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This is a short term pick board for anyone who wants to contribute or learn how to make some money. This board will define short term as any pick that has the potential to make at least a 25 percent gain within 30 to 45 days from post date. This is not a day trade board. Its too hard for new folks to make money from day trading and I want everyone involved on this board to make a profit. Keep in mind all investing is a risk of your investment. You could lose all your investment or you could make money. With that said we are all grown ups here and please no putting down other posters. Also with every pick I would like some sort of reason why the pick is believed to make a gain within the next 30 to 45 days. Please include as much DD as you can when posting. Thanks to all who participate.  All investing questions are welcome.


1. Please post picks with some form of DD or chart so others can learn why stocks are picked. Bottom bouncers welcome.

2. No bashing others picks or posters without solid DD or your post will be removed!

3. There is no guarantee you will make money that is why it is called investing.  Please dont invest more than you could afford to lose.

4. Board welcomes post that contribute any investing knowledge others would like to share. I am a firm believer in that if you give you will receive. In other words you reap what you sow.

5. For the folks who are just starting out please dont go ALL IN on any picks posted because you never know what can happen . There is no such thing as a sure thing. The best traders out there make 3 out of 4 good picks but if you follow and you happen to hit the one bad one it may set you back a bit.  So please trade responsibly so you can keep trading.


Thanks for being a part of the board.



CHM Cannabis
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#1285   RNVA .02+. Gonna test .025-.03 tomorrow getoffyourass 04/10/18 04:59:56 AM
#1284   RNVA is on the move. broke up thru .01 getoffyourass 03/22/18 11:41:37 AM
#1283   MSPC is starting to take off 0006 0007 getoffyourass 03/02/18 02:28:29 PM
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#1279   Excellent.. In DCAC w/ you getoffyourass MoneyWorksForMe 01/17/18 05:59:57 PM
#1278   i guess it did a 5 bagger since getoffyourass 01/17/18 05:28:37 PM
#1277   SRMX did a 10 bag in 20 days, getoffyourass 01/17/18 05:28:01 PM
#1276   seriously, ANDI was on my list and somehow getoffyourass 01/17/18 05:25:07 PM
#1275   Yeah I missed a few 000s back in EZmoneyED 01/17/18 05:18:13 PM
#1274   grabbed some DCAC. was gonna get 0001's a getoffyourass 01/17/18 05:15:33 PM
#1273   ARGS looks like its waking up. Biotech company EZmoneyED 01/17/18 05:04:33 PM
#1272   Ya. Force is strong with this one. I getoffyourass 01/13/18 06:50:07 PM
#1271   Ill have to check it out. EZmoneyED 01/13/18 11:07:19 AM
#1270   ANDI trying to break .01 here, currently .0091 getoffyourass 01/12/18 01:11:01 PM
#1269   Great to have you back! HMB2010 01/08/18 11:12:23 AM
#1268   Hey folks looking to do some stock picking EZmoneyED 01/05/18 08:01:39 PM
#1267   Hey man how you been? You down south EZmoneyED 05/19/16 10:11:32 PM
#1266   Anyone got lottery tickets for tonight? Not a EZmoneyED 01/13/16 09:56:22 PM
#1265   Congratulations Ed! Sounds like you'll have your hands getoffyourass 01/04/16 12:15:33 PM
#1264   Hey man hope you had a good Christmas EZmoneyED 01/03/16 12:07:18 PM
#1263   Hi Ed. Playing ASTI. hoping it continues up getoffyourass 12/02/15 01:30:34 PM
#1262   Good to hear from you. I started a EZmoneyED 04/28/15 10:24:04 PM
#1261   Just a stop by to say hello EZMONEY HMB2010 03/19/15 08:29:54 PM
#1260   Awsome Day for WEST! Charts Look GREAT! dmlabuda 02/26/15 07:12:35 AM
#1259   That will be one awesome gain if WEST EZmoneyED 02/20/15 07:33:22 PM
#1258   Hey man what you up to these days? EZmoneyED 02/20/15 07:27:55 PM
#1257   WEST had a pretty amazing day to day dmlabuda 01/23/15 08:08:29 PM
#1256   Thanks man. Hanging in here :) EZmoneyED 10/15/14 09:53:37 PM
#1255   sorry to hear about your losses. That's never getoffyourass 10/14/14 11:01:23 AM
#1254   Hey buddy just been busy lately. Had a EZmoneyED 10/13/14 09:09:09 PM
#1253   not sure if anyone stops by here anymore. getoffyourass 10/10/14 01:26:43 PM
#1252   this one could have some legs.... was looking getoffyourass 10/10/14 02:48:21 AM
#1251   Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone remembers what EZmoneyED 07/03/14 11:55:16 PM
#1250   Its a sea trout. We caught about 40 EZmoneyED 06/24/14 07:39:50 PM
#1249   I think I asked you already, is that getoffyourass 06/24/14 10:04:27 AM
#1248   Not too much going on. Not much trading EZmoneyED 06/23/14 09:04:52 PM
#1247   stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=TEMN&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p68911381961 TEMN d getoffyourass 06/23/14 03:06:19 PM
#1246   what's up Ed? looks like they're still getoffyourass 06/23/14 02:46:29 PM
#1245   And yes I still like STTK for a EZmoneyED 05/29/14 10:35:01 PM
#1244   I suspect that most that may be following EZmoneyED 05/29/14 10:28:10 PM
#1243   STTK cheap cheap don't miss the boat. Could EZmoneyED 05/06/14 07:50:52 PM
#1242   that's awesome Ed. Did the same thing getoffyourass 05/06/14 12:36:47 PM
#1241   STTK gonna be a big runner soon imo. EZmoneyED 05/04/14 10:34:45 PM
#1240   Ok folks seems nobody paying attention. STTK is EZmoneyED 04/30/14 08:50:59 PM
#1239   Anyone here like HSCC or STTK ? EZmoneyED 04/29/14 11:00:10 PM
#1238   Hey guys hope everyone in Central to East EZmoneyED 04/28/14 06:12:47 PM