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Centriforce, Inc. is a New Jersey corporation based in Florida with offices in Israel. It is dedicated to developing and delivering a new technology for the desalination of salt water into fresh, potable drinking water that can be used for irrigation or consumption.

The focus of the company is the development of a new vacuum force desalination technology that we believe will revolutionize the desalination industry by allowing for the desalination of sea water at lower costs. We believe our technology will require far less energy input than current technologies require. The company has financing on hand to complete the construction of its initial prototype desalination plant which it expects to complete in 2008.

In 2008, the company acquired Ocean Transformation Technologies, Ltd. and Israeli company engaged in the development of desalination technology.

Centriforce's technology is designed to use less energy to purify salt water than current reverse-osmosis and flash distillation technologies. By reducing energy input requirements, the Company can reduce the cost of producing fresh water and make it more widely available to regions of the world where shortages occur.

"The scarcity of water and the extraordinary profits that can be made may overwhelm ordinary public sensibilities." - Business Week, 6/2008

"Governments had been slow to accept the awful truth that usable water is running out." - Lord Stern, World Bank former Chief Economist



Centriforce Desalination TechnologyFlash Distillation

The demand for fresh water pushed by worldwide shortages is pushing the development of new desalination technologies. Nations like Israel are leading the challenge with the help of
companies like General Electric, [NYSE:GE] and Dow Chemical, [NYSE:DOW].

The two most common technologies used to purify water are flash distillation and reverse-osmosis. Flash distillation involves evaporating salt water in a low-pressure vessel and then distilling the potable water out of the fluid mix. The system is efficient but expensive because it requires a high degree of energy input to evaporate the water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is used by most large plants in service today. With this system the salt water is pumped under pressure through a series of filters with pores small enough to let the water molecules pass through the membrane while trapping salt and other minerals. Reverse osmosis is costly because of the energy consumed by the pressure pumps and the cost of filters which must regularly be replaced. In addition, reverse osmosis creates a strong liquid salt brine which is an environmentally negative waste product.

Ice CubesCentriforce is developing a technology platform that we believe will require less energy input that current technologies. Our system is designed to maximize the physics of force differential in a wind column allowing for the evaporation of the salt water with no heat input. After the water is evaporated it will be separated from the minerals and salts using existing separation technology.

The waste product of this process will be dry salts and minerals which will be much easier to dispose of or commercialize than the waste products of reverse osmosis. Most importantly, we expect this technology to require much lower energy input and, therefore, produce potable water at a lower cost than competing technologies.




Investor Information

Waterford Business Park





Centriforce Technology Corp.
Waterford Business Park
5201 Blue Lagoon Drive
Suite 800
Miami, FL 33126

Phone: (305) 718-3330
Fax: (206) 666-2009
Email: info@cnfowater.com

 Estimated Market Cap
$19,129,593 as of Feb 6, 2009
Outstanding Shares
23,616,782 as of Dec 31, 2008
Authorized Shares
50,000,000 as of Dec 31, 2008
5,054,837 as of Dec 31, 2008




Recent News
Headline More
03/17/2009 Centriforce to Meet World Water Leaders in Istanbul
02/05/2009 CNFO To Bid on Navy Contracts
01/29/2009 CNFO Expands Technology to Clean Water From Tar Sands
01/22/2009 Centriforce Joins The World Water Council
01/20/2009 Centriforce Technology Successfully Tests Technology
01/09/2009 Centriforce To Unveil New Desalination Technology At ‘World Water Forum 5’ in Istanbul
12/15/2008 Centriforce: Why Water and The Thirst for Profits
12/01/2008 Centriforce Technology's Desalination Process Will Reduce Energy Requirements with Lower Environmental Impact
11/17/2008 Centriforce Technology Advancement




Matthew Schulman, President & Director

Matthew Schulman, President & DirectorMr. Schulman, 52, has an extensive engineering background in refining, petrochemical and separation technologies. He has served as President of Sentinel Telecom, Inc. in Miami, Florida since 2002 and as President of Wireless Networks International, Inc. (WNI) in Miami, Florida from 1996 to 2002. He also served as VP International Marketing for WorldNet Fiber, Inc., where he was responsible for project development, business strategies, regulatory issues, partner development and international marketing. He was also responsible for network design, engineering, procurement and installation of worldwide telecommunications facilities and satellite teleports. He studied chemical engineering from 1974 to 1978 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.



Steven M. Plumb, CFO

Steven M. Plumb, CFOSteven M. Plumb, CPA has recently joined as the Company's Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Plumb has over 25 years of experience in accounting and consulting in the technology, health care, and biotech industries. From July 2001 to the present, Mr. Plumb has served as the president of Clear Financial Solutions, Inc. a business consulting firm, which he founded in 2001, that assists public and private companies with financing, operations improvement, outsourced accounting, SEC reporting, mergers and acquisitions, and financial analysis. From October 2005 to the present, Mr. Plumb has also served as the Chief Financial Officer of HoustonPharma, Inc. of which he was a co-founder. From 2002 through 2004, Mr. Plumb served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. During his tenure as CFO of Adventrx, the company raised in excess of twenty million dollars and progressed from the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board to listing on the American Stock Exchange. Prior to this, Mr. Plumb served as the Chief Financial Officer of DePelchin Children's Center, and as controller of Memorial City Rehabilitation Hospital in Bellaire, Texas. Mr. Plumb is a former auditor and consultant with KPMG. Mr. Plumb earned his BBA degree in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin.


Haim Silber, Secretary

Haim Silber, SecretaryMr. Silber, 45, is a member of the management team of Qabx S.A. a distribution company dealing with the import and export of retail products in the United States. Qabx was founded in 2003. From 1999 to 2003, he was a member of the management team of Abraxas-International, a manufacturer and distributor of jewelry in the United States. He studied business management at the University of Houston and is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.




Edward Goldenberg, Director

Edward Goldenberg, DirectorMr. Goldenberg, 48, is a business owner in Israel. He is the founder and owner of a chain of optometry offices in Israel since 1988. He is also the founder and owner of a software company Digital Horizon, Ltd., providing management software to optometrists. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry with a B.S.c. degree. He also holds a M.S.c. degree in clinical optometry from PCO. He holds a diploma in optometry from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv.












Water for Israel

"To increase water desalination in Israel to target levels by 2010 will require an investment of $1.6 Billion"

The Water Crisis in Israel

"Israel's water economy is on the brink of a crisis," reports the Israel ministry of foreign affairs. Demand and consumption are increasing, exceeding the capacity of the natural resources, which are being depleted. Water quality in the sources is deteriorating, due to over-exploitation and intensive human activity.

Centriforce has its roots in the acquisition of Ocean Transformation Technologies, an Israeli corporation developing a new, low energy, desalination technology. As a result, the heart of our business focus is to address the water needs of Israel. Water becomes a security issues much has oil has worldwide when supply falls below the levels needed to sustain the activities of the nation's population.

We are dedicated to increasing Israel's security by increasing its access to this critical commodity using our new technology.

The Ministry of National Infrastructure in Israel has decided to, "increase considerably the supply of potable water, mainly through seawater desalination and purification of water sources." See, www.israel-mfa.gov.

Water is a scarce commodity in Israel. The country is situated in an arid zone and the natural resources are insufficient to meet the ever-rising demand. The necessity to use water in a rationing regime was first enacted in the 1950's Water Law. The Water Law did away with private ownership of water resources [infrastructure such as desalination plants can be privately owned, however] and established an allocation mechanism for water that has earned the respect of nations around the world.

Israel's Water Law is based on the following principals:

  • That water resources are the property of the public and that there is no private ownership of water resources;
  • That every person has the right to a water allocation for recognized purposes;
  • That the overall quantity of available water is scarce and that a prioritization process has to take place;
  • That attempts must be made to increase the water quantities available for utilization by the consumers
  • While the water source itself cannot be the subject of private ownership, water production, pumping, desalination and equipment may, and is in many cases, privately owned. Thus, once water is allocated the water is brought to the end user through the private sector

Water Commission Desalination Activities

Desalination processes enable the nation to produce water from saline and/or contaminated raw water sources. In the past few years, the Israel Water Commission initiated and supported, on a large scale, three types of desalination projects to generate new water supply sources.

  1. Salinized and/or contaminated well water desalination;
  2. Brackish water desalination;
  3. Seawater desalination.


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