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 Double Crown Resources, Inc.  (DDCC)                   

Company Website:  http://www.doublecrownresources.com

Watch National Television Feature on Double Crown Resources:  http://www.doublecrownresources.com/index.php/news-media/media 
(Hosted by Terry Bradshaw & Kevin Harrington)


From the company website:


Double Crown Resources, Inc. (Trading Symbol: DDCC) is a publicly traded company in the mining & minerals sector with special emphasis on global commodity supply.  Double Crown Resources drives minerals to the market with our macro logistics game changer container system called Translock2 (Translock Squared).  This advanced commodity transport system is designed  for highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly shipment of aggregate and fluid commodities across a wide range of industries including mining,  agriculture, chemical supply, industrial work, construction and more.  The unique patent-pending Translock2 offers gravity feed, pneumatic, venturi systems, double stack capability and a dual interlock intermodal design for global transport,  transload and transfer by road, rail and water routes.  Full details can be found on the dedicated Translock2  page of this website and in our accompanying Power Point slide presentation.

One of the great advantages of the Translock2 system is its ability to immediately convert standard flatbed rail cars into sealed, 100 ton aggregate commodity carriers to help relieve rail industry transport backlogs.  The individual units can further be employed as portable silos and storage containers on site.  Translock2 is a logistics game changer for the worldwide industrial commodity shipping market.  

Double Crown Resources is also set up to supply many different bulk commodity products including industrial minerals and precious metals via our signed agreements with a network of established, high quality sources in Latin America and other countries.  The company also holds 100% ownership in the Bateman gold and precious metal mining property located in Ontario, Canada.  Business offices for DDCC Marketing Group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary, are located in Houston, Texas. Please refer to the Properties page of this website for more detailed information.

The entire Double Crown Resources management and consultant team has a diverse selection of skills and professional experience. This team includes business leaders with proven histories of success, geologic experts, technical engineers, mining specialists and business project developers with both international experience and multi-lingual skills. Brief biographies can be found on the Management page of this website.

Developing news from Double Crown Resources is issued in public press releases and other media presentations as well as all required SEC filings on a regular basis.  These can be found on those respective pages of this website;  News, Media, SEC Filings.   Anyone with questions or comments may contact the company at any time via the information located on the Contact page.


Double Crown Resources Translock² Interlocking Intermodal Material Transport System:
Sophisticated Dual Function, Manual/Pneumatic, Double Stack, Double Interlock, Universal, Intermodal, Industrial Quantity, Multiple Product,Logistics Transport, Transload, Transfer System  --   See details here: http://www.doublecrownresources.com/translock


For a comprehensive overview of current and developing trends in global commodity transport, Double Crown management recommends the following article by Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Dept. of Global Studies & Geography, Hofstra University of New York; The Containerization of Commodities as published in The Geography of Transport Systems, 3rd Edition.   Link: http://people.hofstra.edu/geotrans/eng/ch3en/appl3en/ch3a2en.html 
>>> U.S. Patent Number 9,428,330 issued for Translock Squared (August 30, 2016): 
$1 Million Independent Funding Commitment to Build The First 50 Translock Squared Units: 
Double Crown Resources Receives $1 Million Commitment for Manufacturing 50 Units of its Intermodal Transport System 


Containerization (Evolution of Freight Transport) Container Revolution:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8dVJghh6jw

Double Crown Resources has a strategic alliance with Logistica US Terminals, LLC, a subsidiary of Logistica Integral en Transportacion S.A de C.V.
(http://logisticaintermodal.com) to allow for fulfillment of oilfield service projects.   

More info on Logistica US Terminals here:   Double Crown Resources Enters Contractual Strategic Alliance with Logistica US for Major Oilfield Supply Projects 

Mining & Minerals by Double Crown Resources

The primary mining & mineral assets of Double Crown Resources are provided by our established business relationships with many private mine companies throughout the world.  Through these established sources we are able to provide industrial quantity shipments of high grade strategic minerals, particularly those needed by the oil & gas drilling industry such as barite, bentonite and fracturing sand.  We are also able to provide the associated plant-based drilling commodity guar gum as well as speciality chemicals all of which are needed for modern extraction methods such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

Double Crown Resources supplies vital mineral commodities globally and transports them with the TransLock2 (TransLock Squared) interlocking bulk material transport system.

Double Crown Resources Mining Properties

> Bateman Gold Property in Canada:
Double Crown Resources currently owns a 100% interest in the Bateman gold property located in the Thunder Bay District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.
This area, known as The Shebandowan Belt, has become a prolific gold play.    

> Puebla Gold, Silver and Minerals Property in Mexico:
Double Crown Resources Acquires Controlling Interest of Major Gold, Silver and Minerals Property in The Puebla Region of Mexico 


Industry Media Coverage: 

November, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) Comes Up With a Simple But Brilliant (and Patented) Idea:  http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC-Comes-Up-With-a-Simple-But-Brilliant-and-Patented-Idea/s/via/6540/article/view/p/mid/1/id/157/

October, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) Creates a Whole New Option For Dry Commodity Providers:  http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC-Creates-a-Whole-New-Option-For-Dry-Commodity-Providers/s/via/6540/article/view/p/mid/1/id/154/

October, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) President Speaks... Well, Writes:  http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC-President-Speaks-Well-Writes/s/via/10/article/view/p/mid/3/id/718/

October, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) Could Prove Disruptive for Names Like Euroseas (ESEA) and Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK)

October, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) Reminds Us There's More to the Story:  http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC-Reminds-Us-Theres-More-to-the-Story/s/article/view/p/mid/7/id/2174/

September, 2016 - Uptick in Drybulk Shipping Activity Bodes Well for Double Crown Resources (DDCC): http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Uptick-in-Drybulk-Shipping-Activity-Bodes-Well-for-Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC/s/via/1789/article/view/p/mid/3/id/838/

September, 2016 - DryShips (DRYS), Diana Shipping (DSX) Have Something to Worry About With Double Crown Resources (DDCC): http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/DryShips-DRYS-Diana-Shipping-DSX-Have-Something-to-Worry-About-With-Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC/s/via/10/article/view/p/mid/3/id/714/

September, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) Has a "Why Didn't I Think of That?" Idea: http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC-Has-a-Why-Didnt-I-Think-of-That-Idea/s/via/10/article/view/p/mid/2/id/309/

September, 2016 - The Baltic Dry Index Soaring, and Double Crown Resources (DDCC) Loves It: http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/The-Baltic-Dry-Index-is-Soaring-and-Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC-Loves-It/s/via/6540/article/view/p/mid/1/id/143/

September, 2016 - This Small Cap is At the Center of the Containerization of Commodities:

August, 2016 - Mining Industry Journal MetalsNews.com covers Double Crown Resources: http://www.metalsnews.com/t1117283i

August, 2016 - Containerization of Commodities Will Make This Small Cap a Winner: http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Containerization-of-Commodities-Will-Make-This-Small-Cap-a-Winner/s/via/21051/article/view/p/mid/1/id/1435/

August, 2016 - The Other Beneficiary of the Rising Baltic Dry Index: http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/The-Other-Beneficiary-of-the-Rising-Baltic-Dry-Index/s/via/1789/article/view/p/mid/1/id/718/

August, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) Widens the Moat:

July, 2016 - Double Crown Resources Has Another Game Changer Up Its Sleeve: http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-Has-Another-Game-Changer-Up-Its-Sleeve/s/via/21051/article/view/p/mid/1/id/1369/

July, 2016 - Mining Industry Journal MetalsNews.com covers Double Crown Resources: http://www.metalsnews.com/t1108955i 

July, 2016 - Double Crown Resources (DDCC) is Knocking on the Door http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-DDCC-is-Knocking-on-the-Door/s/article/view/p/mid/7/id/2109/

June, 2016 - Double Crown Resources Strategizes as Container Stocks Rally: http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-Strategizes-as-Container-Stocks-Rally/s/via/21051/article/view/p/mid/1/id/1355/

May, 2106 - Double Crown Resources Has the Next Big Thing in Shipping:  http://www.smallcapnetwork.com/Double-Crown-Resources-Has-the-Next-Big-Thing-in-Shipping/s/via/21051/article/view/p/mid/1/id/1291/

Hellenic Shipping News Covers May, 2016 Announcement of Patent Award on TransLock: http://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/new-containerized-bulk-transport-and-storage-system-ready-to-offer-major-advantages-to-global-shipping-markets/ 

2016 Market Research Report on Double Crown Resources from Small Cap Network:  2016 MiningTechnology.com Editorial on Double Crown Resources: MiningTechnology.comEditorial

National Television Feature on Double Crown Resources:  http://www.doublecrownresources.com/news-media/media-coverage

Independent Editorial Coverage of DDCC by Wall Street Corner:  http://www.wallstreetcorner.com/daily.html


Double Crown Resources, Inc. (DDCC) 
Jerold S. Drew, CEO/Chairman of the Board
10120 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 200
Henderson, Nevada  89052
Phone:  (702) 851-5860  Fax: (702) 660-3405
Email:  info@doublecrownresources.com

Double Crown Resources on Facebook:

Double Crown Resources on Linkedin:

Double Crown Resources on Twitter:

Double Crown Resources SEC Filings:


Double Crown Resources Intends to File Financial Reports Within 30 Days  (Globe Newswire, May 25, 2017)

Double Crown Resources Executes MOU with Amity University and Prepares for Bulk Guar Gum Shipments via Intermodal Transport System  (Globe Newswire, April 26, 2017)

Double Crown Resource Enters Collaboration with Amity University of India on Advanced Intermodal Transport System 

(Globe Newswire, March 27, 2017)

Double Crown Resources Focuses 2017 Business Plan on Commercial Marketing of Intermodal Transport System for Petroleum and Agricultural Industries (Globe Newswire, January 3, 2017)

Double Crown Resources Signs Exclusive Agreement for SealaFresh Food Preservation Transport Technology (Globe Newswire, November 29, 2016)

Double Crown Resources President Reports on Progress with Intermodal Transport System (Globe Newswire, October 12, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Acquires Controlling Interest of Major Gold, Silver and Minerals Property in The Puebla Region of Mexico 
(Globe Newswire, October 5, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Announces Patent Issued Today for Advanced Intermodal Transport System (Globe Newswire, August 30, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Announces Additional Patent Filings on Breakthroughs for Advanced Intermodal Transport System (Globe Newswire, August 12, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Commences Delivery of Gold for Multi-Million Dollar Supply Project Announced Earlier in 2016 (Globe Newswire, July 19, 2016) 

Double Crown Resources to Accelerate Marketing and Maximize Assets by Licensing Advanced Intermodal Transport System to Large Container Manufacturers and Global Shipping Operators  (Globe Newswire, June 28, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Announces Filing for Multiple Additional Patents on Intermodal Container System to Support New Commercial Projects  (Globe Newswire, May 17, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Receives Approval of Patent on Interlocking Commodity Transport System from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office(Globe Newswire, May 10, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Announces Launch of New Website and 2016 Macro Marketing Initiative  (Globe Newswire, April 1, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Granted Petition for Fast-Track Examination of U.S. Patent Application (Globe Newswire, March 7, 2016) 

Double Crown Resources Contracts for Exclusive Use of New Gold Detection and Evaluation Technology (Globe Newswire, February 16, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Moves Forward on Acquisition of Latin American Gold and Precious Metals Property (Global Newswire, February 3, 2016)

Form 8-K from DDCC on $20 Million/Month Gold Contract - filed on January 19, 2016

Double Crown Resources Announces Signed Contract for Gold Deliveries Valued at Over $20 Million per Month Throughout 2016 (Global Newswire, January 7, 2016)

Double Crown Resources Announces its Focus on Exploration, Development and Delivery of Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals to the Global Markets for 2016 (Global Newswire, December 29, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces New Supply Agreements for Gold and Precious Metals in Development (Globe Newswire, December 10, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Meeting with 2nd Customer for Barite Orders and a New Multi-Year Supply Agreement (Globe Newswire, December 1, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces A New $40 Million Projected Revenue Agreement for Copper Supply (Globe Newswire, Monday, November 16, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces $20 Million Projected Revenue for Recent 5 Year Supply Agreement on Industrial Minerals (Globe Newswire, Wednesday, November 11, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Signs 5 Year Master Purchase Agreement for Global Industrial Mineral Supply ( Globe Newswire, Thursday, November 5, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces Debut of National Television Feature, Hosted by Terry Bradshaw and Kevin Harrington (Globe Newswire, Wednesday, October 7, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Files Patent Application for Fully Automated Bulk Commodity Interlocking Transport System (Global Newswire, Friday, September 18th, 2015)

Double Crown Resources to Stamp its Imprint on the Evolution of Logistics in 2016 (Accesswire, Thursday September 17, 2015)

Double Crown Resources CEO Continues Purchases of DDCC Shares in Open Market with a Total of Over 1.6 Million Recently Bought (Globe Newswire, Wednesday, September 9, 2015)
Double Crown Resources Receives $1Million Commitment for Manufacturing 50 Units of its Intermodal Transport System
 (Globe Newswire, Thursday, September 3, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces Shipments Underway for Oilfield Mineral Order (Globe Newswire, Tuesday, August 25, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces National Television Feature Nearing Completion, Hosted by Terry Bradshaw and Kevin Harrington 
(Globe Newswire, Tuesday, August 11, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Prepares to Serve Major Offshore Oilfield Operations with Advanced Intermodal Transport System (Globe Newswire, Thursday, August 6, 2015)

Double Crown Resources CEO Purchases 1.1 Million Shares of DDCC Stock at Current Market Prices (Globe Newswire, Wednesday, July 29, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces International Patent Pending for Translock Squared  (Globe Newswire, Thursday, July 23, 2015)

Double Crown Resources’ Order is Ready to Ship (Globe Newswire, Thursday, July 9, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Enhances 21st Century Macro Logistics with the Advent of TransLockand its Role in the Global Containerization of Bulk Commodity Transport (Accesswire, Tuesday, May 19, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Unveils New Corporate Website and Logo (Accesswire, Tuesday, May 12, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Receives Full Payment Commitment for 1st Strategic Pilot Industrial Mineral Program and Commences Consent Solicitation (Accesswire, Tuesday, May 5, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces Intent to Acquire Coast to Coast Minerals, LLC with Contracts Under Development Including Yearly 700,000 Metric Ton Iron Ore Sales for a 3 Year Period (Globe Newswire, Thursday, April 30, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Takes Major Step Forward as Purchase Order Valued Over $1 Million is Booked and Game-Changing Transport System is Poised for Commercial Launch (Globe Newswire, Tuesday, April 28, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Announces International Patent Filing for TransLock² Interlocking Bulk Material Transport System and Details Significant Design Improvements (Accesswire, Monday, April 27, 2015)
Double Crown Resources Details Progress and 2015 Company Focus in Letter to Shareholders (Businesswire, Tuesday, March 17, 2015)

Double Crown Resources Releases Detailed Slide Presentation on TransLock² Aggregate Material Transport System, a Macro Universal Logistics Enhancement (Businesswire, Monday, November 3, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Introduces TransLock² Aggregate Material Transport System, a Solution to the Current Rail Industry Capacity Shortage (Businesswire, Thursday, October 30, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Completes Successful Demonstrations of New Aggregate Material Transport System for Fracturing Sand, Barite and Agricultural Commodities (Businesswire, Tuesday, October 28, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Announces Successful Settlement in Legal Issue Over Commodity Transport System and Plans to Move Forward with Development, Marketing (Businesswire, Wednesday, October 15, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Adds New Board Members in Response to Increasing Business Activity and Customer Base  (Businesswire, Thursday, August 28, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Announces Expansion of Initial High Grade Barite Order and Developing Vendor Status with Top Level Oil Industry Customers (Businesswire, Tuesday, August 19, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Welcomes New Mining and Oilfield Project Specialists to Operating Team (Businesswire, Thursday, August 7, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Provides Shareholder Update on Plans for Funding Full Execution of Company Mission (Businesswire, Thursday, July 31, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Reports on Initial Shipment of High Grade Barite to 1st Customer Prior to Long Term Monthly Supply Contract (Businesswire, Monday, July 28, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Signs Letter of Intent for Long Term Lease of Premium Grade Fracturing Sand Source in Wisconsin (Businesswire, Friday, July 18, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Signs Contract for Exclusive Rights to Major Source of Highest Grade Barite, Located in Guatemala (Businesswire, Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Announces Success on Multiple Projects; Deal for Guatemalan Barite, Positive Ruling on Legal Claim and Development of Improved Aggregate Material Transport System (Businesswire, Thursday May 15, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Exhibits at Midland Energy Expo, Meets with Major Oil Industry Customers on Finalizing Contracts (Businesswire, Monday April 14, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Signs 8 Year Agreement for High Grade Barite from China (Businesswire, Tuesday, April 1, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Receives 1st Purchase Order for High Grade Barite (Businesswire, Tuesday, February 25, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Lists Accomplishments Leading to Current Readiness for Major Oilfield Service Projects (Businesswire, Tuesday, February 18, 2014)

Double Crown Resources Enters Contractual Strategic Alliance with Logistica US for Major Oilfield Supply Projects (Businesswire, Wednesday, January 29, 2014)




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