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Dadongnan is a leading producer & distributor of home, office & retail bottled water to clients within Zhejiang Province (including the cities of Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Cixi.) The Company distributes under 3 different brands: Spring Water from Humble Cottage, Returned Water from the Nature and Cliffside Spring after Rain.

The water comes from a 300 Meter deep well. The water is processed and filtered by Austrian equipment and is rated at the highest European standards. The Company enjoys the following competitive advantages:
1.Product advantage: In spite of the furious competition and various brands in the domestic drinking water market, there is still a huge demand of drinking water in that mankind cannot live without water and untreated tap water is not direct potable in China. As a result, it benefits every company, and the qualified companies can win an even large margin. The functional activated water, with a high added value, is a new concept in China, so that there are rare competitors in the market.
2. Scale advantage?The company has become the leading drinking water company in Jiaxing and ranked third in Zhejiang. Contrary to some small- or medium- scale business, it holds sufficient capital for the further broadening and development.
3. Region advantage?The functional water, with a high added value, charges a relatively high price. The current market of the company is Jiaxing, and the short-term target market is Zhejiang, which is one of regions with the rapidest economic growth, highest population density and highest consumption level in China. Therefore, it can supply a steady consumption market for the company.
4. Technology advantage the company imported from Austria the activated water technology water treatment system invested by the scientist John Gelland, which is exclusively unique in China.


Authorized Shares  100,000,000 common par .001
Shares outstanding  9,300,000


Dadongnan Holding Company (named for short 'Dadongnan') was incorporated in the State of Nevade, USA on June 1, 2010 for the purpose of becoming the

holding company of JIAXING DADONGNAN ENERY WATER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY ("Dadongnan Technology").  A Share Exchange Agreement was closed as

of June 1, 2010, between Dadongnan and Dadongnan Technology.  The sole purpose of the transaction contemplated under the Agreement is the establishment

of a U.S. Holding Company, i.e., Dadongnan, by a Chinese operating entity, i.e., Dadongnan Technology. Subject to all the terms and conditions of the Agreement,

at the closing, Dadongnan issued to the shareholders of Dadongnan Technology 9,300,000 Shares of Common Stock of the Dadongnan in exchange for the transfer

of 9,300,000 shares of the Common Stock of the Dadongnan Technology to Dadongnan on a one share for one share basis.  The Share Exchange Agreement is

made and entered into as of the June 1, 2010.

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