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DVA/DLRVF: Delivra shareholders received 0.595 common share of Renee 07/05/19 5:47 PM
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> Dow Jones Newswires manslap 05/02/19 1:22 PM
The Information Circular, Notice, Proxies and Letter of manslap 05/01/19 11:40 AM
mid april/may/ 2nd quarter it looks like.. will Maximum7 04/02/19 6:14 PM
When would delivra shares convert to harvest one? Maximum7 04/02/19 6:10 PM
I jump in dlrvf for $50,000 manslap 04/01/19 6:48 PM manslap 03/15/19 2:09 PM
Harvest One Acquires Delivra to Strengthen its Medical Wo 03/04/19 7:39 PM
Call me Crazy I'm in for $30,000 DLRVF manslap 02/12/19 4:54 PM
Delivra Publishes Positive Results Utilizing its Unique Platform Wo 02/07/19 11:47 AM
going up day after day but its still ADVFN_bioking 01/24/19 9:52 AM
I jump in dlrvf for $12,000 manslap 01/23/19 5:55 PM
Cool thanks for the feedback tho I will GELDTEAM 01/23/19 12:03 PM
DVA.V and DLRVF both ticker are from Delivra ADVFN_bioking 01/23/19 11:50 AM
So both symbols are the same company it's GELDTEAM 01/23/19 11:20 AM
in usa the currenncy is $ and in ADVFN_bioking 01/23/19 11:19 AM
Are they both the same company ? But GELDTEAM 01/23/19 10:59 AM
How can u buy from USA? GELDTEAM 01/23/19 10:32 AM
only listing is on TSXV ticker is DVA ADVFN_bioking 01/23/19 10:31 AM
So buy now or what E-TRADE doesn't show GELDTEAM 01/23/19 10:26 AM
Marktcap $16 million apure joke for this company ADVFN_bioking 01/23/19 9:33 AM
once it gets noticed then this one will BioSpecialist 01/22/19 3:44 PM
OTC DLVRF - Boom manslap 01/22/19 1:16 PM
Partner Deal(s) news is imminent which means upfront ADVFN_bioking 01/22/19 10:27 AM
Major breakout to $1+ possible especially on good BioSpecialist 01/21/19 12:55 PM
the cheapest cannabis play you can get at BioSpecialist 01/21/19 8:50 AM
nice takeover candidate BioSpecialist 01/20/19 11:58 AM
will do some research on it BioSpecialist 01/20/19 11:57 AM
hmm not bad BioSpecialist 01/20/19 11:57 AM
Delivra publishes positive results utilizing its novel platform Wo 01/08/19 2:51 PM
I’m pained to say I almost agree with Wo 01/07/19 6:30 PM
Stay away! So bad that the insiders wont Cant lose 12/31/18 9:43 AM
Delivra publishes positive results using its platform technology Wo 12/19/18 9:11 AM
View from the C-Suite: Dr. Joseph Gabriele, Chief Wo 12/03/18 11:25 AM
Delivra Achieves Record Third Quarter 2018 Revenues CNW Group CNW Wo 11/19/18 12:36 PM
Ernst & Young Names Dr. Joseph Gabriele of Wo 10/30/18 11:01 AM
Delivra Announces Stock Option Grant and Postponement of Wo 10/23/18 6:56 AM
Delivra Receiving Interest for its Expertise and Technology Wo 10/04/18 9:46 PM
DVA trades down to 14.24m CAD today/0.30 CAD. Wo 09/25/18 4:50 PM
Bear Market on DVA. Support seems to Wo 09/21/18 5:32 AM
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Delivra Corp (fka TSXV:DVA/OTC:DLRVF)

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The almost unknown company Delivra is one of the most underpriced and attractive Cannabis Play out there with a laughable valuation of only C$ 15.9 Million . Delivra already has 6 Marketed Pain Drugs and more Products including 6 Cannabis based Drugs to be launched during this year (list below) . Profitability is in sight likely by year end or early next year  . This company has many Deals with other Pot Comanpies including CANOPY GROWTH (Ticker :CGC / TSX:WEED) this low float and undiscovered stock has everything to be the next Major Highflyer in the Marijuana space should trade closer to $3 per share .Glta

Delivra Corp ( TSXV:DVA / DLRVF)

Market-Cap: C$ 15.9 Million
Shares Out: 47.4 Million

Canopy Growth and Delivra Partner to Offer Innovative Therapeutic Cannabis Products


Delivra develops a revolutionary topical cream utilizing cannabis and opioid molecules for safer delivery in patients with chronic pain and anxiety

Delivra Receiving Interest for its Expertise and Technology for Use in the Cannabis and Pharma Industries

TORONTO , Oct. 1, 2018 /CNW/ - Delivra Corp. (TSXV: DVA - "Delivra" or the "Company"), a scientific and biotechnology company, today announced that it has recently received inquiries from a number of interested parties in relation to the Company's proprietary transdermal delivery system platform, including its proprietary applications for the cannabis and pharma industries.

Latest Presentation

Delivra Corp – The Biotech-Cannabis Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Delivra Corp’s Cannabinoid Therapy Could Pay Off Big


Ernst & Young Names Dr. Joseph Gabriele of Delivra - Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Ontario Award in the Health Care Category

We also have an over-the-counter product line, called LivReliefTM, and just launched a new Extra Strength Chronic Angry Pain cream, as well as a unique new Sports & Active cream. In our pharmaceutical division, we are helping patients that are suffering with pain related to medical issues, including diabetes, and we have the capability of delivering cannabis and CBD to both humans and animals, topically and effectively. Our mission is to help pain sufferers reclaim their lives back. We are excited about the future and our proven capability and potential to help millions of people."

MARKETED PRODUCTS:  Products available here

OTC  natural  topical  products  are  sold  under  the  LivReliefTM brand, at retail locations across Canada. Delivra’s OTC products include:

oLivReliefTM Pain Relief Cream–used to treat joint pain due to inflammation;

oLivReliefTM Extra  Strength  Chronic  Angry  Pain  Relief Cream–used  to  treat  pain  associated  with muscle, joint inflammation, nerve, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic neuropathy and

oLivReliefTM Sports & Active Pain Relief Cream–used to treat muscle pain, strains, ligaments, tendons and joint inflammation and used for pre and post workouts;

oLivReliefTM Varicose Vein Cream–used to treat and reduce the appearance of varicose veins; and

oLivReliefTM Healing Cream–used to heal cuts, burns, and sores and help relieve skin inflammations and irritations

Cannabis Drugs expected to be launched during 2019:

Cannabis-Based Therapeutics:

•LivRelief Nabilone Cream

•LivRelief CBD Cream

•LivRelief THC & CBD Cream

•LivRelief CBD Marcaine Lidocaine & Epinephrine Cream

•LivRelief CBD Buprenorphine Cream

•LivRelief CBD Ketamine Cream

•Additional products in pipeline


Dr. Joseph Gabriele, CEO, Delivra Corp.

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