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     Company Website:
Green Alternatives to Produce Sustainable Energy For Future Generations


Cleantech Transit is focusing its efforts on building a portfolio of environmentally friendly green assets. Our goal is to create a self sustaining environment where we can produce and sell clean electricity for our domestic use. In addition Cleantech will expand its focus to other areas of sustainable energies including renewable resources such as Geothermal, Solar and Wind. Our goal is to use innovative technologies to reduce electricity consumption and dependence on carbon based energy.

A huge percentage of the world's fossil fuels come from the world's most volatile places. By reducing our dependence on oil derivatives, we in turn can reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. By converting energy from waste Cleantech Transit hopes to help in increasing our country's energy security. 

The Company trades on the OTC BB under the symbol CLNO.


Cleantech Transit Inc  originally only aim was to develop opportunities utilizing advances in technology and manufacturing processes in order to develop significant market share in the growing clean energy public transportation sector.

With the growth in the green sector as a whole the Company has expanded its focus to invest directly in specific projects that will maximize shareholder value. Recent advances in the technology of converting wood waste into power have so greatly enhanced the economic value of our systems we have launched the biomass division as a separate company, Phoenix Energy, to focus exclusively on generating greater returns for manufacturing clients worldwide.


Gasification Process 

Gasification is the process in which a carbon-based, high-caloric material also known as municipal solid waste (MSW) (i.e. anything other than glass, masonry, metals and nuclear waste) goes through a thermal transformation process in an oxygen-deprived environment in which it is converted into a variety of products: an inert ash, various chemicals, synthesis gas (syngas) and is a proven technology currently deployed internationally. 

Features and Benefits Include the Following:

Depending on operating hours, change filters roughly once a week (15 min), 
change biochar separation grate once a month (30 min), top end rebuild once per year (8 hours). 

Small physical dimensions:

While individual setups may vary, the complete installation of a PHX-1000 requires approximately 3/4 - 1 acre. 

Keeps you always up and running:

Grid parallel operation - pull power from either source seamlessly. The hurricane is over in two days but
the power is out for two weeks? Not with a PHX-1000! If you have biomass waste, you have power. 

Quick Payback

Our global sourcing ensures best of class price and performance. Depending on renewable energy incentives in your area and your particular power needs, payback in 4 to 5 years.  Improve the "green credentials" of your business by helping to:

• Combat greenhouse gas emissions
• Combat pollution
• Improve energy security


The technology used by Phoenix Energy to turn your waste from industry agriculture and forestry into power has many environmental benefits. At Phoenix Energy we are deeply committed to our customers both in reducing their costs of operation and in helping them be good corporate citizens, having a positive impact on the environment. By installing our wood waste gasification systems our customers help to:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce the amount of toxic pollutants in the atmosphere

Save landfill space from taking up more of our landscape and Reduce groundwater contaminants

Improve energy security and reduce dependence on foreign sources of energy


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Using biomass power replaces the need to burn use coal to generate electricity. Additionally, the use of biomass power also reduces the need for oil to mine and deliver coal to far off power stations, thereby significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Most surprisingly, using wood waste as fuel is actually more beneficial to the environment than allowing it to decompose naturally, because of the elimination of methane during combustion.

As wood starts to decompose it releases roughly equal amounts of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Both of these gases belong to the group that is commonly referred to as "greenhouse gases."
What is surprising about this is that, while we normally hear greenhouse gases expressed in terms of carbon dioxide, methane is a much more powerful gas that causes roughly 25 times the greenhouse impact of CO2. The gasification process virtually eliminates the amount of methane released into the air, relative to decomposition in a landfill or forest. According to the EPA, 250lbs of methane are released per thousand tons of wood while making biomass power v. 430,000lbs per thousand tons as wood rots in a landfill. This impact is summed up in a Department of Energy report: "The only effective means
of eliminating CH4 emissions from the disposal of wood residues that would otherwise be buried in a landfill is to use the material as fuel."


Properly managed, wood is the ultimate renewable resource. Nothing more harmful is emitted in the
conversion of wood to electricity than would be emitted as wood decays naturally in the ground. In
fact, the unique process of gasification is actually more beneficial than letting wood rot in a landfill
because it prevents the emission of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 25x more powerful than carbon
dioxide alone, according to the US Department of Energy. Finally, landfill space is precious. By diverting
more waste out of this final resting place we not only help save money we also help save further
environmental damage.
With parallel operation, your business seamlessly integrates with the grid. Producing more power than you need? Spin your meter backwards and have the power company pay you! Need more power than you are generating, supplement by taking part of the power from your Phoenix Energy power plant, and part from the
local utility.

Phoenix Energy's model PHX-1000 converts wood into a synthetic natural gas ("syngas" or "producer gas") through the process of gasification. This syngas is then used to fuel a specially modified natural gas genset to produce electricity and heat.


In a process very similar to manufacturing charcoal, the gasification process partially combusts wood in an oxygen starved environment. By depriving the fire of sufficient oxygen the wood does not burn, but rather gives off a flammable gas. As the wood
gives off the syngas, it is transformed into charcoal and ash of approximately 1-5% of the volume of wood fuel. The syngas is then captured, cleaned and cooled before being sent as fuel to the genset. The gensets are provided by a variety of nationally known vendors such as Cummins, Caterpillar, GE and others. This ensures that there are readily available spare parts and maintenance technicians available locally in addition to support from Phoenix Energy.

Fuel preparation
Normally, but not always, our systems begin with a grinder. Such as orchard waste, forestry slosh and thinnings. This processes cut ends, culled lumber, scrap and other wood waste into a consistent size. This is also the most fault tolerant system in case some metal finds its way into the waste stream (binding straps, soda cans, etc.) The fuel is then fed, or delivered into a storage hopper.

Gas Cleaning
After the syngas has been extracted from the gasifier it is cooled and cleaned by a series of scrubbers and filters. First the gas passes through a venturi scrubber, which removes particulate matter. The gas is then passed through a series of four filters. The first is a coarse filter to coalesce residual liquids. The second is a rejuvenating active sawdust filter, the third is a similar passive filter, and the fourth is a fabric bag filter. The filter media are sawdust and wood chips so instead of using expensive synthetic filters that need to be thrown away, the used filter media are simply placed into the fuel hopper and consumed.

Power Generation
Our normal proposal for electricity generation is based on natural gas gensets. Our systems are modular and can be set up for a variety of power needs, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase, 1000 kW (1mw). If more power is needed, our units can be stacked in a modular format allowing for addition power in increments of 100

Kenneth Bosket - President & CEO

Mr. Bosket was with Sprint for 30 years and retired from Sprint in 2004. Mr. Bosket is co-founder of JaHMa, a music company in Las Vegas, Nevada and a former board member and president of Bridge Counseling Associates, a mental health and substance abuse service company. His experience includes implementing appropriate procedures for positioning his organization's goals with successful teaming relationships, marketing and over 30 years of extensive customer service, as well as managing various departments, and being a western division facilitator working directly for a President of Sprint. Mr. Bosket has received numerous awards, such as the Pinnacle Award, for his exceptional service with his former employer combined with his community service involvements. Mr. Bosket earned a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor's of Business Administration from National University. Mr. Bosket brings to the Company extensive experience in managing employees as well as extensive marketing experience which will assist the Company in moving forward with its operations.

KLowell Holden - CFO & Director

Since 1983, Mr. Holden has owned and operating his own consulting firm, LS Enterprises, Inc., which provides business consulting, accounting and other services to businesses. Mr. Holden has a broad range of business experience including managing, securing financing, structuring of transactions, and is experienced and knowledgeable in managing relationships with customers, financing institutions and stockholders. Mr. Holden also has a background in assisting companies in fulfilling their financial auditing and SEC reporting requirements. Mr. Holden also currently serves as CFO and Chief Accounting Officer of Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: CRWE).

Monte Zaman - Secretary & Treasurer




For Inquiries please contact:

Cleantech Transit Inc
5440 W. Sahara - Ste 205
Las Vegas, Nevada

Office:702 448-1543
Fax:702 479-7151
Toll Free:877 854-6797 




        Stock Split 5:1 will be applied tomorrow!

Jul 29, 2013 (ACCESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- LAS VEGAS, NV - (July 29, 2013) - CleanTech Trainsit, Inc. (OTCQB: CLNO) today announces that its name is now EQCO2, Inc. and the company will proceed with its five to one (5:1) forward stock split of its common shares. FINRA has finished processing the Company's request for its new name and forward split to allow for the changes.
At the market opening on July 30, 2013, the Company's common stock will begin trading on a post-split adjusted basis. The Company's common stock will trade for 20 business days under the symbol "CLNOD" and then the Company's trading symbol will revert to "CLNO."

The change to EQCO2, Inc. was made to reflect the Company's new direction, which is the offsetting, by equalizing/neutralizing, carbon dioxide emissions, so EQCO2.

"EQCO2's business is the reduction of C02 [carbon dioxide] in the environment through the use of renewable energy products such as our GreenTrees™, along with the sale and retirement of emission offset credits, including our proprietary EvoCert™ carbon offset credits," stated Billy Barnwell, CEO of EQCO2, Inc. "While we were in the process of changing our name to reflect our mission in business, we felt the forward split would help to make EQCO2's stock more accessible to more investors, with the effect of increasing liquidity for old and new shareholders as well."

About EQCO2, Inc.

EQCO2, through its Discovery Carbon subsidiary, develops emissions offset strategies for companies, municipalities, and countries. Its team members have traveled around the globe, consulting on a wide array of projects that created environmental commodities. From waste to energy projects in Israel, to urban afforestation projects in the central valley of California, its teams' work is intended to reflect in every client's bottom line. Discovery provides funding sources for waste to energy, clean tech, and sustainable energy projects. It owns a proprietary sustainable energy product, the GreenTree™. It also has a carbon offset credits program ( it created for individuals and businesses to neutralize their carbon footprints. Discovery promotes Equity for Life™. Discovery Carbon's website is at and EQCO2's website is at but will be changing to Discovery's Number 1 client is the environment!

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