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Day Trading Forex

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Welcome to Day Trading Forex
February 11, 2018

"Where luck is when preparation meets opportunity"


This introduction is currently under construction


Day Trading Forex is a chat where Maxx5 is the moderator. All are very welcome to submit relevant posts. This is a FREE chat board.

Day Trading Forex is for educational purposes only.

The Day Trading Forex board can give anyone the potential to learn to make money trading in the foreign currency market. I try very hard to be on the board Monday - Friday approximately 8am-11am-12 noon eastern time USA. 

 ♦ This is an excellent opportunity for literally anyone to become acquainted with a little known way to supplement their income from the comforts of their home,
          office, coffee shop, etc. 
 ♦ Another beautiful aspect of this type of business is that it can be done for a lifetime, being your own boss, whenever you feel like working.
Through your research you will find that you do not need much money to get started. Beginners can paper trade by using the many free, simulated demo                 accounts that  are available on the internet. I recommend researching
I personally use the ThinkorSwim technical analysis charting software platform.
For transparency purposes I use TDAmeritrade Forex and Ally Forex. 
       ♦ I encourage everyone not familiar with the forex market to research in order to fully understand it's workings.
   ♦ Anyone can register for free on the web site, browse the site, make Day Trading Forex a favorite board and follow along. Free users 
          have up to 15 chances to post on the board. If you decide to pay for a basic monthly subscription, cancelling at any time for appoximately $12 you can have           unlimited posts and take advantage of sending me a personal message question that I will gladly try and answer.
Honestly, this could very well be a life changing opportunity financially.
The thread will focus on two main types of trading set ups.

           One being a price/indicator divergent method and the other trend following.
The price /indicator strategy has a very high accuracy rate for being profitable, 91.8%, this is true as I have been keeping data on this strategy for many    years and the latest accuracy tracking dates back to June 20, 2017. The parameter for becoming an accurate trade means only that the trade itself had                    progressed into profitable territory. 

The foreign currency pairs that I focus on are the euro/us dollar (eur/usd), us/canadian dollar (usd/cad) and the us dollar/japanese yen (usd/yen). Trading long (buying) and selling (short). 
At the start of each day I will post the times of relevant economic news (eastern time USA) in relation to the three currency pairs.
I will quickly as possible furnish trade alerts and commentary.
If possible set your computer to send an audible alert, done through the Investors hub site in the settings link each time a post on the board has been made. This    allows you to stray away from your screen. 

Please note at this time I cannot divulge my one indicator or my main moving average that I utilize. I use two moving averages, the other is the 200 day m.a.
Of course the underlying price is a default indicator.

Trading in the foreign currency market has many advantages to trading the stock or stock option markets.
The forex (foreign exchange) market has very low commission rates compared to stock or stock options.
Forex can be traded 24 hrs. non-stop from the open at 5pm eastern time USA on Sunday to the close at 4pm Friday.
Forex has a zero settlement time period where you can utilize your capital immediately after closing one trade and you can go right into another. Typically                trading stocks there is a 3 day settlement before your capital is available again and stock options have overnight or 1 day.
 ♦ Believe it or not but Forex can be far less risky as triggers are built into trades that electronically close a trade if the margin requirement is not met.

In conclusion...Follow the board and research the opportunities that having a home, office, coffee shop, etc. based business trading in the foreign exchange            market can offer. Best of luck!





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#79   eur/usd touched buy alert area twice and thwarted Maxx5 02/16/18 11:37:39 AM
#78   will be leaving the thread at 12 noon est Maxx5 02/16/18 11:32:32 AM
#77   trend following sell alert for usd/jpy at 106.250 Maxx5 02/16/18 11:21:56 AM
#76   eur/usd has just touched buy alert number Maxx5 02/16/18 10:54:17 AM
#75   usd/jpy breakdown out of consolidation headed lower Maxx5 02/16/18 10:41:06 AM
#74   usd/cad sell alert is profitable with a 10 Maxx5 02/16/18 10:25:31 AM
#73   A Gann reversal is in progress now for Maxx5 02/16/18 10:17:19 AM
#72   35 pip gain for usd/cad trend move Maxx5 02/16/18 09:53:23 AM
#71   eur/usd trade pushing back up towards buy alert area Maxx5 02/16/18 09:51:06 AM
#70   have a sell alert for usd/cad now 1.25406 Maxx5 02/16/18 09:49:52 AM
#69   usd/cad after brief selling this pair is challenging Maxx5 02/16/18 09:47:07 AM
#68   since the usd/cad trend alert it has gained Maxx5 02/16/18 09:43:00 AM
#67   usd/cad trend continues Maxx5 02/16/18 09:26:59 AM
#66   eur/usd trade after briefly profitable is now in Maxx5 02/16/18 09:20:47 AM
#65   let it run and work Maxx5 02/16/18 08:58:10 AM
#64   eur/usd is profitable already Maxx5 02/16/18 08:50:54 AM
#63   nice buy alert for eur/usd at 1.245940 Maxx5 02/16/18 08:49:17 AM
#62   usd/cad and eur/usd are both trending while usd/jpy Maxx5 02/16/18 08:39:11 AM
#61   Good Friday! Economic calendar is 8:30 Canada manufacturing Maxx5 02/16/18 08:23:24 AM
#59   106 maximum pip potential profit last week Mon.-Thurs. Maxx5 02/11/18 11:39:55 AM
#58   Have a great weekend! Maxx5 02/08/18 11:30:51 AM
#57   friday I have to work late so no Maxx5 02/08/18 11:30:35 AM
#56   another great day making pips! Maxx5 02/08/18 11:29:45 AM
#55   Leaving for the day... Maxx5 02/08/18 11:29:14 AM
#54   lost Ihub host for a while Maxx5 02/08/18 11:18:33 AM
#53   the eur/usd trade bottomed out near a 28 Maxx5 02/08/18 10:39:00 AM
#52   eur/usd trade now 20 pip gain Maxx5 02/08/18 10:20:54 AM
#51   usd/cad another logarithmic trade if taken was 38 Maxx5 02/08/18 10:08:34 AM
#50   13 pip profit Maxx5 02/08/18 10:05:12 AM
#49   selling taking place now at my 200 ma Maxx5 02/08/18 10:04:05 AM
#48   this is a profitable trade now, small but profitable Maxx5 02/08/18 09:46:50 AM
#47   eur/usd price /indicator divergence sell signal at 1.22830 now Maxx5 02/08/18 09:38:50 AM
#46   nice uptrend eur/usd... at 2:15am high resistance now Maxx5 02/08/18 09:30:17 AM
#45   I am receiving a pre sell alert now, watching...eur/usd Maxx5 02/08/18 09:15:20 AM
#44   Good morning...pertinent economic news has already been given Maxx5 02/08/18 09:11:31 AM
#43   40 pip move and done for the day... Maxx5 02/07/18 11:30:14 AM
#42   just had a wonderful price/indicator divergent drop starting Maxx5 02/07/18 11:16:40 AM
#41   eur/usd and usd/cad have fallen out of there Maxx5 02/07/18 09:47:47 AM
#40   eur/usd trending lower as usd/cad trending higher both strong Maxx5 02/07/18 09:25:08 AM
#39   Good morning...economic calendar has the US:EIA Petroleum Status Maxx5 02/07/18 08:26:11 AM
#38   my real job dictates that I must stop Maxx5 02/06/18 10:49:43 AM
#37   back Maxx5 02/06/18 10:31:49 AM
#36   I am currently having problems with my charting platform Maxx5 02/06/18 09:43:26 AM
#35   usd/jpy fell out of the uptrend but is Maxx5 02/06/18 09:31:09 AM