple verticals, including electronics, textiles, and telecommunications. His background and experience position him at the crossroads of business and technology. He holds a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a Ph.D. in Physics from North Carolina State University. Chris’ technical background includes a pioneering accomplishment in the field of MEMS cryotribology, the study of surface friction on the micro and nano length scales at cryogenic temperatures. He has worked with colleagues from UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Sandia National Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), and Irvine based start-up wiSpry on DARPA and Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) funded MEMS initiatives. Chris’ results are part of a larger body of work recognized in 2010 by the National Science Foundation’s American Competitiveness and Innovation (ACI) Fellow Award. Results achieved in this work will lead to effective methods for controlling friction and associated energy losses equivalent to 1-2% of annual GDP for US industries. In addition, Chris was a project engineer with Corning in the world’s largest volume fiber optic production facility. He also co-founded a textile dye company based on technology developed jointly with Procter and Gamble, Leeds University, and North Carolina State University. Earlier in his career, Chris worked as an intern with venture-backed solar panel manufacturer Stion, where he was part of the team that initiated a joint venture with Taiwan Semiconductor.

John Millard

John Millard
Director EME Region

London Business School: MBA & University of Bradford, UK: B.S., Chemical EngineeringMr Millard began his career in renewable energy early on within ABB working his way up to manager for R&D in the area of thermal waste remediation. This focus included renewable energy generation from biomass combustion and pyrolysis system analysis and design. He has both designed and commissioned pilot scale systems and optimised full scale operational power plants including developing and patenting new control algorithms for Waste-to-Energy combustion systems.He has also spent time with Enron Europe within the corporate finance operations, which a focus on Mergers & Acquisitions. This included modelling and valuing operational energy assets and companies within the energy generation sector, taking active part in technical due diligence as well as providing analysis of strategic competitors.
Mr. Millard has also provided valuation and technical due diligence services to private equity companies as well as project development consortiums on ethanol production projects, power generation from biomass, generation from pyrolysis of waste and even combustion of chicken manure.
In the recent past he has spent time focusing on demand side energy management where he was CEO of an energy consulting company based out of Switzerland, and most recently with the development of smart energy systems.
He earned his bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bradford, UK, and his masters degree in business administration from London Business School. He speaks english and german fluently, and is also conversant in french.

Mark Owen

Mark Owen
Director of Sales

Mark Owen has 30 years of experience in the commercialization, installation and operational servicing of various types of air pollution control and waste treatment systems within a long list of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.In addition to his career as a commercial executive, Mark has also been a senior project manager for several high profile environmental projects across many manufacturing sectors including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and oil & gas.Recent projects include NGL processing, landfill leachate processing, and rail to barge crude oil transfer stations.With Marks extensive environmental equipment background, his role at Ener-Core is to facilitate commercialization of our Power Oxidizer and advance deployment strategies into various waste to energy markets.
ENCR Security Details
Share Structure per 10Q
Market Cap                                $7.4M           a/o August 18, 2015
Preferred Authorized Shares $1M a/o August 14, 2015
Shares Outstanding 2,282,120M a/o August 14, 2015
Pulic Float 35,801K
Authorized Shares 4,000,000M a/o August 14,2015
Shares Issued 2,463,876M
a/o August 14, 2015  
Shareholders of Record 152 a/o Apr 15, 2014

Transfer Agent(s)
Empire Stock Transfer Inc.

Investor Contact
John Heilshorn
Sep 9, 2014
Aug 27, 2014
Aug 20, 2014

Investor Updates

Ener-Core Responses to Investor Questions - December 17, 2014

Question 1. What is the significance of the agreement that Ener-Core has recently signed with Dresser-Rand? 
Question 2. Are there opportunities to expand the Dresser-Rand agreement?
Question 3. Some have heard you say that Ener-Core is under-valued. Why do you believe this to be the case?
Question 4. We have not seen any sales booked since the ribbon cutting event in June, what's the status on the next sales?
Question 5. You've made a couple of interesting additions to the Board of Directors recently. How have you been able to continue to attract directors of such a high caliber?
Question 6. Why aren't directors and management making open market purchases?

For more Questions visit ENCR's website

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$1,038,588 +17% 6.4%
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$1,010,089 +13% 4.8%
Maslov (Boris A)
$204,688 +3% 1.3%
Carney (Domonic J)
$50,219 +1% 0.3%
Castro (Alain J)
$46,937 +1% 0.3%
Hamrin (Douglas ...
$69,350 +1% 0.2%
Brown ...
$19,218 0% 0.1%
Horn (Jeffrey Alan)
$8,738 0% 0.1%
Hammons (Michael J)
$8,738 0% 0.1%


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ENCR News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 04/02/2019 11:39:12 AM
ENCR News: Notification That Annual Report Will Be Submitted Late (nt 10-k) 04/01/2019 04:31:50 PM
ENCR News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 03/01/2019 08:01:58 AM
ENCR News: Amended Statement of Ownership (sc 13g/a) 02/08/2019 01:22:26 PM
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#1996   Sorry that was Markscheid. Out on Business smooch 07/06/16 10:21:24 AM