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I still hold shares here hoping for a hispeedsoul 04/13/22 3:51 PM
Some volume coming in. Bid/ask moving up. Fingers hispeedsoul 08/24/21 10:15 AM
Saw that adijas 03/18/21 10:42 AM
10k released today. They are still trying for hispeedsoul 03/18/21 10:29 AM
One day. We almost had a merger. I'm hispeedsoul 12/31/20 12:41 PM
Hhhmmmm WHLT ED25 12/31/20 12:12 PM
Hhhmmmm WHLT ED25 12/31/20 12:04 PM
I'm speechless here. Someone has to know something hispeedsoul 08/31/20 10:32 AM
Yeah, very nice move adijas 08/31/20 9:41 AM
Up to .70. wow. I know it's small hispeedsoul 08/31/20 9:39 AM
Trying to figure out what WHLT could possibly hispeedsoul 08/05/20 1:53 PM
CPKA changed to WHLT: Renee 08/04/20 4:53 PM
Our time draws near. Can't wait to see hispeedsoul 08/04/20 4:21 PM
Symbol change tomorrow adijas 08/04/20 3:50 PM
Me too, didn't trade this high in 10 years adijas 05/22/20 3:33 PM
If this ever gets real volume and a hispeedsoul 05/22/20 3:30 PM
New 10Q released today. A small nugget in hispeedsoul 05/08/20 1:21 PM
A whole bunch of form 4s filed yesterday for: hispeedsoul 04/23/20 10:06 AM
Some buys today. When the merger happens....this might hispeedsoul 02/04/20 1:14 PM
Move to DE a done deal... TallTrader 01/17/20 10:47 AM
New 8k today. Approved to move to Delaware hispeedsoul 01/17/20 10:41 AM
.185 hitting. bonedaddy77 08/07/19 11:40 AM
:) bobkubecka 07/25/19 2:19 PM
Nice! Now we know who was trying for bonedaddy77 07/25/19 2:18 PM bobkubecka 07/25/19 12:46 PM
Someone trying to buy 100K today at .12. bonedaddy77 07/24/19 10:18 AM
New 8k. Warrants extended until 2021. A nice hispeedsoul 07/22/19 9:06 PM
A lot of heavy hitters from multi billion hispeedsoul 07/02/19 8:29 PM
Form 3.... for CFO of Spartan Motors??? carbonfiltered 07/02/19 7:01 PM
looks like .15 about to drop bonedaddy77 06/14/19 12:34 PM
.1201 x .15...these spreads tend to happen with bonedaddy77 06/05/19 2:36 PM
$CPKA Longer Than Most 06/04/19 4:28 PM
Impressive run $CPKS Longer Than Most 06/04/19 4:28 PM
Yes! Femto99 05/29/19 5:25 PM
.14 getting hit again. Looks like this could bonedaddy77 05/29/19 3:42 PM
Geez. The spread is huge. Seems like a mistake. hispeedsoul 05/20/19 1:12 PM
105K on the .10 bid. Loading going on here bonedaddy77 05/16/19 11:15 AM
Ask at .14 now. hispeedsoul 05/16/19 10:03 AM
Interesting buying today here between .10-.11 bonedaddy77 05/15/19 3:20 PM
Yea someone wanted to load over 200k shares Jerm17 05/15/19 1:16 PM
Some volume coming in. hispeedsoul 05/15/19 1:04 PM
10k net operating loss carry forward for federal Femto99 05/02/19 12:27 PM
Also serves as motivation for success carbonfiltered 04/16/19 1:21 PM
I agree. They award share right now because Femto99 04/16/19 1:21 PM
Its bullish to me. Will be adding. carbonfiltered 04/15/19 6:00 PM
Each of the six directors were issued 300,000 Enterprising Investor 04/15/19 5:09 PM
John A. Forbes (director of PATK )never bot Femto99 04/10/19 10:56 AM
I think the price is not going back anymore! Femto99 04/09/19 3:02 PM
Form 3 submitted on 5th and he made Femto99 04/09/19 3:02 PM
Nice intro! Femto99 04/09/19 2:43 PM
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Chase Packaging Corp. (WHLT)

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Prior Business Operations

The Company was established in July of 1993 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dawson Geophysical Company (“Dawson” and formerly known TGC Industries, Inc.). On July 30, 1993, the Company purchased certain assets of Union Camp Corporation’s packaging division for a purchase price of approximately $6.14 million. The assets purchased included substantially all of the business of weaving and constructing Saxolin Ò paper mesh and polypropylene plastic mesh bagging material for agricultural and industrial applications and substantially all of the properties related to Union Camp’s packaging division. The properties acquired by Chase consisted of Union Camp’s plant facilities located in Portland, Oregon, and Idaho Falls, Idaho, and all machinery, equipment, and inventories connected with these facilities.

The Company experienced losses from 1994 through 1997, and in 1997 the Company’s secured lender decided not to renew the Company’s operating line of credit. The Company’s Board of Directors therefore determined that it was in the best interest of the Company and all of its creditors to liquidate in an orderly fashion.

Effective July 21, 1997, the Company sold its operations at Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Lockwood Packing Corporation (“Lockwood”). The assets sold included substantially all of the Company’s equipment, furniture, fixtures, and other assets located in the Idaho Falls, Idaho, facility for a total of $75,000. In addition, the Company sold inventory from the Idaho Falls operation to Lockwood for $255,000. The proceeds from these sales were used to reduce the Company’s loan balance with its lender.

On July 25, 1997, the Company notified its creditors by mail that the Company would begin an orderly liquidation of all of its remaining assets, outside of a formal bankruptcy or receivership proceeding, in a manner intended to maximize the asset values. The Company retained the firm of Edward Hostmann, Inc. to assist the Company in such liquidation which was completed during 1997.

Post-Liquidation Operations

Since 1999, the Board of Directors has devoted its efforts to establishing a new business or engaging in a merger or other reorganization transaction.

The Company closed a private placement of 13,334 units (the “Units”) on September 7, 2007. Each Unit was sold for $150 and consisted of: one share of Series A 10% Convertible Preferred Stock ($100 stated value) convertible into 1,000 shares of the Company’s common stock (the “common stock”); 500 shares of common stock; and 500 five-year warrants, each warrant exercisable for one share of common stock at $0.15 per share. Gross proceeds from the offering were $2,000,100, expenses of the offering were approximately $38,000, and net proceeds were approximately $1,962,000.

The Company is reporting that effective on December 31, 2018, the Company successfully completed a voluntary early conversion of its outstanding Series A 10% Convertible Preferred Stock to common stock. As a result, the Company no longer has any of the Preferred Stock outstanding.

The board of directors authorized the Company to offer to the preferred stock holders the opportunity to convert the preferred stock to common stock at the rate of $0.085, a 15% discount from the $0.10 stated conversion price. Each preferred stock holder accepted the offer, and 36,589 shares of preferred stock were converted to 43,045,897 shares of common stock, effective on December 31, 2018. The board of directors believes that this more simplified capital structure makes the Company a more attractive merger candidate, although there can be no assurances that any such transaction will be available or will occur or, if it were to be approved by the board of directors, that the stockholders of the Company would vote in favor of the transaction.

$CPKA Reverse Merger at work!

New board directors added per latest 8k! Auditor changed recently. Serious business coming in! 
John A. Forbes, has been a director of Patrick Industries, INc since 2011. A billion dollar market cap NASDAQ stock.
PATK Marc C Neilson - Mark also serves on the Board of Directors of Supreme Industries, (a $200 Million publicly-traded manufacturer of truck bodies and specialty vehicles)


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