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Production of oil using new technology

Cassandra Oil is a Swedish company that uses cutting-edge technology to produce oil from materials containing hydrocarbons, such as used car tires, plastic waste, oil sludge, waste oil and, in the future, oil sands, oil shale and electronic waste.

Cassandra Oil's operations are based on a patented reactor technology that utilises catalytic cracking methods to break the hydrocarbon chains and thereby create light fractions of oil. The oil produced is equivalent to marine diesel in terms of quality.

Cassandra Oil's technology enables low-cost production of oil using an environmentally-friendly process that reduces emissions of harmful substances, such as sulphur, into the environment.

The oil will be sold on the open market or directly to energy-intensive industries.

A key strategy for Cassandra Oil is to guarantee the supply of materials by establishing long-term contracts with partners in the waste management industry and the oil industry.

Competitive edge technology
Cassandra Oil's operations are based on a patented reactor technology that utilises catalytic cracking methods to break the hydrocarbon chains and thereby create light fractions of oil. This technology offers a number of advantages;

  • High level of efficiency (up to 90%)
  • It is possible to produce oil from many types of waste containing hydrocarbons without needing to sort or separate the materials
  • Low energy consumption (approximately 10 to 15% of the oil that is produced is used to power the reactor)
CASO 600
Reactor model CASO 600.




CASO 1500 kW-reaktor
 CASO 1500 kW-reactor


 The inventor Anders Olsson demostrating a demo reactor



Oil, gas, carbon black and steel from car tires

In the western world, we get through one tire per person every year.  The handling and disposal of used tires poses a monumental environmental problem and, until now, there have been no viable technologies for recycling tires. As a result, our planet is cluttered with mountains of discarded tires.

Cassandra Oil uses reactor technology to extract oil, steel and carbon - the three basic components of tires - in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way. Cassandra Oil is also able to significantly reduce the sulphur content of the oil that is produced, which otherwise constitutes a major environmental problem.

Oil from plastic waste

The amount of waste that contains some type of plastic is increasing at an annual rate of about 3%. Each year, 90 million tonnes are sent to waste disposal sites in the USA, Europe and Russia.

Plastic waste is bulky and does not easily decompose. The incineration of plastic waste is controversial because of the poisonous gases that plastic gives off when burned. Modern recycling methods often require waste to be sorted and cleaned for recycling to be possible.

Using Cassandra Oil's technology, practically every type of plastic, except for PVC, can be used to produce oil without having to sort or clean the waste.








Oil from oil lakes

Many refineries lack the capacity to process the heavy components of the crude oil. Consequently, in some parts of the world, these components are dumped out in the open and in such quantities that massive oil lakes have formed, causing considerable environmental problems.

Cassandra Oil's reactor technology makes it possible to produce oil from this oil sludge. Metals can also be recovered and the inorganic residue contains such low concentrations of hydrocarbon that it can be used as a filler.

Oil spill decontamination

Each year, millions of tonnes of oil are discharged from oil tankers, oil rigs, drilling rigs, pipelines and refineries. The spillage and discharge of refined oil and the pollutants from the oil industry are causing serious environmental damage to our planet.

Cassandra Oil is developing a smaller, mobile reactor, which can easily and quickly be transported by truck or helicopter in a container to a disaster site.




Future Markets

In addition to the current focus areas, there are many potential areas of use for Cassandra Oil's technology in the future. One of the most interesting is the production of oil and the extraction of metals from electronic waste, and the production of oil from oil shale and oil sands.


Electronic waste (E-Waste)
Technology is developing at lightning speed and the result is a dramatic increase in electronic waste. The USA discards about 30 million computers each year. Only about 15 to 20% of these are recycled. The rest are dumped at waste disposal facilities or landfill sites.

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the European Union, and it is estimated that by 2020 there will be approximately 12 million tonnes of it each year. Just one example is that of mobile phones - in Europe alone, approximately 100 million mobile phones are thrown away each year.

Cassandra Oil's technology makes it possible to extract oil, gas and metals from e-waste. Cassandra Oil estimates that from one tonne of e-waste (depending on the type of waste) it can extract about 700 kg of oil, 200 kg of copper, 400 grams of silver and 40 grams of gold.

However, the oil produced from e-waste contains environmentally-hazardous flame retardants. Further development work is therefore necessary to enable the separation of these bromides before recycling of e-waste can be put into full-scale operation.  This is a priority area for Cassandra Oil's R&D teams.

The metals extracted from e-waste must be enriched and processed in the normal way. Cassandra Oil is of the opinion that, in this segment, there are excellent opportunities for working in partnership with the established mining industry.

Oil shale and oil sands 
Cassandra Oil's technology also offers tremendous potential for the extraction of oil from oil shale and oil sands. Cassandra Oil's technology does not require the use of any water. This gives it a major competitive edge over other technologies currently being used.

However, Cassandra Oil has decided to focus on tires, plastic and oil lakes as these contain higher concentrations of oil and are therefore considered to be far more profitable, at present, as a raw material than oil shale and oil sands.



Per Olsson (born 1943)
Managing Director. M. Sc. 

Independent to the company and its principal shareholders.

Shareholding: 3,500 shares


Jonas Bark (born 1972)
CFO, Vice Managing Director. MBA from the University of Montana, USA. Jonas Bark comes from a long career with ABB, where he held various positions including that of strategic purchasing manager. Prior to that, Jonas worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bombardier.

Independent to the company and its principal shareholders.

Shareholding: 1,000 shares



Anders Olsson (born 1945)
Founder and Senior Advisor.

Shareholding: 7,900,000 shares

Anders Olsson, who resides in the UK, will be working for Cassandra Oil on a consultancy basis, primarily in the areas of R&D and contacts with potential clients.

Anders Olsson has entered into a lock-up agreement with Cassandra Oil under which Anders Olsson undertakes, through 31 December, 2012, not to transfer any shares of stock in Cassandra Oil nor enter into any agreement or contract, nor participate in transactions that would have the same effect as a transfer of shares of stock.


Board of Directors

Erik Nerpin has been a member of the Board since 2009 and Chairman of the Board since 2011. Other Board members were elected at the extraordinary general meeting held on 9 March, 2012, and have been appointed in connection with the completion of the issue of shares for non-cash consideration, in respect of the acquisition of Cassandra Oil AB.

Erik Nerpin  (born 1961)
Chairman since 2011. Lawyer, partner in the law firm Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton in Stockholm, Sweden.

Chairman of the Board of Kancera AB and board member of Igrene AB, Blasieholmen Investment Group AB, HCH Sweden Holding AB, Otirol Art AB, European Resolution Capital i Sverige AB and the Swedish subsidiaries of Coastal Contacts Inc. and Lundin Mining Corp.

Independent to the company and its principal shareholders.

Shareholding: 201,500 shares

Magnus Nordin (born 1956)
Board member since 2012. CEO and co-founder of Tethys Oil AB, former CEO of Lundin Oil AB.

Independent to the company and its principal shareholders.

Shareholding: 70,815 shares

Johan Thorell (born 1970)
Board member since 2012. MBA. Active in real estate management since 1996. Board member of Fastighets AB Bromma Center Södra, AB Sagax and other companies.

Independent to the company and its principal shareholders.

Shareholding: 344,291 shares

Eric Hasselqvist (born 1965)
Board member since 2012. MBA. 
Eric Hasselqvist is a board member of Bahnhof AB, STIM, Svenska Musikförläggareföreningen (SMFF), Svensk Musik AB, BD Pop AB, Monza Publishing AB, Artist Company TEN AB and a number of private companies.

Independent to the company and its principal shareholders.

Shareholding: 0 shares

Björn Hedberg (born 1944)
Board member since 2012. Long-standing experience of international industrial projects and the retail trade.

Independent to the company and its principal shareholders.

Shareholding: 100,000 shares



Per Olsson, Managing Director
Tel: +46-21-495 32 20  

Erik Nerpin, Chairman
Tel: +46-70-6207359


ertified Adviser:
Remium Nordic AB

PricewaterhouseCoopers AB
Klas Brand



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