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El Tigre Silver Corp. (ELS - TSX.V, EGRTF - Pink Sheets, 5RT - Frankfurt) is a publicly-traded company committed to becoming a leader in mineral exploration and development while optimizing shareholder value. The company has its head office in Vancouver, BC and a mine site office in Hermosillo, Mexico.

The company currently owns 100% of 9 mining concessions comprising 43,098 hectares located in the Sierra El Tigre, northeastern Sonora State in Mexico (The El Tigre Property).
The El Tigre Silver Mine was historically a significant producer of high grade silver in Mexico, having produced an estimated 75 million ounces of silver at an average grade of 40 ounces per ton. The Company recently completed a 2,313 meter drill program with initial assays encountering 11.69 meters of 180 gams per tonne silver including 1.28 meters of 511 grams per tonne. Additional assay results will be reported shortly. The ongoing drill program is exploring silver-gold mineralization that is believed to extend for approximately 2.5 kilometers along the strike of the vein system.

El Tigre - 312 hectares made up of four licensed mining concessions.

NI43-101 - Technical Report

Location and History
The El Tigre property is located in the Sierra El Tigre, northeastern Sonora, Mexico, from the border towns of Aqua Prieta, Sonora - Douglas, Arizona, the property can be reached by driving 75 km south Mexican Highway 17 to the town of Esqueda, and then 45 km east over dirt road to the El Tigre property.

Discovered around 1900 by Lucky Tiger Combination Gold mining Company the original El Tigre Mine exploited the principal veins of the district, recorded production of about 75 million ounces of silver and possibly as much as 400,000 ounces of gold from 1904 to 1939 (Thoms, 1988). During that time, an estimated additional 5 million ounces of silver were produced from the mines north of the El Tigre in the Pilar de Teras area. The mines also produced unknown amounts of lead, copper and zinc, contained in the silver-rich sulfide concentrates.

The narrow, high-grade veins have been traced for more than three kilometers, but exploration and development has been conducted mainly in a small area of the property.

Since the initial discovery was made in 1903, there is no evidence that any modern exploration has been directed to the evaluation of the potential for exploitable gold mineralization.

 Virtually no work was completed on the property from this time until the early 1980s when Anaconda and Talaman completed work programs to prepare the district for modern mining. A district-scale exploration underground prospect surveying, underground geological mapping at 500 scale, diamond drilling of the vein structures with 22 holes totaling 7,812 meters, 352 meters of exploration drifting of the Fundadora vein, drill core and sampling analysis, road rebuilding from Esqueda, drill pad road construction, air photo coverage, petrographic studies of the rock types, tailings surveying, sampling and metallurgical test work of the tailing on the Jorge concession, maintenance of the legal land status of the concessions, air photo coverage and production of land-controlled photogrammetric base maps. It has been estimated that the cost of this work today would be over $10 million (Bradbury, 2007).

Rudimentary geologic analysis of that data reveals high-grade vein targets readily, they were unable to identify a resource that was of interest to Anaconda Minerals Company, however in their summary report on the project by Anaconda, J.A. Thoms (1988) stated that "In the Tigre Mine area, deeper extensions of productive veins and fault offsets, particularly related to the Fortuna fault, remain prime exploration targets."

Most importantly, Anaconda's work produced a solid base of knowledge from which to continue exploration of the district. Rigorous geologic analysis of project data reveals a number of high-grade vein targets on the property. As well, it appears that a substantial resource of +10 oz/ton Ag material remains standing in the mine, as the cutoff grade in the old El Tigre Mine was about 15 oz/ton Ag. It does not appear that Anaconda addressed that potential

Work Program
El Tigre Silver Corp. will execute A comprehensive work program to evaluate the most attractive targets at the El Tigre property as outlined in the N.I. 43-101 Technical Report.  The preliminary part of the program consists of accessing, mapping and sampling selected portions of the existing underground to evaluate the potential for development of resources grading in the range of 10 - 15 oz/ton Ag with attendant Au values. That work will require rehabilitation of the accesses to the mine at the 400 and 700 levels, at least, and may require some internal rehabilitation for safety reasons. Once access has been re-established the project geologist will have to select areas of the workings for mapping and sampling. That work may be advantaged greatly if underground maps and sample plans made by the Lucky Tiger Combination Mining Company can be located.

Additionally the drilling of twelve core holes (nominally 4500 meters) drilled in fans across two east-west sections across the El Tigre Suertudo concession. The purpose of the drill program is to cut unexplored portions of the historically productive veins, to cut faulted extensions of those veins, to intersect previously unknown veins and to explore disseminated mineralization believed to exist peripheral to the veins. Additionally, the drill program will produce detailed geologic data necessary to begin a cogent economic analysis of the remaining potential of the historically productive vein system.  


The main target is a large low grade disseminated silver resource. Potential estimates range 2.7 million metric tons of 170 grams silver per metric ton (3 million tons of 5 ounce silver per ton) (Bradshaw, 2008) to 16.4 million metric tons of 225 grams silver ton (18 million tons of 6.5 ounce silver/ton) (Thoms, 1988).

Target is a bulk tonnage, low grade mineralization from surface to the 700 level (225 metres) open pittable at surface.

New quartz veined and stockworkedoutcrops were discovered in October 2010.

2313 metresof reconnaissance drilling was recently completed, 5000 metresdefinition drill program planned for2011.


Latest News!!!

Nov 11, 2011El Tigre Silver Announces First Silver Assays for the Tailings Recovery Project in Sonora, Mexico

Nov 10, 2011El Tigre Silver Corp. Qualifies For OTCQX International In U.S. And Retains Roth Capital Partners

Oct 28 , 2011El Tigre Silver Corp. Announces Release of NI 43-101 El Tigre Project in Sonora

Aug 11, 2011El Tigre Silver Corp. Grants Incentive Stock Options

Aug 9, 2011El Tigre Silver Corp Appoints Steven Craig as Vice President of Exploration

Aug 5, 2011El Tigre Silver Corp. Amends Interim Financial Statements

June 27, 2011 El Tigre Adds Experience with Appointment of Chief Geologist

June 20, 2011 El Tigre Information Available Through Standard & Poor�s Corporation Records Listing Program

June 16, 2011El Tigre Pursues Listing on OTCQX and Announces Engagement of Roth Capital as PAL

May 27, 2011 Assay Results Confirm Gold Silver Mineralization in Tigre Viejo Canyon at the El Tigre Property, Sonora, Mexico   

May 18, 2011 El Tigre Begins Exploration in the Brown's Shaft Area of the El Tigre Vein at Its Sonora, Mexico Property 

May 10, 2011 El Tigre Drills Sietz Kelly and El Tigre Veins at its Sonora, Mexico Property 

May 4, 2011 El Tigre Drill Hole Et-27 Intercepts 2.8 Metres Of 242 G/T Silver And 3.17 G/T Gold Including 0.7 Metres Of 919 G/T Silver And 0.7 Metres 8.01 G/T Gold

Apr 13, 2011 El Tigre Drill Hole ET-26 Encounters 11.69 Meters 180 Grams Per Tonne Silver Including 1.28 Meters 511 Grams Per Tonne Silver at El Tigre Property, Sonora, Mexico 18, 2011


As of June 23, 2011
Shares Outstanding: 33,159,109**
Warrants: 14,109,549 @ $0.40 - $0.60
Options: 2,228,000
Fully Diluted: 49,463,658
Ownership: Federals Silver 35.4% - Sprott Asset Management 19.36% - Pinetree Capital 11.5% - Directors and Officers 9%

** ** 11,531,000 @0.35 are held in escrow for the vendors of the property - Standard escrow plan with 10% of the aggregate escrowed shares to be released on the date of the final Exchange bulletin and an additional 15% will be released every 6 months thereafter 

El Tigre website below


Management at El Tigre Silver Corp. is committed to building a successful mining and exploration company by completing a strategic and concentrated work program on its primary property in Sonora, Mexico. The company has a NI 43-101 technical report filed on SEDAR relating its 100% owned the El Tigre property, located in the Sierra El Tigre, northeastern Sonora State in Mexico, which is historically one of the largest Silver producing regions in Mexico. The El Tigre Silver Mine was one of the largest producers of high grade silver in Mexico from 1903 to 1938, having produced an estimated 75 million ounces of silver at an average grade of 40 ounces per ton.   

The current N.I. 43-101 technical report outlines an extensive work program to further delineate and define, mineral resources on the property.

The company and its management are dedicated to creating shareholder value through evaluating, acquiring and developing mining concessions. 

For more information please contact: Rob Grace -Investor Relations El Tigre Silver Corp.  t. 604 639 0044f. 604 608 6163  Email:

Mailing adress

El Tigre Silver Corp.
Suite 1000 - 355 Burrard Street
The Marine Building
Vancouver, BC V6C 2G8

t. 604 639 0044
f. 604 608 6163 


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