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Masks? batteries? What is actually happening here? retired early 05/23/23 10:39 AM
Link to Form 10-Q, Q1 2023 quarterly report. WeTheMarket 05/22/23 11:04 PM OM33025 04/22/23 10:43 AM
I’m going to hold this for a few OM33025 04/22/23 10:43 AM
I believe I'll be selling this at the lovethatgreen 04/21/23 1:09 PM
They get points for actually filing. But it rbtree 04/19/23 8:51 PM
What nothing ? lovethatgreen 04/18/23 12:19 PM
It could happen. :) retired early 04/18/23 11:35 AM
Link to Corporate Universe Inc (COUV) SEC Filing WeTheMarket 04/17/23 3:26 PM
Is there any hope for the CE removal? vinsterr 03/28/23 11:41 AM
COUV is just another CAVEAT EMPTOR SCAM!!
DavidLeeRoth 03/22/23 2:04 PM
Good investment zig zag 03/07/23 7:26 AM
Don't miss this one zig zag 03/07/23 7:06 AM
Nice call zig zig zag 03/07/23 6:59 AM
Corporate Universe Inc. zig zag 03/07/23 6:20 AM
Sheesh! Longer Than Most 03/06/23 7:05 PM
Penny! amunoz 03/06/23 2:00 PM
hang in there, early, we're just one 02/21 24d 02/27/23 2:27 PM
This one I'm only down 98.84%. Oh boy. retired early 02/27/23 12:45 PM
any idea who was promoting this yesterday? couv 24d 02/16/23 1:06 PM
Hate to again be the negative Nellie, but rbtree 02/16/23 1:25 AM
Still part of the Skull and Bones gang PennyPusher786 02/15/23 2:19 PM
Account value rising zig zag 02/15/23 1:28 PM
Certainly welcomed news! Loudude117 02/15/23 1:19 PM
Perhaps zig zag 02/15/23 1:04 PM
Here comes the train again zig zag 02/15/23 1:00 PM
BOOOOOOOOOM zig zag 02/15/23 12:56 PM
COUV ready to roll...... zig zag 02/15/23 11:59 AM
Here's the full text. Very encouraging news... lesgetrich 02/15/23 11:43 AM
Exhibit 99.1 - Corporate Universe, Inc provides Update WeTheMarket 02/15/23 9:44 AM
Link to 8-k dated February 14, 2023. WeTheMarket 02/15/23 9:36 AM
So it's a private company? Not public in couv? Meny thoughts 02/12/23 1:49 AM
A couple of useful links recently posted on WeTheMarket 02/10/23 10:37 AM
Perhaps things are developing? :) retired early 01/18/23 11:31 AM
Ohhh. Lol. I hope this OM33025 12/29/22 5:31 PM
No.....not yet.......just a 20% bounce off bottom zig zag 12/29/22 2:19 PM
All systems go? Did I miss a OM33025 12/22/22 10:43 AM
All sytems GO zig zag 12/21/22 5:09 PM
ratbastards determined to destroy the bid today. couv 24d 12/13/22 3:19 PM
Oh Wow zig zag 12/07/22 4:38 PM
Nice call zig zig zag 12/07/22 4:31 PM
LET'S GO COUV zig zag 11/23/22 1:07 PM
Big move coming on this sleeper zig zag 11/23/22 12:12 PM
Umm, based on the podcast and the 10-Q, rbtree 11/22/22 8:33 PM
SEC Filing 10-Q Quarterly Report for the period WeTheMarket 11/21/22 4:11 PM
That was because COUV had several companies-one of which Loudude117 11/19/22 2:08 PM
" Seems my perception of what the future Loudude117 11/19/22 2:02 PM
Most in the USA can't buy it and lovethatgreen 11/19/22 1:46 PM
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Corporate Universe Inc. (COUV)

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Latest News

Corporate Universe to Acquire Carbon Ion fka ZapGo/Battery EV Technology Company

Over 30 Patents for Best of Breed Battery Technology Applications

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 16, 2020 / Corporate Universe, Inc. (OTC PINK:COUV) is pleased to announce they have entered into a Definitive LOI to acquire Carbon Ion Energy Storage Ltd (or Carbon-Ion Energy Storage, Inc, fka ZapGo, a high technology electric battery development company, building the next generation of energy storage devices. One that is safer, faster charging, does not use rare-earth materials and can be recycled at end of life.

Carbon Ion Energy Storage Ltd has acquired all the assets of ZapGo Ltd, inclusive of over 30 patents and the benefit of $25 million research and development. Currently the company has a Gen IV battery which is being prepared for commercialization.

With the advancement and acceptance of battery powered vehicles, tools, toys, appliances, personal electronics and much more the global market was estimated at over $113 Billion dollars in 2019 and will grow 3-fold over the next 5-7 years according to Grandview Research. For the past 50 years Lithium-Ion batteries have led this epic growth, even though they are challenged by battery life, charging times, heat and the potential for igniting or exploding. Carbon Ion has the solution for the next 50 years.

The company's technology provides:

  • Improved energy storage allows the cell to be used as the principal method of energy storage in a far wider range of technologies than conventional batteries or supercapacitors
    High specific power allows very fast charging (often times only seconds) through Carbon Ion's "Instant-charge" technology
    High specific power enables the extension of Li-ion battery lifetimes and reduction in battery size through peak shaving in hybrid applications
    Improved safety protects customers, allows easy shipping and opens up applications in hazardous areas
    Long cycle life allows energy storage to be installed for the entire lifetime of the device, reducing design complexity, eliminating service intervals and saving money
    Recyclable at the end of life.

Mr. Andrew Sispoidis , CEO of Carbon Ion said., "I'm proud to join the world class team at Carbon-Ion. The company's scientific and technical foundation is the strongest I've ever seen. The technology is many years ahead of the industry, is ready for commercialization, and it significantly advances the current state of energy storage by many years. Mr. Sispoidis continued, "Although this is a non-traditional path to enter the capital markets, the process moves quickly, provides immediate capital and will allow shareholders to grow with us. The company will move with laser focus on commercializing their products as well will be moving towards a NASDAQ listing in 2021."

Isaac H. Sutton, CEO of Corporate Universe stated, "As I've previously told our shareholders, our goal was to identify opportunity for our shareholders, and in this transaction, I believe we have exceeded expectations and couldn't be more excited to bring this opportunity to the market and our shareholders. Effective with the closing which is targeted before years end, Andrew will assume the CEO position, and I will become the COO. I will be focused on moving the public company expeditiously and compliantly towards a senior exchange, as Andrew and the team are focused on the business of batteries. I believe this next year will be transformative!"

About Carbon Ion:
Established is July of 2020 to acquire the assets of ZapGo LTD which has developed a new category of energy storage device called Carbon-Ion™ of C-Ion®. This technology charges 50x faster than lithium-ion batteries, and radically improves the performance of supercapacitors by using high surface area carbons and ionic electrolytes. The company currently has over 30 Patents and acquires a decade of Research and Development. The company is moving to commercialization. The new company website will be completed within the next several days, please visit


November 4, 2020 – Corporate Universe, Inc. is pleased to announce a 51% acquisition of medical supply company, Medicevo Corporation

Visit Medicevo at,

Who We Are

Publicly traded diversified company
Strategic and financial partner
Permanent capital Strategic and financial partner
Team of experienced visionaries


What We Do

Buy and build companies
Partner with experienced operating management teams to execute business plans
Providing sustainable value for shareholders


Why Invest in Corporate Universe?

Full portfolio of uncorrelated assets and investments across various industries
Controlling stakes in leading, stable, cash flow generating businesses
Active management creating value by driving asset and capital appreciation of subsidiary and investment holdings
Financial flexibility to opportunistically capitalize and build platforms in both public and private markets
Focus on both cash flow and growth opportunities provides shareholders with a unique balance of stability and option value



Empower Management



HUGE NEWS OCT 16, 2020!!

CEO Soon to be COO and replaced by Mr. Andrew Sispoidis !!!

Isaac H. Sutton

Isaac H Sutton

Mr. Sutton has more than 40 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, especially in emerging markets where he has founded and ran several companies. He has held multiple roles as either President, Chief Executive Officer, or Chairman of the Board for numerous companies, including GolP Global Inc. and Tarsier Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Pace University.


Corporate Universe Inc


Corporate Universe Reduces Shares Outstanding

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 8:21 AM
Company Update

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 25, 2020 / Corporate Universe, Inc. (OTC PINK:COUV) is pleased to announced today the company has purchased 106,000,000 million shares from a former shareholder, and will be retiring these shares to treasury. This transaction will reduce the total outstanding shares by just under 20%.

Corporate Universe Shareholder Update New Management - New Developments

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2020 / Corporate Universe, Inc. (OTC PINK:COUV) is pleased to announce that pursuant with SEC filings, Mr. Isaac H. Sutton has been appointed CEO and Board Member. All past Officers and Directors have resigned. New management is in the process of evaluating several business opportunities and/or acquisitions. The company has revived its corporate status with Delaware and is now active.

Isaac H. Sutton, Corporate Universe Inc. CEO stated, "I'm please to step in and work on behalf of the shareholders to bring Corporate Universe current and position the company for success. Within the next 30 days, we will be working diligently to be Current on OTC Markets and have audited financial statements posted. We are also in the process of launching our new website , which will keep our investors updated with the Company's latest news and developments."



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