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$CENBF News Out! CEN Biotech Inc. Announces Word budfoxfun 11/08/22 8:53 AM
$CENBF announces the formal launch of its Word BlazingStocks 11/29/22 9:44 AM
Nice uptick here on $CENBF. Not many shares
jedijazz 11/28/22 2:11 PM
$CENBF trading just over 50% its 10-day average BlazingStocks 11/21/22 3:41 PM
$CENBF trading at its 10-day average volume heading BlazingStocks 11/18/22 1:13 PM
We'll be getting further updates as things progress. BlazingStocks 11/17/22 10:57 AM
$CENBF Profitable Custom AI User-Friendly Website Development Services jedijazz 11/17/22 9:47 AM
$CENBF Dynamic, captivating, and innovative are words commonly jedijazz 11/17/22 8:09 AM
Agreed. I don't know how $CENBF has BlazingStocks 11/16/22 3:24 PM
$CENBF - Our Layouts A website layout has the BlazingStocks 11/16/22 1:31 PM
$CENBF - We make exceptional websites Our expert WordPress BlazingStocks 11/15/22 1:14 PM
Excellent opportunity here. Website developer trading undervalued with jedijazz 11/15/22 10:22 AM
Expanding client reach for custom website development with jedijazz 11/15/22 8:03 AM
$CENBF: Custom AI website development for every jedijazz 11/15/22 7:54 AM
“Industry leading cookie” lolololololololol. That is all the swingingRichard 11/15/22 6:21 AM
CENBF is building a stronger platform from which ProfitScout 11/14/22 2:56 PM
$CENBF - We Set You Up for Success WordPresto BlazingStocks 11/14/22 1:06 PM
$ CENBF You can learn more about the Word jedijazz 11/14/22 8:22 AM
Elon Musk took over Twitter, it's like Gold Greensmeans 11/11/22 2:12 PM
Stohlman case is still active so what did Greensmeans 11/11/22 2:11 PM
We're looking at less than 6 weeks before BlazingStocks 11/11/22 11:04 AM
-55% on DV of $15 or 360 shares. swingingRichard 11/11/22 12:10 AM
Excellent that CENBF management us able to make ProfitScout 11/10/22 3:28 PM
$CENBF Your business cannot afford to be absent budfoxfun 11/10/22 7:47 AM
$CENBF trading just over 60% of its 10-day BlazingStocks 11/09/22 3:14 PM
Incentive programs make it worthwhile for the effort BlazingStocks 11/09/22 11:42 AM
$CENBF Larry Lehoux, CEN's President and Chief Technology budfoxfun 11/09/22 10:05 AM
That’s hilarious. swingingRichard 11/08/22 4:37 PM
Should see some updates on this below into BlazingStocks 11/08/22 2:35 PM
$CENBF News today...announces the formal launch of its BlazingStocks 11/08/22 11:56 AM
Nice news from CENBF today on the company's ProfitScout 11/08/22 10:55 AM
Excellent news out on Election Day! $EPAZ jedijazz 11/08/22 9:25 AM
$CENBF News November 08, 2022 CEN Biotech Inc. Announces BlazingStocks 11/08/22 8:59 AM
$CENBF News Out! CEN Biotech Inc. Announces Word budfoxfun 11/08/22 8:53 AM
$CENBF now has 3 revenue streams... BlazingStocks 11/07/22 12:20 PM
CENBF helps its clients develop the most secure ProfitScout 11/07/22 11:14 AM
$ CENBF DEVELOPMENT. Delivering not only an exceptional end-product jedijazz 11/07/22 10:08 AM
EINPresswire.com/ -- CEN Biotech Inc. (“CEN” or the budfoxfun 11/07/22 7:45 AM
Yes, only a slight increase in the Restricted BlazingStocks 11/04/22 1:23 PM
Agree, solid share structure as well. budfoxfun 11/04/22 12:17 PM
As we get more updates here, coupled with BlazingStocks 11/04/22 11:24 AM
$CENBF low floater, will move big soon! budfoxfun 11/04/22 10:44 AM
The $CENBF Blogs are useful in understanding how BlazingStocks 11/03/22 3:26 PM
Lots of great information for both investors and ProfitScout 11/03/22 3:15 PM
$CENBF Article 01. Attractive OTCQB Stock listing with top BlazingStocks 11/03/22 12:12 PM
$CENBF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Your business cannot afford budfoxfun 11/03/22 8:17 AM
$CENBF trading nearly 60% of its 10-day average BlazingStocks 11/02/22 2:47 PM
Funny. Nothing has changed. Still a crappy little swingingRichard 11/01/22 9:08 PM
$CENBF trading nearly 60% of its 10-day average BlazingStocks 11/01/22 3:23 PM
LoL, I was thinking the same thing as BlazingStocks 11/01/22 1:09 PM
Watch it Now: $ CENBF Excellent Video: jedijazz 11/01/22 12:18 PM
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Cen Biotech Inc. (CENBF)

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For further information on the Company, please visit our Website at www.clearcommedia.com

An example of responsive client websites


Servicing The Digital World





To be successful in this digital age, you must be willing to accept change and exhibit a willingness to stand out. The services we provide are performed by web professionals that are dedicated to helping you and your business emerge as an industry leader.


Landing Page – Our team of web designers will create for you an engaging and lucrative landing page that will generate leads for your business. An attractive landing page is what you need to allure new customers, offer products or promotions, and propagate potential leads. Learn more >


Live Chat – Live chat draws the line between ‘good’ customer service and ‘excellent’ customer service. With chat agents ready to answer customer questions, provide recommendations, and drive lead generations, live chat is the optimal tool for a stellar customer service experience. Learn more >




Skilled web professionals will optimize your website to Google’s standards so that not only will your page’s visitors enjoy a smooth and thorough visit, but Google will prioritize your website as relative and authoritative in your industry. SEO is a timely investment for a long-term payoff.




Digital experts will collect and gather information on your business and the industry you’re in and elevate your website with relevant, highly-searched keywords that will boost your search engine results pages (SERPS). Techniques such as pay-per-clicks (PPC) will drastically increase your ranking on Google and will bolster web traffic to your website.


Social Media Management allows you to stay connected with your online community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the ability to schedule posts, interact directly with consumers, and demonstrate original marketing schemes, social media management has never been more critical to a business’s overall success.





Clear Com Media is a Windsor, Ontario based digital marketing and web design company founded on the premise that we are not satisfied until our customers are. We are entirely committed to delivering a positive customer experience while continuing to grow and gaining the trust of the online community. We let nothing stop us from delivering a positive personal experience. By exemplifying our professionalism and expertise in technology we ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Our goal is to take complicated technologies and to help make them easier to use. This makes it so our customers can instead focus on growing and strengthening their businesses. We are not in business to be another face in the crowd. We aim to establish ourselves as a leader in the technology community to deliver an exceptional end-product and unrivalled customer support. Our people make the difference and that is what makes us leaders in the products we develop and the quality of service we provide.





When you want something done right the first time, you visit the professionals. Our team of web developers are skilled individuals that emphasize perfection, so you know you are receiving the highest standard of care for the products that mean the most to you.


Your company’s website will be the first thing people see when they look you up, so you better make a good first impression! Clear Com Media’s team of developers demonstrate excessive pride in their work and will construct a website for your business that will engage consumer interest and help you stand out amongst your industry rivals.


Selling goods and services online has never been more important for growing business owners. An e-commerce page allows consumers to shop directly on your site, inspect and review products, and have them shipped directly to their homes. If you are in a competitive market, an e-commerce page is a definite way to get a leg up over your competition.


If done incorrectly, web applications can be glitchy and full of bugs. Clear Com Media’s team of web professionals will develop for you a website application that is dynamic, captivating and will have users on the application enthralled with unique functionality that is easy to use.


With over 2.5 billion people in the world using smartphones [statista.com] a mobile app may be exactly what you need to execute on your business dreams. A mobile app that is flashy, cool, interactive and fun can invigorate business and generate attraction from new audiences and different demographics.

Responsive Web Design on a tablet


We intend to help your business thrive in the digital age, because we understand how important creating and maintaining your online presence is in managing a successful business.
Any questions, comments or concerns that you may have, please feel free to reach out to us at 226-620-0062.



  CEN Biotech Inc. Announces the Pending Launch of WordPresto


Location: www.wordpresto.com (Links to Facebook and YouTube live events from the home page) 

WINDSOR, ON / BUSINESSWIRE / September 16, 2022

View source version on einpresswire.com:


CEN Biotech Inc. Announces Planned Strategic Expansion of Business and Closing of Clear Com Media Inc. Acquisition

WINDSOR, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2021
View source version on accesswire.com:


CEN Biotech Inc. Announces Planned Strategic Acquisition of Clear Com Media Inc.

WINDSOR, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021
View source version on accesswire.com:




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