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CloudMD Software & Services Inc. (OTC: DOCRF) (TSXV: DOC)   
LEI 98450058B8467B5AF256        Shares Outstanding (as of January 14) 287.675.749

Revolutionizing healthcare delivery, while providing innovative telemedicine solutions.
About CloudMD Software und Services Inc.
CloudMD is digitizing the delivery of healthcare by providing patients access to all points of their care from
their phone, tablet or desktop computer. The company offers SAAS based health technology solutions to
medical clinics across Canada and has developed proprietary technology that delivers quality healthcare
through the combination of connected primary care clinics, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence (AI).

CloudMD is digitizing the delivery of healthcare by providing a patient-centric approach, with an emphasis
on continuity of care. By leveraging healthcare technology, the Company is building one, connected platform
that addresses all points of a patient’s healthcare journey and provides better access to care and improved
outcomes. Through CloudMD’s proprietary technology, the Company delivers quality healthcare through a
holistic offering including hybrid primary care clinics, specialist care, telemedicine, mental health support,
educational resources and artificial intelligence (AI).

CloudMD currently services a combined ecosystem of over 7,000 psychiatrists, approximately 4,500
therapists and counsellors, approximately 4,000 psychologists, over 22,000 family physicians, over 34,000
medical specialists, over 1,500 allied health professionals, over 500 clinics, and over 5 million individuals
across North America. CloudMD’s Enterprise Health Solutions Division includes one of the top 4 Employee
Assistance Programs in Canada and offers one comprehensive, digitally connected platform for corporations,
insurers and advisors to better manage the health and wellness of their employees and customers.

Webcast discussion on the future of virtual care and technology's role in improving chronic illness treatment
and prevention:

Adress:       305 – 1505 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver BC, V6H 3Y4
Contact:                   Patient Inquiries:

Investor Relations:  
Julia Becker (Vice President)

Company Presentation:
Insider Trades:

- Experienced management team of doctors with over 100 years of combined expertise.
- Strongly positioned in the $3.5 Trillion (US) healthcare industry.
- Patient centric approach with diverse B2B, B2C, and enterprise platforms with multiple revenue.
- Significant discount to industry peers and significant revenue growth in last 2 years.
- Strategic, multi-pronged North American expansion plan.
- Well funded with strong pipeline of M&A to scale and grow the business quickly.
- Significant discount to industry peers and significant revenue growth in last 2 years.

CloudMD - Virtual Doctor Visits - The New Normal. 
CloudMD provides a complete suite of telemedicine software including consumer solutions and enterprise
solutions. They developed an innovative healthcare application that enables and supports physicians in the
longitudinal care of their patients’ health. The patient centric focus places the power back in the hands of
patients via a personalized health record that stores, manages and enables sharing of health information.
Technology is a great equalizer, and coupled with its network of in-person, hybrid clinics, CloudMD can
provide better, easier access with team-based, holistic care plans. The patients will have increased
access to their charts, lab results, the ability to securely chat with clinical staff, reorder prescriptions and
share remote health monitoring data with their doctor –
all at their fingertips.
- Access at doctors evenings and weekends.       - Simple and easy to use interface.
- Connect from any device.                    - Prescriptions sent directly from your doctor to your local pharmacy.

The qualified doctors can complete the following visits via telemedicine:
- General medical advice                     - New and renewed prescriptions
- Sick notes                                           - Specialist referrals
- Review of test/lab results                  - Cough or cold
- Sinus infections                                 - Rashes and skin inflammation
- Mental health appointments             - Birth control pill prescription
- Urinary tract infection (UTI)              - Diet & nutrition concerns

See a doctor when it's convenient for you - Telemedicine Appointments Anytime.

Connect with licensed doctors online.
Get Care Access doctors after-hours from the comfort of your home.

It Works quick and easy!
1  Download the app
2 Connect with one of the doctors
3 Receive your diagnosis and prescription.
Cloud MD - App explained in a video:
The CloudMD app enables a virtual clinic that patients can access for free, allowing them to see a doctor
in real-time from their smartphone or desktop device. The app is easy to use, secure and provides access
to care beyond regular clinic hours including evenings and weekends.

CloudMD provides turnkey and readily accessible virtual healthcare to enterprise partners like insurance
companies, employers and pharmacies. The CloudMD on-demand appointment booking allows patients
to skip the process of selecting an appointment time and by joining a queue in the clinic’s virtual waiting
room. It provides patients fast and easy access to virtual telemedicine. Companies will have a direct link
to the
See A Doctor Now that can be immediately accessed through benefits administration platforms,
company websites and/or QR codes at physical locations.

CloudMD is partnering with local pharmacies to provide on demand virtual care right from your local pharmacy!
These are some of our participating pharmacies:

Pop into your pharmacy’s private consult room and see a doctor online right away. After your virtual doctor visit,
pick up your medication immediately from the pharmacy. Fast and easy.

Enterprise Health Solutions Division
Our Enterprise Health Solutions Division was designed to create engagement and enable patients through
personalized health and wellbeing solutions.
We work with corporations, insurers and advisors to provide one
revolutionary platform to support to their employees and clients healthcare. We offer clients a connected system
of health solutions that recognizes the unique physical, mental health needs of each person. 
We recognize that
every person has unique needs and through individual assessment and triage, progressive measurement,
evidenced based care and personalized healthcare navigation,
our Enterprise Health Solutions results in better health outcomes.

Subsidiary Snapclarity
Snapclarity is a virtual mental health platform that can be accessed by all covered employees and dependents.
The platform offers its members a clinically validated personalized mental health assessment, tools, resources, 
and the ability to connect directly with a therapist anywhere, anytime. We believe mental wellness should be
accessible to everyone. Our mental health solution combines technology and design to help people feel better.
Invest in a Holistic Well-being Program That Helps Employees Build Resiliency.

Health Hub:
Book a demo:

VisionPros Digital Platform   
Home delivery of contact lenses and glasses.
conveniently delivers contact lenses and glasses right to their customer’s door, anywhere in North
America, and
at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail optical stores. The highly scalable business model
includes a rapidly growing, e-commerce platform and innovative suite of digital vision care tools.
also offers a unique subscription offering, with flexible monthly billing options, at some of the lowest prices
in North America. The multi-disciplinary platform also includes a brick-and-mortar clinic, online/in-person
dispensary and a lens laboratory that manufactures and
distributes lenses to eyecare partners for their own
affordable KIND eyewear line
VisionPros’ digital platform shares many synergies with CloudMD’s existing platform and provides significant
opportunities for cross-selling and integration
. The e-commerce platform gives CloudMD direct access to
1 million unique customer accounts and further secures the Company’s footprint across North America.
Address:  107-2567 192 St, Surrey, BC, V3Z 3X1


Extendeded research reports for healthcare
The State of Healthcare Industry – Statistics for 2021.
Health insurance coverage in the United States.
The epidemic within a pandemic:’ Opioid overdoses continue to make an impact during COVID-19

      A person needs visions, my personal vision for CloudMD Software Services is
CloudMD Software & Services is a rapidly growing technology company focused on digitizing the delivery
of healthcare. This provides patients access to all points of their care from their phone, tablet or desktop
computer. The future of healthcare is not the old school brick and mortar clinic. The future is providing a full
virtual healthcare system to patients and doctors that’s seamless on the same platform. CloudMD Software &
Services has developed proprietary technology. Further, it delivers quality healthcare through the combination
of connected primary care clinics, telemedicine and artificial intelligence. CloudMD is also expanding into the
pharmacy kiosk business, where patients can connect with a doctor while they’re at the pharmacy.  Revenue
is also generated from licensing the cloud-based Electronic Medical Records system EMR) called "JUNO".
                        Virtual medical care on your schedule, The future of healthcare.
                      CloudMD is a young companie and it has lots of growth potential.

CloudMD Software Services Inc. (DOCRF) is a long term Investment, 5 to 10 years, from March 2021
                      This long-term strategy will pay off for owners and shareholders.
Investing means:
- Invest yourself
Those who invest themselves must carefully consider what they are investing in and whether actively or passively. When you
invest actively, you decide what to invest in. You decide for yourself which company you want to buy shares from and where you
want to sell shares. Active investors believe they can get a better return than the average market return. You are trying to beat
’the market through tactical investments, but that is not always possible because no one can predict the future with absolute
reliability based on the past. Some investors are therefore firmly convinced that passive investing brings more returns in the
long term. Passive investments “follow” the market by investing in a large number of listed companies at the same time. In this
way, the risks and opportunities are optimally distributed. This usually happens through so-called mutual funds. These replicate
a stock market index, such as the Dow Jones or the DAX, and thus rely on the average market return.

- Speculation
Some shareholders try to make substantial returns over a short period of time. Here they buy and sell stocks over short periods
of time. However, the word ‘invest’ does not fit here - 
something is called speculation and it is more like gambling.
- Invest for the long term
Investing, on the other hand, is spreading your money over stocks and bonds over a long period of time. You don't invest your
money for a month or two, but for one to ten years, or even longer. The basic principle of investing is that the economy and the
market grow over the long term. Even if you don't get a great return in the short term, 
the longer you invest your money, the
greater your chance of a higher return.

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