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EZ traders Forum offers discussion and insight on current market conditions along with stock picks.  Although, anyone can post a pick on this board, spam will not be allowed.  Personally, I'm not a professional trader and any pick I post at this forum is for entertainment value only.  Any pick posted on this board, if interested by a reader, should be researched through their own due diligence.  We don't babysit picks, that is, keep posting and posting on picks 24/7.  If we buy a stock and post it, then, that is a pump in itself and is no different than most financial boards or services that recommend stocks.  Be sure to know your trading style, because most picks here aren't day trades, but if one goes up 500% in a day, I'm sure most of who may bought in low are going to take profits, or sell our position.  Remember, just because you buy a stock, it doesn't mean you're going to make money.  In fact, most traders out there lose their money on average.  Be sure to be in this game, you become a student of the game.  Study charts, news, and all company filings.  It is imperative to study filings in the penny market especially due to the high level of dilution.  If you don't, the chances are you will lose lots of money.  Also, all stocks are POS's, IMHO, so trade them the way you like.   Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Most traders that membermark this board are looking for small cap picks under $5.  Most picks posted here are under a buck, and usually are in the sub penny to 50 cent range.

Some useful sights for due diligence:








Java issues?  Test:



My sons newest work.  Proud of you Christian:


Good luck to all and hoping you have a prosperous 2013 trading year.





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#79808   SFRX on watch. They found something mgland 01/22/19 07:14:07 PM
#79807   DSCR on watch. 0003 X 0004. ProfitChaser 01/22/19 02:47:35 PM
#79806   VYST nice news out today. Looks like it ProfitChaser 01/22/19 02:19:17 PM
#79805   TLPY trading nicely. Bouncing all around 02 today ProfitChaser 01/22/19 02:16:31 PM
#79804   One of these days that one gonna make ProfitChaser 01/22/19 02:15:28 PM
#79803   in some PMPG with the gang The Night Stalker 01/22/19 12:00:47 PM
#79801   $PAOG Chart looking like a major breakout here! Golden_Cross 01/20/19 08:22:25 PM
#79800   Nice. You may have caught the bottom ProfitChaser 01/18/19 05:07:21 PM
#79799   TLPY picked up a little of this today ProfitChaser 01/18/19 04:29:31 PM
#79798   VNUE hits .0045 lakers17 01/18/19 01:18:54 PM
#79797   im in ADSV The Night Stalker 01/18/19 12:59:46 PM
#79796   PMPG .01 up on the ask. :-) ProfitChaser 01/18/19 12:33:02 PM
#79795   Entered VNUE today at .0029. lakers17 01/18/19 11:28:44 AM
#79794   Bitcoin $CIIX CIIX Strives to Educate, Bring Awareness MazelTov 01/17/19 11:04:13 PM
#79793   UCPA some hits today on those 0085's ProfitChaser 01/17/19 05:26:35 PM
#79792   WOFA in mj hit's a new 52 week high. lakers17 01/17/19 04:08:37 PM
#79791   $WDRFF $WNDR Nice read released - New Technology RobAbbott 01/17/19 01:34:44 PM
#79790   Nice start for all 3. Hopefully bottom is ProfitChaser 01/16/19 04:42:07 PM
#79789   Looks like you hit three out of three. lakers17 01/16/19 03:34:27 PM
#79788   Added a couple stocks to my portfolio ProfitChaser 01/15/19 05:53:01 PM
#79787   VYST .019 HOD ProfitChaser 01/15/19 12:06:01 PM
#79786   DKSC 0042 X 0045. Nice news just out. ProfitChaser 01/15/19 10:31:41 AM
#79785   Monster Weeeeeee 5 bagger so far for me. ProfitChaser 01/15/19 09:38:57 AM
#79784   VYST big news out today ProfitChaser 01/15/19 09:02:21 AM
#79783   REFG...Pink Current...https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/REFG/disclosure mgland 01/15/19 09:01:08 AM
#79782   $WDRFF / $WNDR Wonder Film corporate video reel RobAbbott 01/15/19 08:58:07 AM
#79781   RNVA looking a little better today. Closed 0018. ProfitChaser 01/14/19 11:37:02 PM
#79780   TICK TOCK ProfitChaser 01/14/19 11:26:25 PM
#79779   PAOG still holding up well. Closed 0065. Could ProfitChaser 01/14/19 11:21:14 PM
#79778   SPDL hit 0035 today. :-) ProfitChaser 01/14/19 11:17:42 PM
#79777   OneCoin Rate: 29.95 Euro x Exchange Rate EUR ProfitChaser 01/14/19 05:48:18 PM
#79776   TRDX up 42% at 001 ProfitChaser 01/14/19 04:41:38 PM
#79775   $WDRFF $WDRN Updated Barchart Quote https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/WDR RobAbbott 01/14/19 03:56:12 PM
#79774   VYST WOW up 75% already at 0075 ProfitChaser 01/14/19 09:37:59 AM
#79773   Awesome. Some good news out on my RETC ProfitChaser 01/14/19 09:31:10 AM
#79772   REFG....well its working mgland 01/14/19 09:25:58 AM
#79771   $PAOG on High Alert this Week Golden_Cross 01/13/19 08:22:21 PM
#79770   Bought this one on a whim at the ProfitChaser 01/12/19 04:44:26 PM
#79769   PAOG Wales Coming into PAOG. Not under 01 Golden_Cross 01/12/19 10:12:40 AM
#79768   Riding freebies there with a nice profit so ProfitChaser 01/11/19 04:08:57 PM
#79767   total bs day GGII The Night Stalker 01/11/19 04:06:52 PM
#79766   CAVR in a few of this today at ProfitChaser 01/11/19 03:47:52 PM
#79765   VYST looking good today. Picked up a starter ProfitChaser 01/11/19 03:33:33 PM
#79764   And at the same time. Now Thats real mgland 01/11/19 12:27:00 PM
#79763   Proably cause I got all my fingers and ProfitChaser 01/11/19 12:17:44 PM
#79762   no idea but looking better mgland 01/11/19 12:11:39 PM
#79761   Grabbed a little of this just incase at ProfitChaser 01/10/19 07:14:21 PM
#79760   Ditto. Watching and buying also. Hoping the fact ProfitChaser 01/10/19 03:09:34 PM
#79759   Thanks. Watching close ProfitChaser 01/10/19 03:03:40 PM
#79758   New david lazar custodianship play. Filed in court FollowTheProfits 01/10/19 03:01:58 PM