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Chimera Energy Corporation is a publicly traded entity, under the ticker symbol CHMR. Chimera derives its name from the lore of a multi-faceted existence. As such, Chimera Energy Corporation has multi-faceted focus in the energy exploration sector. The Company primarily acquires and develops what management believes is the most lucrative technology, concentrating on producing maximum shareholder value.

Chimera Energy Corporation is headquartered in the energy capital of Houston, Texas. The Corporation functions internationally with a concentration in developing technology for the shale oil industry, specifically for the Bakken Formation, Marcellus Formation and other domestic shale locations.

Chimera Energy Corporation is listed as a "fully reporting" Securities and Exchange Commission filer and, as such, carries the prestigious OTCQB designation. Chimera Energy Corporation may be quoted by going to Chimera Energy Corporation's outside auditors are LBB & Associates, LLP also located in Houston, Texas.

Chimera Energy Corp has just licensed a breakthrough method and technology to extract shale oil without the use of water. This method is designed to neutralize dangers to groundwater and other potentially toxic byproducts.

Chimera is proceeding into testing and 3rd party certification to completely and safely replace current fracturing methods.

During testing, the associated whitepapers will be published on this page for public and professional peer review.

Below is a video presentation that reflects the basic principles of this exciting new technology.

Extracting Shale Oil Equals a Strong US Defense

Imagine turning on your news and seeing the Middle East get the same amount of news coverage that Paraguay does. Extraction of US Shale Oil can do this. Who cares every day what happens in Paraguay if they can't be a threat over oil imports?

In the near future, you can imagine a full oil tanker leaving the Persian Gulf, having just filled with crude oil. The tanker's Captain has filed a float plan to head for the United States. He receives a call on the bridge from his corporate director. He is given orders to change course and head to Shanghai. The Chinese just outbid the United States for the tanker's oil. The same thing then happens on the next two dozen tankers leaving the Persian Gulf. The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls to 4,000 points and panic hits the airwaves. The United States enters a deflationary depression and we can't pay our debt. What can be done, since we already owe trillions in borrowed money to China, owner of the world's largest air force?

The Answer: Exothermic Extraction of US Shale Oil NOW

There is enough domestic Shale Oil to supply the entire United States' oil needs without importing oil at all. Hydraulic Fracturing is thought to be too dangerous and toxic. Exothermic Extraction is designed to solve these issues.

Profitable Quote of the Month:

"The Bakken Shale oil play has produced so many milionaires, it's hard to count them all."

-Harold Hamm

Chimera Energy Corp is an OTCQB listed company

OTCQB is the venture marketplace for companies that are current in their reporting with a U.S.regulator, making it easy for investors to identify companies that are current in their reporting obligations. There are no financial or qualitative standards to be in this tier. OTCQB securities may also be quoted on the FINRA BB. The OTCQB allows investors to easily identify reporting companies traded in the OTC market regardless of where they are quoted.


Before there were serious public and government environmental concerns and moratoriums concerning the dangers of Hydraulic Fracturing of shale oil - there was a need to extract oil from shale in climates that were too cold to use water.

Until the Company has their patent in hand, some details about Exothermic Extraction of shale oil will be closely held. However, the technology's basic principles go as far back as the 1930's - however, the new technology solves the issue of creating extraction/fracturing forces without using acids or explosives.

Since the new Exothermic (non-hydraulic) Extraction has sidestepped the need to use any water in the process, there is no danger of water caused contamination - especially to groundwater and drinking water.

Management strongly believes that this new process will be very lucrative and highly sought after to feed the massive need for the extraction of United States' domestic shale oil.

Contact Info
  • 2800 Post Oak Blvd.
  • Suite 4100
  • Houston, TX 77056

CHMR Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $121,440,000 a/o Aug 10, 2012
Shares Outstanding 66,000,000 a/o Jul 12, 2012
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares 100,000,000 a/o Nov 30, 2011
Par Value 0.001



SEC Filings

Form Type Received Period Ending Size Report
8-K Aug 10, 2012 Aug 9, 2012 32.1 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
8-K Jul 30, 2012 Jul 26, 2012 76.5 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
10-Q Jul 16, 2012 May 31, 2012 502.4 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
10-Q Apr 13, 2012 Feb 29, 2012 477.5 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
10-Q/A Mar 28, 2012 Nov 30, 2011 508.0 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
10-Q/A Mar 13, 2012 Nov 30, 2011 508.0 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
10-Q Jan 13, 2012 Nov 30, 2011 498.3 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
424B3 Dec 23, 2011   1.0 MB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
POS EX Dec 23, 2011   82.4 KB PDF    RTF    HTML    XLS
EFFECT Dec 22, 2011   1.7 KB PDF    RTF    HTML   


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