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Captain Haddock's Momentum Breakouts (MOMO B'zz)

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Last Post: 6/15/2014 11:45:40 AM - Followers: 24 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Captain Haddock's Momentum Breakout's (MOMO B'zz) Welcome aboard to Captain Haddock's Momentum Breakouts! What This Board is for: This board is meant for traders to identify and discuss OTC stocks which - Are about to start gaining momentum - Stocks that have started to gain momentum and are potential breakouts - Stocks that are already in momentum, and are good momentum trades. Fundmentally, MOMO B'zz is a board for discussing stocks BEFORE OR DURING the their momentum/breakout. We ideally hope to find stocks BEFORE the MOMO begins, and then share our experiences while riding the MOMO through the breakout. Discussion includes digging into DD, technical analysis, reasoning, news, updates, trends etc. How it works: - Traders on this board identify stocks which they think are good MOMO plays: ie stocks about to gain momentum, or are already gaining momentum. Traders are encouraged to provide anything that supports their statements: due diligences, technical analysis and reasoning and opinions. - The stocks which seem to have the greatest momentum in the shortest period of time, are put onto the MOMO lists: There is a MOMO "watch list" for stocks which might kick into momentum, and an "in MOMO" list for stocks that are currently in momentum. These lists may have anywhere between 1-5 stocks, depending on how good they are. - the stocks are discussed and experiences and info shared as long as the MOMO on the stock continues. Once presented to the board, the stock may be discussed for as long as it moves. However, it will be removed from the MOMO lists once the momentum ceases. Why this Board was created: A traders goal is always to make as much cash as possible in a short amount of time. As an active trader, my experience has been that the greatest and quickest profits lie in momentum trading, but at the same time the greatest risk and skills are also inherent in momentum trading. I perceive that a large proportion of OTC traders are momentum traders. My aim with this board is to create a central resource for cash cow momentum stocks, a board where traders can find these stocks FIRST, and share useful information and tips in real time to facilitate the bottomline of trading: MAKING CASH A Few Quick Notes: - We would prefer to discuss only OTC stocks between 0.0001 to 0.50 - Please provide some DD, research, technical analysis, opinions and reasoning to support your stocks. - No zero volume stocks please. - The MOMO lists, are simply lists of stocks that are expected to gain momentum or are in momentum, and which seem to bear the biggest profits in the shortest amount of time, thus being good momentum trades. However, please bear in mind that the lists may not be the only momentum trades out there, and the lists are in no way recommendations to buy, sell or otherwise trade those stocks, nor are they "stock picks" by me or anyone else. Some common sense rules that apply: - No bashing, pumping, personal attacks. Please be civil - No complaining over trades gone bad - Please bear in mind at all times that you are responsible for your own trading decisions. Resources (These I will update on a regular basis): Some good definitions and explanations of momentum trading: OTC Profiles: CURRENT MOMO LIST: "in MOMO" Watch List PS: The MOMO list is updated as MOMO stocks are discovered, often in real time. If you would like to be aware of MOMO stocks at all times, please subscribe for the email list option below. I will do my best to email the MOMO list to you, as it is updated. You can expect approx 1-2 emails a day max. This will enable you stay on top of MOMO stocks developments. WELCOME ABOARD, AND MAY WE ALL PROSPER !!!
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