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Welcome to Ed's Donut Shop. This board is designed as a library to add charts or links of interest to technical analysis. We desire to keep the 'Donut Shop' free of idle chit chat. We would just like to have a site where we can quickly find links for such things as futures, hurricane info, econ numbers, great charts from other TA folks etc.



Demonstrators ?Comment by shickerson625 Oct 4, 2011, 13:58 PM EDT

Demonstrators that don't know what they are demonstrating for or against. Law makers that are passing legislation and regulation on things they have no understanding of just for the sake of political grandstanding. People getting paid huge salaries for not producing and taking the company down the drain. A media that seldom reports things correctly or completely.

Ain't America great? We're all idiots.






http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7233622324068640582#   1929 Crash 

>>> "I trade primarily off the summation index. Short when its negative, long when its positive. This went negative a few weeks ago. Then I fine tune with cumulative NYAD and the EMA 10/55 cross. These all went negative a week or so ago. That put us in what I call the "danger zone" - i.e. oversold summation which historically has been the time when the bigger wipe outs occur - i.e just when everyone thinks we're "oversold enough" and expects a bounce back." Th'ks to Maineman

>> "I would draw a distinction between predicting crashes ahead of the fact........ and recognizing them when they are underway- and going with the trend rather that arguing with it. The former is almost impossible....though occasionally happens. The latter is a matter of experience. Just my view." IYB @ TT 05-14-10

>>> "Heck, a long enough trending trader could look to the weekly for clues-and in that regard, before I think any large drop has a chance in he.., I'd sure like to see the weekly MACD roll over-and yes you can wait for it, cause there is no better entry than a backtest or backiss, imho." Th'ks to the spookyone @ TT

>> "The hallmark of a good trader is to recognize the difference between a trending and sideways market and use appropriate strategies. You can still use EMAs in a sideways market. You just gotta use faster EMAs and make exits on Oscillator OB/OS conditions. In a trending market, you switch to slower EMAs and throw away the Oscillators for the purposes of entries and exits. Oscillators should be only used to measure the strength of pullbacks to determine potential exhaustion points in a trending market." NAV at TT

>>>"I'm old and I'm good and I'm still here! Seriously, a good trader has several tools in his/her toolbox. And the ones who are still around (like me) know what market they're playing in. In a trending mkt you grab trends. In chop you scalp. After 1-2 hours each night of chart and technical review you get a pretty good idea of what tomorrow is likely to be like. You write down your trade plan. You reassess in the AM after analyzing the overnight trade. You mark down the open, the first 30 min, and you see if your plan jibes with the actual action. Then you reach into your toolbox and...  At least that's how this "old" trader does it..." Th'ks to Maineman at TT

>> "Fib, while our methods of technical analysis may be quite different from time to time (though perhaps less different than you might imagine), I truly appreciate this excellent overview of trading/market philosophy, and wholeheartedly agree! All that really matters to a successful trader is the direction of the market(s). While others constantly try to explain why the market "has it wrong", successful traders endeavor only, to the best of their ability, to be correct with the market, realizing that while WE may be wrong (and often are), the market is never wrong. The market is just the market - and our job is to be right with it..... {the market}. While others constantly ask "why?", winning traders only ask "when?"  Th'ks to IYB http://www.traders-talk.com/mb2/index.php?showtopic=114546&st=20

>>> " I scale in. If I take a 50% position to open, I won't add the remaining 50% until my initial read has been proven correct, i.e. I'm now in the money. I use stops, so if my initial read is incorrect enough, I'm out with a minimal loss. " U.F.O. at TT.{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}

>>"Firstly, using an indicator like standard MACD is a easy way to be taken to the cleaners. The indicator has been system tested over many decades and it produces less than 50% odds. It's a well known fact. There is no need to debate about it. I absolutely do not use momentum the way you describe and i do not understand where you get that idea that it is the way i use. A few things about momentum. Irrespective of whatever indicator you use, use slow settings for measuring OB/OS. Use fast setting for measuring divergences. Otherwise divergences will not be seen so late in the game that the meat of the move will be over." NAV at TT

>>>"Keep in mind that the role of a bull market is to keep you out all the way up until the top, whereas the role of a bear market is to keep you in all the way down until the bottom. Be aware of market psychology so as not to get trapped in either position."  Dan Basch / SafeHaven

>>"What's interesting to be aware of is that liquidity waves move through the financial system very much like the ocean waves one sees from a pier as it approaches land. The first area in which excesses in liquidity moves into is gold, and then in about 3 to 4 months, it eventually finds its way into commodities before finally moving into the debt and equity arenas. However, since we are so fully saturated right now, this time element has shortened over the last several months. Soooo...what you are actually seeing now in the commodities sector since the beginning of October is what gold instructed us to look for in August and September. This is why one should always keep an eye on the gold market as it provides reliable expectations for the other asset classes well before anyone recognizes this structural change in trend." Fib at TT 10-21-09

>>>"First step of a decline is to break the bull momentum in the internals, and you get a pullback in price to early supports. Next, snapback attempts, then a price break." tommyt at TT.

>>"Let's see a test of that hourly Nasdaq high here on lighter volume accompanied by even stronger volume breaking some candle lows before we jump to any false conclusions..." SemiBizz at TT.

>>>"Price of Treasuries and the VIX. Both are good measures of systemic risk; Today there is a divergence: Vix sees less risk in the system then Treasuries. Currency market is not showing its hand." jjc at TT.

>>"When everything lines up, it either turns out to be a bad trade or it's too late. The best money is made when the technical odds are tilted slighlty in your favor, sorrounded with tremendous uncertainity and pressure to take the trade." NAV at TT.

>>>"I'm guessing it will run up so fast that calls will sell like hot cakes. Just in time for WWW and OPEX next week. The criminals can smell this and are ready to sell calls to crazed buyers.

But first, they gonna shake the tree a bit, so they can make these guys chase, I think. Nothing like being super long, then getting stopped out, then watching it take off without you.. you just go crazy and shove it all in at the highs." dcengr at TT 08-10-09

>>"This game is all about the wiggles and waggles. And the minute you think the trend is robust and you count out the divergence possibilities... You are going to be DEAD MEAT. Even a cave man can do it." SemiBizz ai TT. {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}


>>>"Typically, when price approaches the BB, the BB is flat and acts as a resistance or support and a trend reversal happens there. There are instances when this is not the case i.e in case of trending markets, the BB instead of remaining flat and acting as support/Res, starts to expand/curl away in the direction of the trend, which is called flaring and that's a trend continuation signal." NAV at TT




The last 3 Hurst 80wk lows came in as follows:

March 2009 low
July 2010 low
October 2011 low

Next expected around Jan 2013.   Echo

Silver has been following our script for weeks now and still looks set to complete a 3-wave A-B-C correction, with a likely scenario being shown on its 6-month chart below. Silver is now underperforming gold which is to be expected given how silver speculators have just been steamrollered by the plunge that followed huge margin hikes. Like the survivors of the Battle of Waterloo they are showing rather less enthusiasm to get back into the fray, which is why we are not expecting silver to make new highs on the current B-wave rally and have adjusted our target downwards slightly for this move to the $43 area. This is different from gold which could easily make new highs on its B-wave rally before dropping back. 05-25-11

 $SPX chart compliments to Roderdoger at Traders-Talk.com 



Following chart compliments to MSS at Traders-Talk.com


$RUT chart with compliments to diogenes227.

TNA chart with compliments to diogenes 227




Th'ks to selecto


Th'ks to RD @ TT










Th'ks to IYB



OCT 14th 2011

"Some major changes are happening in my very long term projections, but too early to confirm.
Next week is saved, even if the week closes down, you will be bailed out the following week and actually next week is likely to close down or DOJI (more likely)... 
I would think SPX 1180 is a natural downside target, about 40-45 points, I repeat myself like a broken record... 
However, if they want to scare the folks I would take it down to 1150, but I am known to be insane and ruthless! tongue.gif
Then we should expect a new recovery high and the top of this rally, probably under 1250 in the last week of October. 
I expect then 3 weeks of decline to perhaps not to new lows into November, but a low for sure. Lows in early December, right after thanksgiving.
The most powerful pattern would be tracing a new diamond pattern over the next 5-6 weeks, it would also complete a 7-8 wk cycle low, similar to 2010 bottom. 
Then it builds a lower high into spring which would be a "true" right shoulder under 1280, then the lights will be out for sometime down to 1000 into next October. 
I think we will not see below 2009 lows, although many people still think we will, I think the govt will manage to inflate similar to 1980-1982 period until 2013-2014, if they loose control, it will be mayhem anyway.

Still a new secular bull from 2015... Have a great weekend. " arbman @ TT













TA Education http://education.afraidtotrade.com/


Karl Dinninger links 



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