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Welcome to the board, we hope you enjoy it. This is a board to find stocks, learn tips, dd, flipping, and charts. We are here to learn and make money as family. Wouldn't want to pump your dad or sister into a bad stock, would you? Time to help each other from getting hurt.
Off topic is fun, lets just not get out of hand     

Please when posting or replying to a post. Put in the symbol, it helps others know what stock your referring to without having to go back and search it. Also helps on public searches on the stock.  To highlight posts of the moderators on the board, please person mark them. This will help you find their posts easier. Thanks.

Nice boards to visit for great plays.

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All Floats

Please keep personal attacks off the board. They will no longer be appropriate and will be removed.

Rule 377A Under Section E under Cisco's Stock Family Law:

Creature_Of_Habit will not be subject to any internet forum drama of any kind at any time in any way shape or form.

I highly suggest others follow this rule I hope everyone has a great GR$$N day.



No severe cursing.
No bashing or do not bash one another.
Don't come here to pump a bad stock.
If you see a bad stock posted. Let others know
Keep arguments in PM if they get out of hand.
NO BAG HOLDERS ALLOWED!!! except cisco                                                                                                                        If you have ideas, or suggestions feel free to PM one of the moderators. Thanks!

#39309  Sticky Note To follow the moderators on great stock picks; CiscoTrader 01/30/10 10:10:26 AM
#44931   $USAR: A Superstar! MaxPowerLove$Ihub 02/29/16 12:28:40 PM
#44930   It is just another scam.....told him, I went Lotto123 03/12/15 07:50:29 PM
#44929   im not getting it, i only thought of gail 03/11/15 08:57:07 PM
#44928   Just remember epaz had a humungous R/S..... did Lotto123 03/11/15 08:22:48 PM
#44927   im not in but a friend was, and gail 03/11/15 07:56:41 PM
#44926   Ran good too....hope you made some green gail!! Lotto123 03/11/15 06:02:10 PM
#44925   his epaz ran today. i think that was gail 03/11/15 03:39:32 PM
#44924   First Post of 2015... :-D Lotto123 02/21/15 05:22:53 PM
#44923   $DSCR: Discovery Joint Venture Submits Industrial Hemp License Application[/b MaxPowerLove$Ihub 12/17/14 09:52:45 AM
#44922   $IDGC: ID Global Corporation Announces Update for the MaxPowerLove$Ihub 12/17/14 09:51:46 AM
#44921   Anudda MIA>.. Lotto123 11/07/14 04:46:00 PM
#44920   You too dude....get your ass back to IHUB... :-) Lotto123 11/07/14 04:45:37 PM
#44919   Or was this your last post....Where is Just Lotto123 11/07/14 04:42:23 PM
#44918   Nothing wrong with that post...Why were you banned??? Lotto123 11/07/14 04:37:01 PM
#44917   $DSCR: Project CBD / CANNABIDIOL SCIENCE / FOR MaxPowerLove$Ihub 10/08/14 09:29:13 AM
#44916   $DSCR: Discovery Provides Supplemental Bio-Fuel Information MaxPowerLove$Ihub 10/08/14 09:28:13 AM
#44915   BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lotto123 07/27/14 12:16:29 AM
#44914   hi buddy! you still around? wasnt epaz your gail 04/10/13 11:21:47 AM
#44912   IDOI slowy moving up today, volumes kickin too lady luck 07/23/12 11:14:38 AM
#44911   CJES $18.48 HOD gooo baby gooo CiscoTrader 02/07/12 12:49:05 PM
#44910   Nice bro! Glad to hear... I guess iHub, CiscoTrader 02/02/12 12:35:10 PM
#44909   All I can say is lucky the bank banker j 02/02/12 11:26:12 AM
#44908   Morning j, life's treating me pretty good. How's CiscoTrader 02/02/12 11:19:08 AM
#44907   Good Morning C. Hope all is well! banker j 02/02/12 09:45:39 AM
#44906   CJES ... the gift that keeps giving, hit CiscoTrader 02/02/12 09:43:55 AM
#44905   CJES Stock Family, keep an eye on it. CiscoTrader 01/27/12 12:06:26 PM
#44904   Stop by the Melting Pot and say hi Lotto123 12/23/11 12:57:57 PM
#44903   Thanks Lotto! Merry Christmas to you too! been Lucky2 12/23/11 12:46:47 PM
#44902   Hi Lucky!!! How have you been.....year has been Lotto123 12/23/11 12:07:34 PM
#44901   HI Lotto, hope the year went well for you! Lucky2 12/23/11 11:22:49 AM
#44900   Been in it since last run...2nd timer for Lotto123 12/12/11 12:28:40 PM
#44899   http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/replies.aspx?msg=69843305 and it appears gail 12/12/11 12:28:15 PM
#44898   WELCOME BACK CISCO! WE SEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUU!!! gail 12/12/11 12:16:50 PM
#44897   thats the only reason i saw him, i gail 12/12/11 12:16:14 PM
#44896   You never miss a thing do you? lol.... Lotto123 12/12/11 12:14:28 PM
#44895   CISCO IS BACK!!! http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?mess gail 12/12/11 12:12:05 PM
#44894   :-) He comes on I'm sure to look around... Lotto123 11/08/11 12:03:19 PM
#44893   tell him i said hi. i dont have.. gail 11/08/11 11:58:49 AM
#44892   Have to go find him on facebook... :-) Lotto123 11/08/11 07:05:02 AM
#44891   ahhhhh. I get it...I don't use ff Lotto123 11/08/11 07:04:28 AM
#44890   hehe, ain't that the truth. has anyone talked gail 11/07/11 11:07:44 PM
#44889   ill look now, but ff prevents just clicking gail 11/07/11 11:07:18 PM
#44888   hmmmm...worked for me.. Lotto123 11/07/11 11:05:52 PM
#44887   it wont play, i need a link. gail 11/07/11 10:39:00 PM
#44886   lol...[yt]xACgZnt1wBo[/yt] Lotto123 11/07/11 09:06:22 PM
#44885   yup, im still here, hoping you will post gail 11/04/11 03:04:40 AM
#44884   have you talked to mr. c lately? gail 10/28/11 03:39:51 AM
#44883   hi cisco, im not going to... gail 10/28/11 03:38:31 AM
#44882   hey, you need to get off your.. gail 10/11/11 03:06:18 AM
#44881   Yum Yum... :-) Lotto123 06/24/11 12:12:23 PM
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