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ECTH is your usual, run of the mill, pump and dumperooni.
Everything that follows is company propaganda, and should be entirely discounted.

ECTH ~ Company Overview

http://www.ecotechenergygroup. com

ECTH is a development-stage renewable energy company which plans to manufacture biomass-fuelled Power Stations that produce renewable and sustainable "green" energy products.

The Company specializes in the development and operations of thermal, 24/7, "firm" electricity supply from state of the art "zero-carbon-footprint" power stations which utilize proprietary ecoTECH technologies that have been continuously improved and fine-tuned over the past 30 years. ecoTECH intends to build five Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") Power Stations across North America during the next five to seven years. Active negotiations are in process with site owners, fiber suppliers, municipalities, utility companies and energy brokers.

The Company is in the ground-breaking stage of three large projects located across North America, in both the U.S. and Canada. Using local wood waste biomass, these projects will provide electricity and fuel products to multiple communities, with excess energy production available to external utility companies and energy brokers which can be transferred easily via the Grid infrastructure. In addition to utilizing the Company's proprietary technologies, these projects will also incorporate proven technologies created by external parties with which the Company has partnered. ecoTECH's focus is within North America first, however, plans to pursue other world markets subsequently.

In a New Audio Interview at SmallCapVoice.com, Terry J. Ferguson, Executive VP of Business Development and Director of ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc., Discusses $55 Million Dollar Contract with One of Canada's Largest Supermarket Chains

 The interview can be heard at  http://smallcapvoice.com/blog/6-13-12-smallcapvoice-interview-with-ecotech-energy-group-inc-otcbb-ecth.

ECTH has two wholly-owned subsidiaries:
ecoTECH Energy Group (Canada) Inc.
The Company has constructed and maintains a development and testing lab in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.
ecoTECH Energy Group (Montana) Inc.
Effective May 1, ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc. established an operating division in Butte, Montana to facilitate its future flagship projects across the entire State of Montana. ecoTECH has received endorsements from Governor Brian Schweitzer's office of Economic Development ( http://business.mt.gov ) to develop clean energy initiatives by utilizing the Company's ecoPHASER technology for Montana's overall energy development and transmission expansion plans.
Additionally, ecoTECH has signed an agreement with the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of Montana to provide ecoTECH with political and economic support, Reservation Biomass, labor contracting, land and water rights and many other mutual benefits. ecoTECH looks forward to developing its working relationship at its ecoPhaser facilities with the people of The Northern Cheyenne Tribe. More information about the Northern Cheyenne Tribe can be found at http://www.cheyennenation.com
Contact Information:
The division known as ecoTECH Energy Group Montana, Inc. is located at:
Silver Bow Office Center
125 West Granite Street
Butte, Montana 59701
Ph: (406) 782 - 4575
CHP Bio-Energy Production Division
The CHP Bio-Energy Production division uses biomass-to-energy technology to produce and provide renewable, clean power directly to the Grid, utility companies, power brokers, large industrial manufacturers and other end users.
ecoTECH's combined heat and power ("CHP") Bio-Energy Power Station produces heat and power by converting sustainable (closed or open loop) biomass or similar biomass through a thermal sublimation process into heat (producing virtually zero harmful emissions), which is then converted into electricity.
ecoTECH has proprietary thermal power generation technology utilizing several patented components making it arguably the cleanest and most efficient thermal technology today. ecoTECH combines its own technology with the proven high quality technologies of both Turboden (a United Technologies company) and WOW Energies to transition the heat generated into usable power.
Provided the appropriate infrastructure exists, ecoTECH can transmit energy (i.e., electricity) to unlimited end users, or directly into the Grid to be distributed by local utility companies.
During the electricity generation process, a heat by-product is produced which would normally be classified as "waste heat"; however, we like to utilize all available energy from these highly efficient units, so the energy in the by-produced heat is captured and circulated in an ecoTECH Thermax site heating high-flow hot oil system. The oil is transferred in underground pipes at a temperature of 700o F. (370o C), and is used to heat the airless roasting chamber in the torrefaction process. Residual energy is used in other site heating systems before reheat by the ecoPHASER system.
The Company's Power Station includes an "ecoPHASER", which is a Sublimation Reactor and Sonic Standing Wave Pulsed Burner fuelled by such feedstocks as: coal, lignite, leonardite, peat, chipped tires, straw, wood waste, forestry slash, croppings, coke, bark, sawdust, paper, natural gas, landfill gas, bagasse, presorted garbage, manure, dried sewage and municipal solid waste. Any and all of the aforementioned are viable and cost effective fuel feedstocks. The efficiency of the ecoPHASER allows traditional fuels such as coal or natural gas to be efficiently processed into electricity, producing emissions well below current regulatory requirements.
Torrefied Bio-Fuels Manufacturing and Distribution Division
The Torrefied Bio-Fuels division manufactures and distributes "green-fuel". The plants are powered by surplus heat and energy provided by the CHP Power Stations. Green-fuel is a wood-based "clean fuel" product that has been torrefied (roasted) and pelletized resulting in a highly-condensed wood fuel product having roughly equal calorific value as standard coal and can be burned in the exact same manner greatly reducing emissions.
Torrefaction Technology:
Torrefaction is a scientifically proven method for improving the properties of biomass as a fuel. Torrefaction is the thermo-chemical treatment of biomass at 200 to 300°C, carried out under atmospheric conditions and in the absence of oxygen. During the process the biomass partly decomposes, giving off various types of volatiles. The final product is the remaining solid, which is often referred to as torrefied biomass, or torrefied wood when produced from woody biomass.
Typically, 70% of the mass is retained as a solid product, containing approximately 90% of the initial energy content. The remaining 30% of the mass is converted into torrefaction gases, but contains only approximately 10% of the energy content of the biomass. Hence a considerable energy densification can be achieved, typically by a factor of 1.3 on mass basis. This example points out one of the fundamental advantages of the process, which is the high transition of the chemical energy from the feedstock to the torrefied product, while concurrently the fuel properties are improved
Torrefaction can potentially be applied to a wide variety of biomass (softwood, hardwood, herbaceous, wastes) so that the range of biomass feedstock for torrefied wood briquettes can be greatly increased. ecoTECH plans to apply torrefaction technology to increase the energy output in biomass products and to provide a coal-like product with significant environmental advantages.
The torrefied biomass has also proven to have hydrophobic (resistant to or avoiding wetting) properties which are welcome during storage. From the pelletization viewpoint, the implementation of torrefaction within the pelletization process offers theoretical solutions to the problems encountered with the durability and biological degradation of wood pellets.
The ecoPHASER produces a near-zero NOx exhaust comprising mainly of Nitrogen and CO2. The inert exhaust gases are piped to the torrefaction process; a sealed, zero oxygen flow-through drying tunnel where the wood chips are anaerobically heat-dried from 35% to <10% moisture.
Whereas other processes rely on exothermic oxidation of material to produce friable biochar, our process creates fiber embrittlement from super dehydration and thermal breakdown without oxygen, so the lift of hydrocarbons associated with aerobic char production and thermal oxidation of energy components cannot occur. Therefore, latent energy remains in the wood as it is rendered friable.
Exiting the roast oven flue gas is returned to the ecoPHASER system's exhaust stack, whilst the biomass is ground to optimum granule size before mixing with lignin binder extracted from wood by our separate Bio-Still™ process prior to briquetting. The fully roasted chips are ground to optimum fuel granule size as required by the client power stations and mixed with 1.5% by weight dried lignin. The mixture is conveyed to an array of briquettors where it is compressed into finished product.


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