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Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. (fka EHSI)

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"If you stick your head in the sand, you end up eating dirt."

Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing guidance to participants in the healthcare industry.  Our primary goal is to give you a roadmap showing how to realize enormous profits from the changes occurring right now in the healthcare industry.

Emerging Healthcare Solutions (EHSI.pk)
5847 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77057
P: 713-821-1486
F: 713-821-1401

Alternate address: 1240 Blalock Road, Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77055, Telephone: 713-461-4437

(Formerly Oxford Funding Corp. (OXFD.pk). – changed August 2009)

(Formerly Aquaplan, Inc. – changed May, 2007)

(Formerly AMEE, Inc. – changed December, 1998)

Share Structure
A/S 200,000,000
O/S 10,065,843
Float 2,543,122

In September, 2009, the Company effected a 500:1 reverse split of its common stock.

Emerging Healthcare Solutions (EHSI) is a development stage business with a unique ability to acquire life science technologies and bring them to emerging small and medium-sized companies that are struggling or needing another product line to gain market share.

EHSI leverages the experience of its management team and relationships with larger companies and universities worldwide to work with clients to identify new product opportunities or services that will increase shareholder value and provide new revenue streams.

In addition to its primary goal of introducing companies to revolutionary technologies, EHSI is also able to assist companies with raising the capital necessary to implement these new technologies, via both public and private financing sources.

We have no subsidiaries and no parent companies.  We have no full-time and three part-time employees. From time to time we engage independent contractors to perform certain engineering, regulatory, legal and financial tasks on our behalf.

We do not have any products as of the date of this report.

Executive Officer & Sole Director: Kathleen Delaney: Chairman and CEO, 1240 Blalock Road, Suite 200, Houston, TX, 77055

Ms. Delaney has been an attorney representing personal and corporate clients on a wide range of matters for the last ten years. As of September 30, 2009, Ms. Delaney does not receive a salary from the Company and does not own any common stock.

Beneficial Owners:

Superior Enterprises, Inc.

2710 Thomes Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001, Allison Malone, Control Individual & Resident Agent 3,750,000 shares   /   37.3%

Oak Resources, Inc.

2710 Thomes Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001, Jurgen Krause, Control Individual & Resident Agent, 3,750,000 shares  /  37.3%

Website quotations / Financial quotations

Website: "We deliver health care solutions to our clients in the healthcare industry"
Financials: "we have no operating history"

Website: "We are positioned to help healthcare providers, medical technologies and servicing companies with new strategies needed to compete."
Financials: "We have no full-time and three part-time employees."

Website: "EHSI Focuses on Empowering Clients with solutions and information that delivers flexible options to leverage profit from the New Health Care Economy."
Financials: "We do not have any products as of the date of this report."

Website: "EHSI is a company dedicated to providing guidance to participants in the healthcare industry."
Financials: "We are currently developing our plan of operation and will disclose that plan once finalized."

Website: "...it doesn't make sense to design your success plan without the input of a company specializing in how to leverage maximum profit from this important inflection point - that's the heart of Emerging Healthcare Solutions."
Financials: "Ms. Delaney has been an attorney representing personal and corporate clients on a wide range of matters for the last ten years" [notably the following: GAEC.pk (a recently SEC suspended ethanol industry company not related to the health field), MYHA.pk (a defunct / inactive in-store virtual health clinic), NWND.pk (a wind company unrealted to the health field), SSLR.pk (a recently SEC suspended solar company unrelated to the health field)]

Website: "Emerging Healthcare Solutions fosters advances in emerging medical technologies while simultaneously helping to sustain and strengthen the Nation's science, mathematics, and engineering capabilities"
"We have no cash. We currently have no assets and no income."

Website: "If you stick your head in the sand, you end up eating dirt."
Financials: http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/microcapstock.htm

Kathleen Delaney management history:


Delaney shown as Registered Agent for annual reporting as of 2005-2008

Company utilized FNE Consulting, LLC, a company controlled by Darrel and Jack Uselton (SEC recividists), Eddie Austin: http://www.sec.gov/rules/petitions/4-500/rdnull071205.htm
GALLERIA SECURITIES CORP.(private company associated with ITPD.pk/MYHA.pk, SSMG.pk/SSLR.pk, LPLB.pk/TMDI.pk/NWND.pk, GFET.pk/GAEC.pk): http://galleriasecuritiescorp.com/html/welcome.html
Delaney shown as former Registered Agent 2004
Company associated with JT Cloud, William Carmichael, and formerly controlled by Darrel and Jack Uselton: http://www.sec.gov/litigation/suspensions/2009/34-60410.pdf 
INCUBATOR SERVICES CORPORATION: http://www.incubatorservicescorp.com/index.php
Delaney shown as Registered Agent and Director
MY HEALTHY ACCESS, INC. (MYHA.pk, f/k/a ITPD.pk, AutoFund Servicing, Inc., Sphinx Industries, Inc.): http://www.myhealthyaccess.com/investors.html
Delaney shown as President, COO
Cynthia Morrissey – CEO (Delaney’s sister)
A company which appears defunct, associated with Eddie Austin, Jonathan Gilchrist, JT and Thomas Cloud, Maurice Stone
SEC litigation against AutoFund: http://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/lr17982.htm
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Associated with Andrew Farmer (Director)
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Eddie Austin – Director
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Delaney shown as “Organizer”
NATIONAL WIND SOLUTIONS, INC. (NWND.pk) fka TELEMEDICUS, INC. (TMDI.pk) (until September 4, 2008) fka LIPIDLABS, INC. (LPDL.pk) (until September 6, 2007) fka NATIONAL HEALTH ALLIANCE (until November 21, 2006): http://www.nationalwindsolutions.com/
Delaney shown as Chairman, Director, and CEO
Associations with the company include Jack and Darrel Uselton, Eddie Austin, Jonathan Gilchrist, Maurice Stone, Thomas Cloud, and William Carmichael.
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Delaney shown as former officer.
Company Recently suspended by the SEC. Associations with the company include Eddie Austin, Maurice Stone, Thomas Cloud: http://www.sec.gov/litigation/suspensions/2009/34-60050.pdf
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
TOTAL TELEPHONE CONCEPTS, INC. (acquired by Peninsula Holdings Groups, Ltd.: Austin, Stone, Delaney)
Subsidiary of PENINSULA HOLDINGS GROUP LTD. (PHGTA.pk, PHGTB.pk, PHGTC.pk) - delisted in 2009
Delaney shown as Registered Agent
Stephanie Stone – Director (Maurice Stone’s wife)


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