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Been following for 3 years. Missed .15 but dshade 12/20/21 8:47 AM
Just came across this and start looking into LittleBambi 09/03/21 1:15 PM
Looking very good now. Hope you got in... JStewin 09/03/21 11:35 AM
I like this one. It’s a long shot Tecmo Bowl 05/24/21 12:11 AM
Uranium will be as popular as cobalt and JStewin 04/27/21 12:22 PM
Agreed... I'm staying the course in the supply chain. Pro-Life 02/09/21 7:52 AM
EV investments can only mean rare earths will JStewin 02/08/21 9:18 PM
Batteries will be huge with the new environmental JStewin 01/21/21 2:47 PM
CVVUF was picked a week or two ago cottonmather 12/14/20 12:21 PM
Vanadium demand is growing for batteries which means RedOakTrader 09/16/20 7:31 PM
CanAlaska Closes Oversubscribed Financing Johnson69 05/21/19 11:32 AM
CanAlaska Closes Oversubscribed Financing Johnson69 05/21/19 11:26 AM
CanAlaska Closes Oversubscribed Financing Johnson69 05/21/19 11:24 AM
Hopefully UP from here lol I hate talking 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:55 AM
Yes I meant any slight pullback RaulCarba6 02/14/18 7:55 AM
I doubt it'll go lower been holding this 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:54 AM
Any pullback = great opportunity to step in RaulCarba6 02/14/18 7:54 AM
Yes this one will run from a day 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:53 AM
Uranium stock to keep a close eye on RaulCarba6 02/14/18 7:53 AM
Not bad right bid ask RaulCarba6 02/14/18 7:52 AM
0.344 ask pre market 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:47 AM
Add on top of your watchlist until strong 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:19 AM
Let's see if can break 0.40 today 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:18 AM
Stock been going up since hitting 52 wks 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:15 AM
Lot of accumulation between 0.30-0.40 so someone know something RaulCarba6 02/14/18 7:07 AM
Patience will payoff ! 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:07 AM
If there is buyers there is hope ! 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:06 AM
This stock will fly with uranium prices soon 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:04 AM
People like to buy/chase at higher price smh 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:03 AM
Soon this board will be very busy 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 7:02 AM
The Demand for Uranium Projected to Grow 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:57 AM
All we need here is good results from 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:49 AM
Can't wait for the huge bounce RaulCarba6 02/14/18 6:47 AM
Uranium def undervalued down here RaulCarba6 02/14/18 6:47 AM
The big boys knows that soon or later 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:46 AM
Good infos RaulCarba6 02/14/18 6:46 AM
Big boys been loading uranium down here 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:46 AM
In response to falling uranium prices, the industry 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:42 AM
The price of uranium has been in decline 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:42 AM
Though there is a stigma towards nuclear energy 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:41 AM
As the cost of production for processing plants 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:41 AM
When a uranium company delivers its raw material 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:40 AM
Unlike many commodities which tend to have a 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:39 AM
This fall in demand was not matched by 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:39 AM
Uranium rush 2.0 coming soon imo 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:37 AM
Yes been uptrending since a few months now RaulCarba6 02/14/18 6:36 AM
Maybe accumulation before breakout ! 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:34 AM
Bid and ask been tight theses days 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:34 AM
Uranium and diamond ! 247MarketAddict 02/14/18 6:17 AM
It will bounce like oil bounced RaulCarba6 02/14/18 6:17 AM
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Canalaska Uranium Ltd. (CVVUF)

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CANALASKA URANIUM LTD. (CVV -- TSX.V, CVVUF -- OTCBB, DH7 -- Frankfurt) is undertaking uranium exploration in twenty-one uranium projects in Canada's Athabasca Basin -- the "Saudi Arabia of Uranium". Since September 2004, the Company has aggressively acquired one of the largest land positions in the region, comprising over 2,500,000 acres (approx. 10,000 sq. km or 4,000 sq. miles). To-date, CanAlaska has expended over Cdn$70 million exploring its properties and has delineated multiple uranium targets.

CanAlaska's geological expertise and high exploration profile has attracted the attention of major international strategic partners. Among others, Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Corporation is a 50% joint venture partner in the West McArthur Project and has provided the Company with over Cdn$12.5 mil. in exploration funding. Exploration of CanAlaska's Cree East Project is also progressing under a Cdn$19 mil. joint venture with a consortium of Korean companies led by Hanwha Corp., and comprising Korea Electric Power Corp., Korea Resources Corp. and SK Energy Co., Ltd. Exploration commenced in 2009 with Chinese mining partner East Resources Inc. on the Poplar Project, comprising a potential 100,000 metres of drill testing. Canadian explorer Kodiak Exploration has recently optioned the Company's McTavish Project to advance exploration with the goal of attaining a 60% project interest earn-in by delineating a minimum of 35 million pounds U3O8. CanAlaska has also pioneered collaboration in uranium exploration with Canada's native First Nations. At its Fond Du Lac Project, the Company is a 50% partner with the Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation, undertaking exploration on the community's Reserve Lands where the Company believes there exists significant potential to increase the size of an existing 1 million pound historical uranium resource.

Our Exploration Partners


Our Mission Statement:

"Our Mission is to find one or more giant unconformity style uranium deposits."

- Peter Dasler, M.Sc., P. Geo., President & CEO 



Investor Relations

"CanAlaska Holds One of the Largest Uranium Exploration Portfolios in the Athabasca Basin."

- From the Website...

Project Highlights -

The Athabasca Basin region contains the world's richest uranium deposits and currently accounts for one-third of the mineral's global supply.

Uranium is used solely as fuel for nuclear power generation, which is experiencing a strong global renaissance following a 20+ year hiatus.


The Project Sites Shown Below (Aerial View)


Profiles of Your Management Team

Peter Dasler, M.Sc., P. Geo. - President & CEO

Mr. Dasler has 30 years of experience in exploration geology including twenty years of geological consulting and contracting for junior and senior companies based out of Vancouver, BC. Mr. Dasler has a Masters degree in exploration and mining geology and is a member of the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Association of BC. His background includes senior geological positions in New Zealand, and Mine Manager of the 10 million ton per annum Taharoa Ironsand Mine, as well as management of junior exploration companies in Canada.

Emil Fung - Vice President, Corporate Development

Mr. Fung initially began his career as a design engineer of Canadian nuclear reactors, but moved on to New York in the mid 80's, where he headed mergers and acquisitions for Toronto Dominion Securities. During the 90's, Mr. Fung pursued his entrepreneurial interests in Asia where he founded several media, telecoms and entertainment companies. He later formed a venture capital fund to invest exclusively in entrepreneurial start-ups in mainland China. Mr. Fung returned to Canada in 2003 with a view to bridge the growing gap between resource-hungry Asian economies and the commodity riches of Canada. He teamed with CanAlaska Ventures early in 2005 to advance the company's corporate development efforts, completing a circle which originated in his scholastic fascination with all things uranium.

Dr. Karl Schimann - Vice President, Exploration

Dr. Schimann's experience includes 20 years in exploration with Cogema/Areva, and specifically in the Athabasca Project Manager for the Cigar lake discovery team in the early 1980's, as well as Manager of the McClean Lake Mine Geology Department for Cogema/Areva.
Dr. Schimann holds a PhD from the University of Alberta and has worked extensively in the Uranium industry. Dr. Schimann is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum, the Geological Association of Canada, and the Association of Exploration Geochemists.

Jean Luc Roy, MBA - Director

Mr. Jean Luc Roy has over 20 years experience in the Mining Industry. The majority of Mr. Roy's experience has been in Africa for companies such as International Gold Resources, Ashanti Goldfields Inc., Semafo, and First Quantum Minerals. Mr. Roy has managed projects from exploration through to production in three different countries, and has extensive experience in negotiations at all levels. Mr. Roy, as Managing Director, played a crucial role in First Quantum Minerals' success in the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC") by successfully placing a mining operation into production during a period of major unrest in the country. During Mr. Roy's tenure with First Quantum Minerals, the company went from a being a $250 million dollar market cap. company to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Mr. Roy was also instrumental in securing First Quantum Mineral's extensive land positions in the DRC. Mr. Roy is currently President and CEO of El Nino Ventures Inc., which is working on base metal exploration in New Brunswick, Ireland and the Congo.

Victor Fern - Director

Mr. Victor Fern is the immediate past Chief of the Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation and lives in Fond Du Lac, Saskatchewan. Mr. Fern has lived in Fond Du Lac, Saskatchewan all his life, he is a traditional land user and still hunts and fish for food in the area. He is active in community development, and works on local committees. Mr. Fern, since 1984, has gained extensive experience at Uranium mining operations in Northern Saskatchewan. He is currently involved at the mill operations at a nearby mine. He has also been involved in numerous boards and committees related to mining at the mine site. Mr. Fern has been involved in environmental monitoring in the Northern Athabasca area, and is involved with various private business interests in the Fond Du Lac-Black Lake area.

Dr. Guy Marquis - Senior Geophysicist

(The 'Company') is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Guy Marquis, formerly Professor and Head of the School of Engineering Geophysics (EOST), University of Strasbourg, France, to lead the Company's geophysical exploration team. He joins Dr. Karl Schimann, Vice President of Exploration, as another senior member of CanAlaska's uranium exploration team.
Dr. Marquis has been actively involved in leading research in geophysics for uranium deposits world-wide in conjunction with major explorers and has taught at the University of Strasbourg for the past 14 years. Strasbourg is renowned as a major global centre of geophysical research and training, and for its involvement with world-class resource companies.
Dr. Marquis possesses extensive experience in aspects and applications of modern geophysics, and has practical experience from exploration projects around the world. He completed his PhD in Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria in 1992. He then spent two years as a researcher at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris before joining the University of Strasbourg in 1994, where he has led its Near-Surface Geophysics Research team since 2000. He is a member of SEG, EAGE and CSEG and the Associate Editor of Geophysical Prospecting Journal.

Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. - Director

Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr. is one of the world's leading experts in nuclear non-proliferation. Amb. Graham has served under four successive U.S. Presidents as a senior diplomat involved in the negotiation of every major international arms control and non-proliferation agreement for the past 35 years, including the SALT, START, ABM, INF, NPT, CFE and CTBT Treaties.

He is Chairman of the Board of the Cypress Fund for Peace and Security. He is also Chairman of the Board of Mexco Energy Corporation, an oil and gas exploration company, and of Thorium Power, Ltd. a developer of proliferation-resistant nuclear fuel technologies.

Amb. Graham received an A.B. in 1955 from Princeton and a J.D. in 1961 from Harvard University. He is a member of the Kentucky, the District of Columbia and the New York Bars and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has taught at the University of Virginia Law School, Georgetown School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University Law Center, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington.

Frances Petryshen - Corporate Secretary

Ms. Petryshen brings a strong background of management and administration for junior resource companies. In the past, Ms. Petryshen had been a Director and Officer of several junior exploration companies located in Vancouver, B.C. More recently, she has been involved with commercial real estate ownership and management in the United States and agricultural projects in Hawaii and Canada.

Gord Steblin - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Steblin, B. Comm., CGA, is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Pacific North West Capital Corp., El Nino Ventures Inc. and Freegold Ventures Limited from October 1, 2002 and accountant thereof from 1995 to October 2002.

Hubert Marleau - Director

Mr. Marleau has been the President & CEO of Palos Capital Corp. from 1998-present; Chairman of Marleau, Lemire Inc. from 1989-1998; Director of CanAlaska Ventures Ltd. and International Freegold Mineral Development Inc. from 1996-Present.

Bernard Barlin - Director

Mr. Barlin, P.Eng., C.Eng., has over 40 years of experience in the mining industry. Mr. Barlin is retired and worked with Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company as a consulting metallurgist from March 1986 to April 1989 and as an Assistant General Manager from January 1984 to March 1986. Mr. Barlin has a degree in Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, and is a registered professional engineer in Manitoba and the U.K. Mr. Barlin is a Director of the following companies: Director of CanAlaska Ventures Ltd. from March 1989 to present; Director of Pacific North West Capital Corp. from April 2000 to present; Director of International Freegold Mineral Development Inc. from August 1989 to present; Director of International Landmark Environmental Inc. from March 1994 to present.

Colin Bird - Director

Mr. Bird, P.Eng., has been the Director of CanAlaska Ventures Ltd. from 1998-present; The Managing Director of Lion Mining Finance from 1995-present; Director of MIT Ventures Corp. from 1996-present; Director of Bushman Resources Inc. from 1996-present; Manager, Operations and Technical Services of Petromin from 1993-1995; Managing Director of Plateau Mining PLC from 1989-1993.

Corporate Directory



Corporate Office:

CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
Address: #1788 650 West Georgia St. Vancouver B.C. V6B 4N7
Telephone: 604.688.3211 Fax: 604.688.3217 Toll Free: 1.800.667.1870

Investor Relations:

Telephone: 604.688.3211 Fax: 604.688.3217 Toll Free: 1.800.667.1870

Registrar & Transfer Agent:

The Oceanic Plaza, 1600-1066 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6E 3X1

James Stafford, Inc. Chartered Accountants
Address: Suite 350 -- 1111 Melville Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 3V6

Legal Counsel:

Stikeman Elliott LLP
5300 Commerce Court West, 199 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M5L 1B9 Canada
Phone: (416) 869-5500
Toll-Free: 1 877 973-5500
Fax: (416) 947-0866

Listing Information


SEC - CIK #0001023109

Trade Symbol
TSX Venture Exchange Tier 1:C V V
Frankfurt: DH7
CUSIP#137089-10-8 Listed: Standard & Poors






Industry Links:


 Informational Websites:

Uranium Investing News

URANIUM IN DEPTH                       

 Uranium links from LinksMine - InfoMine's Library of Mining Web Sites 

Site Listings 




 Uranium Will Rebound with Economy - (The Energy Report) Interview with Barbara Thomae, Senior Mining Analyst



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