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Last Post: 2/10/2021 9:15:23 PM - Followers: 34 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

This is a stock pick board for anyone who wants to contribute or learn how to make some money. This board will define short term as any pick that has the potential to make at least a 25 percent gain within 30 to 45 days from post date. Long term picks will be defined as a pick expected to make a 50 percent or more gain within a year. This is not a day trade board. Its too hard for new folks to make money from day trading and I want everyone involved on this board to make a profit. Keep in mind all investing is a risk of your investment. You could lose all your investment or you could make money. With that said we are all grown ups here and please no putting down other posters. Please include as much DD as you can when posting. Thanks to all who participate.  All investing questions are welcome. Lets have some fun and make some money!


1. Please post picks with some form of DD or chart so others can learn why stocks are picked. Bottom bouncers welcome.

2. No bashing others picks or posters without solid DD or your post will be removed!

3. There is no guarantee you will make money that is why it is called investing.  Please dont invest more than you could afford to lose.

4. Board welcomes post that contribute any investing knowledge others would like to share. I am a firm believer in that if you give you will receive. In other words you reap what you sow.

5. For the folks who are just starting out please dont go ALL IN on any picks posted because you never know what can happen . There is no such thing as a sure thing. The best traders out there make 3 out of 4 good picks but if you follow and you happen to hit the one bad one it may set you back a bit.  So please trade responsibly so you can keep trading.


Thanks for being a part of the board.



#1449   Z over 180 bucks a share after hours! EZmoneyED 02/10/21 09:15:23 PM
#1448   Zillow (Z) now 146 a share! EZmoneyED 01/21/21 03:50:09 PM
#1447   ASO now over 22 dollars a share. EZmoneyED 01/13/21 06:45:19 PM
#1446   ASO 20.74 per share today. My average cost EZmoneyED 12/23/20 10:53:52 AM
#1445   Another 52 week high today on Z over EZmoneyED 12/14/20 07:08:34 PM
#1444   ASO is another stock on the radar. Will EZmoneyED 12/11/20 02:54:34 PM
#1443   Z made new 52 week high today 127.36 EZmoneyED 12/11/20 02:48:22 PM
#1442   Z looking bullish again today. Sit back and EZmoneyED 12/10/20 09:58:23 AM
#1441   Fun Fact All you need to do to EZmoneyED 12/08/20 08:35:18 PM
#1440   Hope someone followed along on MGI. Crazy run EZmoneyED 12/08/20 08:27:07 PM
#1439   Nice, I grabbed a few to hold. Thanks HMB2010 12/08/20 08:10:57 PM
#1438   Hey yeah 2020 has been a crazy year. EZmoneyED 12/08/20 07:35:47 PM
#1436   Hey Ed, hope all is well !! Im betting HMB2010 12/08/20 10:43:17 AM
#1435   Hey folks been a while. Currently holding a EZmoneyED 12/07/20 08:37:33 PM
#1434   Looks due to bounce soon. Quintessence 03/03/20 03:48:08 PM
#1433   SGMD 0031. Grabbing some Nice looking bottom play getoffyourass 03/03/20 03:39:29 PM
#1432   I grabbed some Friday. But hey. getoffyourass 03/02/20 10:31:09 AM
#1431   Thoughts on TECR? 8-K out last night. Quintessence 02/28/20 11:42:47 AM
#1430   AQSP Acquired Sales Corp. Closes Acquisition of 100% Quintessence 02/26/20 08:13:27 PM
#1429   I think the red flag was it looked Quintessence 02/26/20 01:23:38 PM
#1428   I have to check on GFTX. I Quintessence 02/26/20 01:06:35 PM
#1427   Another I like is YYYH. Just had symbol Quintessence 02/26/20 12:04:03 PM
#1426   Also SWRM hearing news tomorrow for whatever getoffyourass 02/26/20 12:02:44 PM
#1425   GFTX 0014 low float volume reversal? getoffyourass 02/26/20 11:08:42 AM
#1424   CNCN $6.00 pennypauly 02/19/20 11:34:38 PM
#1423   CNCN anyone? I own a few as Quintessence 02/19/20 01:52:07 PM
#1422   I grabbed a few CRTL mid-3s. Couldn't resist. Quintessence 02/19/20 11:52:01 AM
#1421   Well, if it goes up to .10 again, Quintessence 02/19/20 11:39:31 AM
#1420   Should have waited and grabbed 03s. Lol getoffyourass 02/19/20 11:38:17 AM
#1419   I slapped some 045. Gonna watch it getoffyourass 02/19/20 11:37:26 AM
#1418   Both SESI and GLTC looking great! How Quintessence 02/19/20 11:36:36 AM
#1417   SESI looks ready for the next move north. getoffyourass 02/19/20 01:12:28 AM
#1416   RGGI looks ready to go back over $2. Quintessence 02/13/20 10:17:12 AM
#1415   GLTC off to a good start today! Quintessence 02/13/20 09:38:34 AM
#1414   I hear ya. Was thinking bout sitting 05, getoffyourass 02/12/20 12:32:14 PM
#1413   I'm watching it for a dip... Quintessence 02/12/20 12:31:20 PM
#1412   KDNG looks ready to make huge move. getoffyourass 02/12/20 12:30:12 PM
#1411   WDLF looks ready for next leg up 0034 getoffyourass 02/12/20 11:36:05 AM
#1410   #DDAmanda Chart on: $TPTW TPTW #TPTW: Zardiw 02/12/20 08:58:11 AM
#1409   In fact looks about to break out here getoffyourass 02/11/20 03:20:36 PM
#1408   Agreed. I see it going to 05 getoffyourass 02/11/20 03:19:51 PM
#1407   I really like TPTW. Up over 100% Quintessence 02/11/20 02:49:09 PM
#1406   TPTW heading to the moon over the next getoffyourass 02/11/20 02:30:23 PM
#1405   GLTC looks good for a potential move. Quintessence 02/11/20 09:30:48 AM
#1404   FHBC getoffyourass 02/04/20 11:22:29 AM
#1403   FHBG 002 news coming this week apparently. getoffyourass 02/04/20 11:22:12 AM
#1402   Nice! RELI going $$$ in several months! HMB2010 01/29/20 09:33:21 AM
#1401   UNEQ reversal underway. Rumor has it news getoffyourass 01/28/20 01:31:15 PM
#1400   KWBT is your kinda stock brother. Try getoffyourass 01/26/20 09:39:01 AM
#1399   Hey bud. Hope you're doing well. Check getoffyourass 01/21/20 02:54:47 PM
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