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Dukes Penny Plays is a board committed to finding and providing its members the best plays available.
Members here can expect quality research conducted daily to ensure the picks on this board will land its members the highest gains possible.

If your looking for a board that will search through hundreds of picks to find you a Hidden Gem, then you're in the right place.
We like MoMo, Technical, and Fundamental plays and will ensure we have a true runner before we alert anything so you don't have to sift through any B.S. here.



A little about us, and our investment philosophies


    My perspective on Pink Sheets is rather unique.

I worked for a firm called VTR Capital, back in the late 90s as a
broker. That firm, along with its clearing house Sterling Foster, served as the inspiration for the movie "Boiler Room". Enough said.

Then in 2000, I worked for a guy who bought and sold shell
companies and orchestrated P&Ds. He is now in prison.

My goal is to offer picks that have an actual functioning business. No empty shells, no companies that are in
business to print paper and take your money.

If you have a question about the viability of one of our picks, or think you may have some questions about one of your other picks, ask me. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to find it out.

Will we miss a few calls? I hope so. It will help to prove the
authenticity of our board and of what we do. Companies that tout 90% or
better returns stack the deck. To think otherwise is detrimental to your financial health.

My promise to you, and everyone here, is that I will post the truth, even if it goes against the grain. We are all in this together to make money. I refuse to do that at the manipulated
of others!

Good Luck to all!!!

The Duke

I am a diabled vet, medically retired from the Army back in 2010, I pride myself with living the Army Values, and having Integrity.... I have an associate degree in IT- Networking and will complete my Bachelors in IT- Security in Dec 2013... Once this is completed I will begin a Bachelors degree in Business Finance.......As most of you know I am a technical trader, this is why I have partnered with OldschoolTrader who holds a series 7 license... We collaborate picks that are fundamentally sound along with having technical potential. As we all know the penny market runs are based "mainly" off technical setups. My favorite type of plays are oversold bottom plays... I have had a great deal of success trading full time since 2009 and my trading strategy has been proven over the years to work atleast at a 70%+ success rate meaning 7/10 alerts will be profitable. I have my scanners setup to notify me when these oversold bottom plays have all the right criteria for a huge run. I generally only alert plays that have "atleast" the potential for a 100% run. I love plays that are coming off their 52 week lows and have the technical indicators turning up for a run.

I also
day trade a lot during the day and flip the channels (buying support and selling resistance) of a liquid stock. I make a consistent 5k a week off a day trading account of 50k.. I buy 5k positions in a momentum play and sell at 10% gains, after 10 flips I will have made a weekly income of 5k just off this account.

My other account is for the bottom plays, where I shoot for 100%+ gains off my alerts.

I want to reiterate that Myself and OldschoolTraders will make ourselves available to all members with any questions and concerns, Our goal is to pay it forward if you will and we're dedicated to ensuring all of our members are
and make as much money as possible, while limiting losses.

Also our other assistant Mods are here to help as well, if either myself or OldSchoolTrader are not available.

Papa Bear

Alright then ... a little about me. I have been trading pennies for 4 years and my view about trading the pennies is to ALWAYS look at the technical aspects of the stock combined with the "glitter" aspects of the stock. Glitter is any news or updates that catches your eye about a particular stock.

I am a military veteran- got out in 2003.

I have a BS degree in
Finance and looking to finish my MS degree in Business Management. I will finish in early 2014.

The stocks that are my preference are MMJ stocks.

My goal for the DPP board is to educate folks when they come here looking for guidance. This board is not only to educate folks when they come here BUT I am ALWAYS continuing my education when it comes to
penny stocks
. Everyday I learn something new about pennies.

Folks need to know that the only stupid question is the one that is never asked.


IF you're tired of receiving alerts that leave you holding the bag because of all the Front Loading, Then you are definitely in the right place.

This board is geared toward those with a smaller portfolio that are looking for well researched picks to help grow your hard earned money.
If this sounds like you, we would love to have you Join the Board and participate in our daily discussion.



Useful Links to conduct Due Diligence

Authorized Shares for Nevada and Other States -

Charts -

CUSIP number -


Pinksheets Stock Info -

REG SHO List -


Current  In Play Alerts/Watch as of 4/29/2013

Today's Play is

Wednesdays Alert Is FBCD

Load and hold

NTEK- Just a good all around stock



Also if you have a pick you would like to share that is worthy of mention please add it to the board. Please remember to conduct quality DD and ensure the float isn't out of hand.

Remember Plan your Trade and Trade you Plan! 

Remember this board is all about quality picks and having a good time, just remember to keep it within IHUBS Terms of Service. a good time

Dukes Runners

BRND- 1900%

NTEK- 1400%

SUIP- 300% in 2 days

VIDA- 300%+

CABN-275% in two days

ADCF-177% in 45 mins

GDTK- 150%

AFPW- 135% in one day

TPIVE- 115% in one day

VOIS- 110% in one day


FBCD-100% in two days

IMGGQ- 100% in one day

PNTV-100% in 2 days

DSCR- 80% in 2 days

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If you would like to receive e-mails regarding our current and potential picks click on the Sticky on the message board below

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