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DISCOVERY CHANNEL - Daily Planet episode 131 (Sept 11)

Fox Business nationwide, Bloomberg U.K, Bloomberg Europe and Bloomberg Asia - The RedChip Money Report: Small Stocks Big Money (Aug 19, 23, 24, 24 respectively). 

There are also Drone Aviation Corp. commercials on CNN and CNBC.

Business Details


Formed in April 2014 to penetrate the rapidly growing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) business in U.S. and abroad for government and commercial customers.

To aggressively penetrate the expanding Drone market with our unique Tethered Drones, which are currently being fielded to the U.S. Department of Defense and State and Local municipalities.

DAC is a developer and supplier of unique and specialized aerial solutions to the U.S. Government, State municipalities, and commercial entities.

Our Tethered Drones are SAFE and LEGAL to operate under current FAA guidelines. DAC Tethered Drones offer unsurpassed flight duration and security due to power and communications both running through the MilSpec tether line. Free Flying Drones are currently illegal to fly in the U.S. National Air Space (NAS) and have on various occasions crashed into Civilian an areas and recently nearly crashed into several Commercial Jetliners. Our BOLT and SPARK Drones are designed to fly for up to 24hrs and carry specialized Military grade surveillance equipment providing unmatched capability


*  Winch Aerostat Small Platform (WASP)

The Winch Aerostat Small Platform, or WASP, is a mobile, tactical-sized aerostat capable of carrying a variety of payloads in support of military operations.

Common applications include network communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. WASP leverages well-understood aerostat technology to elevate network payloads to an advantaged height to enable persistent network connectivity while reducing risk to units conducting retransmission missions. It is controlled via a launcher operated by Soldiers possessing common soldier skills.

The WASP has participated in a series of the Army's Network Integration Experiment (NIE) and has been recognized as a solution that can support the warfighter.

Operational Description

• Mobile, rapidly reconfigurable aerostat – HMMWV towable;
• 8-10 times flying height of existing tower capability;
• Supports a variety of payloads to include communications and ISR;
• Operationally flexible – deploy and launch from fixed or remote sites

Benefit to the Soldier

• Enables assured communications to the tactical edge:
• Links Aviation (Roamer Net) and Ground Maneuver (SINCGARS to SRW);
• Enables operational dispersion and increased OPTEMPO;
• Reduces need to jump towers forward (force protection);
• Supports scouts / special units that “outrun” or operate beyond the existing network;
• Enhances Mission Command on the Move (with next version payload);

• Envelope Diameter: 17 feet;
• Payload Capacity: Up to 42lbs;
• Flight Altitude: 0-1000ft AGL;
• Lifting Gas: Helium (supplied from tanker or carried on launcher);
• Operational Cycle: Persists on station (subject to weather and payload maintenance);


Wide area visual for situational awareness in a small package. System is vehicle hitch-mounted with unstabilized and stabilized camera gimbals.
• Emergency First Responder situational awareness;
• Tactical squad incident response (hostage, terrorist, bomb);
• SWAT situational awareness;
• First in the air, longest in the air, most valuable situational awareness asset in the air

* BiB 100
Gyro-stabilized, single and dual sensor gimbals. Self-contained launcher with optional host trailer
• Public event surveillance and observation;
• Fireworks shows;
• Air shows;
• Fairs and Festivals;
• Rallies;
• Demonstrations;
• Major sports events;
• Disaster Related;
• Evacuation coordination;
• Search and Rescue;
• Emergency management on-demand network (FireTide node);
• Traffic Management.

* BiB 250
BIB 250 (Affectionately known as "BLIMP IN A BOX")
Blimp in a Box Wind Capable Aerostat

The Kingfisher™ aerostat is named after the kingfisher bird species, known to be the longest-duration hovering bird with exceptionally keen vision to spot its prey. A fitting name for an aerostat balloon designed to provide a stable platform in winds up to 50mph/75kph* and give you unprecedented options for your payload and surveillance requirements. As part of an DAC surveillance system, the Kingfisher is the only FAA approved, urban-flight qualified, lighter than air system available in North America.

Kingfisher Design

There are three main design features that differentiate the Kingfisher from other aerostats:

• Spheroid shape;
• Fabric wing;
• Weight and balance line distribution.

The Kingfisher is the best design for high-wind deployments with an envelope size less than 8,000-10,000 cubic feet of Helium volume. Very large blimps and aerostats, over 10,000 cubic feet, have certain advantages over the Kingfisher. If your requirements are for a tactical, less expensive aerostat that requires signficantly less crew, then the Kingfisher is the choice below 10k HE volume.

Spheroid Shape

The shape of the Kingfisher envelope reduces the wind cross section which results in less drag and therefore increased lift given constant Helium volume. While the Reynolds numbers are relatively low, the shape does result in low pressure at the top side of the envelope. The shape also provides for simplified launch and recovery. Crews of 2-3 people are required for even the largest Kingfishers with 300 pounds of net lift when using the DAC launchers and winches.

The spheroid shape is much simpler to balance with payloads than a blimp shape and does not require a balonet system for attitude management in pitch or yaw.

Fabric Wing

This is the most signficant and interesting aspect of the Kingfisher. The interaction between the wing, bottom of the balloon and the tether are tremendously important. Recognizing and respecting this importance during manufacturing maintains the integrity of this interaction which results in an exceptionally well-behaved balloon in high winds. The main draw-back of this design is that high winds create significant tether line tension. Some competitors refer to this as "lift". It is not. Line tension from wind should never be considered as part of the net lift calcuations for aerostat sizing.

Benefits of the wing design include:

• Aerostat stability in high and variable winds;
• Soft, flexible material is easier to pack, operate and repair vs. the hard or inflated tails of a blimp;
• Kingfisher aerostat ALWAYS tracks into the relative wind.

Payload weight and line tension distribution

The Kingfisher employs a weight and balance distribution system which evenly distributes payload weight and tether line tension across the entire envelope. Further, the tether attachment method, which we call the Apex, ensures proper flight right out of the box. Unlike the Kingfisher knock-offs available on the market, no adjustments are required by the operator for proper flight. The main consideration is payload mounting as a large wind cross section payload or improperly mounted payload can affect balance.



Quick deployment, setup in less than 30 minutes

Low operating costs

Near all-weather capability (winds up to 75mph)

Low maintenance requirements

Able to operate in high-dust/sand environments

Single person setup


Sale agreements with:
The Department of Defense
The Department of Transportation
Private Sector

Read about Drone Aviation's very own WASP system on the U.S. Army webpage

 **** Billionarie CEO Dr. Phillip Frost Leads Investment in Drone Aviation Holding and Is Appointed Chairman of Its Strategic Advisory Board on August 28, 2014:

In a private placement of up to $1,500,000 of its securities to certain accredited investors at a purchase price of $0.75 per Share for an aggregate purchase price of $825,250. Dr. Frost led the investment in the private placement on August 28, 2014.



*      Frost became the CEO and Chairman of OPKO Health, Inc. on March 27, 2007. He was named Chairman of the Board of Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services in July 2006 and has been a director of Ladenburg Thalmann since March 2005.

*     Dr. Frost is also a director of Castle Brands (NYSE Amex:ROX and Continucare Corporation (NYSE Amex:CNU), a provider of outpatient healthcare services. Dr. Frost previously served as a director for Northrop Grumman Corp.,SearchMedia Holding Limited (NYSE Amex:IDI) formerly Ideation Acquisition Corp., Protalix Bio Therapeutics, Inc., and SafeStitch Medical Inc., and as Governor and Co-Vice-Chairman of the American Stock Exchange (now NYSE Amex)

*     Frost became Vice Chairman of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in January 2006 when Teva acquired Ivax Corporation. He was named the Chairman of the Board of Teva in March 2010 and was reelected to the position in May 2012.  Teva Pharamceuticlas currently has a market cap of $43.62 Billion.

*     Frost was one of the first and largest investors in Protalix BioTherapeutics, investing $24 million in the company that would later go on to develop a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment for Gaucher disease. He resigned from the company's Board of Directors in 2007. A 2010 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing indicated that Frost donated around $8 million in Protalix shares to a charitable organization.

*     Frost served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Ivax Corporation since 1987. He sold this Miami pharmaceutical maker, Ivax, for $7.4 billion to Israel-based Teva Pharmaceuticals in January 2006

*     He served as a Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Public Health Service at the National Cancer Institute from 1963 to 1965. Dr. Frost was a Professor of Dermatology at the School of Medicine, University of Miami from 1966 to 1972. He was Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center of Greater Miami, Miami Beach, Florida from 1972 to 1990.




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