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 Surna Inc. ( designs, engineers and sells cultivation technologies for controlled environment agriculture including: (i) liquid-based process cooling systems and other climate control systems, (ii) air handling equipment and systems, (iii) a full-service engineering package for designing and engineering commercial scale thermodynamic systems specific to cannabis cultivation facilities, and (iv) automation and control devices, systems and technologies used for environmental, lighting and climate control. Our customers include commercial, state- and provincial-regulated cannabis growers in the U.S. and Canada as well as other international locations, including those growers building new facilities and those expanding or retrofitting existing facilities. Currently, our revenue stream is derived primarily from supplying our products, services and technologies to commercial indoor and hybrid sealed greenhouse facilities ranging from several thousand to more than 100,000 square feet. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, we leverage our experience in this space to bring value-added climate control solutions to our customers that help improve their overall crop quality and yield, optimize energy and water efficiency, and satisfy the evolving state and local codes, permitting and regulatory requirements. Although our customers do, we neither produce nor sell cannabis.

Our experience serves to provide you with a custom design that you can rely on. Whatever your goals are, we can sit down together and create a solution:

Cultivation Products
Controlled Climate Systems

Grow Room Services
MEP Consultants
Odor Control
Installation Support


02-08-2022 SRNA SECURITY DETAILS (OTC Markets - prior to RS)
Market Cap.................9,625,212
Authorized Shares....850,000,000
Outstanding Shares..240,630,294
Held at DTC..............192,419,042
Note: A 1 for 150 reverse split was executed 2/9/22.

CEA Industries Announces Pricing of $24 Million Public Offering and Nasdaq Listing Press Release | 02/10/2022
CEA Industries Inc. Announces Reverse Stock Split Effective February 9, 2022 Press Release | 02/08/2022
Surna Cultivation Technologies Announces Leandru Schiau as New Product Manager Press Release | 02/01/2022
CEA Industries Inc. Announces Ticker Symbol Change to “CEAD” on OTCQB Exchange Press Release | 01/24/2022
CEA Industries Inc. Announces Appointment of Two New Board Members Press Release | 01/20/2022
Surna Cultivation Technologies Signs $2.1 Million Contract Press Release | 01/13/2022
CEA Industries Inc. Announces New Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Press Release | 01/11/2022
Surna Cultivation Technologies Signs First Lighting and Benching Contracts Press Release | 01/06/2022
Surna Cultivation Technologies Signs $3.4 Million Contract with Aeriz Holdings Corporation Press Release | 01/04/2022

Surna Cultivation Technologies Becomes Authorized Reseller of Air Sniper Air Sanitization Product Line Press Release | 12/09/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Signs First Preventative Maintenance Contracts Press Release | 11/11/2021
Surna Reports Third Quarter 2021 Results Press Release | 11/10/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Becomes Authorized Reseller of BVV Neocision™ LED Grow Lights Press Release | 10/14/2021

Surna Cultivation Technologies Announces Benching and Racking Line-up Press Release | 09/29/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Introduces VRF Product Line Press Release | 09/02/2021
Surna Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results Press Release | 08/10/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Announces Cultivation Facility Architectural Design Services Press Release | 07/29/2021
Surna Reports Second Highest Revenue in its History and Return to Profitability in Preliminary Second Quarter Results Press Release | 07/28/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Introduces EnviroPro™ Air Handling Product Family Press Release | 07/14/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Announces R. Brian Knaley as New CFO  Press Release | 06/29/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Introduces Preventative Maintenance Services Press Release | 06/22/2021
Surna Cultivation Technologies Introduces High Efficiency EcoChill™ Heat Recovery Chiller Press Release | 06/08/2021
Surna Reports Q1 2021 Results Press Release | 05/11/2021

Surna Reports Q4 2020 and Full Year Results Press Release | 03/24/2021

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Yeah, is this a real move? On radar worldisfullofDerps 08/18/2022 08:04:14 PM
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424B4 filed today. WhistlerSky 06/27/2022 05:29:35 PM
Here's your 74mm volume answer: Claridge 06/22/2022 03:55:14 PM
"Liquidity Fairy" courtesy of Virtu & Citadel. Claridge 06/21/2022 10:01:40 PM
I was looking at the same thing. llh222 06/21/2022 07:14:46 PM
74M traded today, regular float around 7M. 10 DarekSM 06/21/2022 07:04:58 PM
Will Tony flip his new shares he just FatFreddysCat 06/21/2022 02:36:38 PM
Nice. PennyPusher786 06/21/2022 12:56:58 PM
rode this from 1.50 to 2.30 and dumped MouthBreather 06/21/2022 12:54:21 PM
Back over to after Lunch Time is over? PennyPusher786 06/21/2022 12:53:21 PM
10 Million dollar deal secured with under an PennyPusher786 06/21/2022 12:08:00 PM
Shorts gong hard dumping into the BID PennyPusher786 06/21/2022 12:07:13 PM
Yes, seems to be eventual, possible dilution: kx500rider 06/15/2022 07:34:10 PM
Did you read it? They are not selling tcfib 06/15/2022 07:13:53 PM
S1 Filed = more dilution. kx500rider 06/14/2022 06:01:07 PM
Does management have anything at all to say? vdb_123 05/24/2022 08:07:20 AM
It's not just Tony. Claridge 05/23/2022 03:58:41 PM
Does management have anything at all to say? daystreaming 05/23/2022 10:08:20 AM
On May 12th I predicted this stock would WhistlerSky 05/23/2022 09:46:28 AM
#13629 Claridge 05/21/2022 05:46:10 PM
Looks like they might have changed their minds... nunaka 05/17/2022 03:36:26 PM
8 new Institutional investors filed their 13F-HR today WhistlerSky 05/16/2022 09:38:38 PM
5-12 we have like 60,000 volume, and then... Claridge 05/16/2022 08:29:49 PM
C.M.B.S. is it's own house of cards right Claridge 05/14/2022 01:39:17 PM
I agree with your general economic out look, tcfib 05/14/2022 07:17:09 AM
"Coming years" is a bit optimistic. Claridge 05/13/2022 07:51:39 PM
I've been around supply chains for quite a Claridge 05/13/2022 07:22:03 PM
To absolutely no one’s surprise I agree with Mortimer Randolph 05/13/2022 11:25:11 AM
Positive operating cash flow, $22m in cash, over tcfib 05/12/2022 06:49:11 PM
The "raise" during the Nasdaq uplist was to vdb_123 05/12/2022 06:26:33 PM
Hard to disagree with any of what you daystreaming 05/12/2022 05:36:09 PM
I've been off-line for the last few months WhistlerSky 05/12/2022 05:26:52 PM
More supply chain excuses... zzzzz..... Claridge 05/12/2022 04:53:17 PM
They disappeared. Convenient. Claridge 05/12/2022 04:49:03 PM
Where are all the 1 cent Tony's cheerleaders ? vdb_123 05/12/2022 04:19:49 PM
Wow, the volume is hilarious. Claridge 05/12/2022 03:28:12 PM
"Hopefully they find a clue soon" ... nunaka 05/11/2022 03:27:57 PM
Might throw a line in the water and SavageWest 05/11/2022 01:35:13 PM
Imagine buying a company with $20mil cash and tcfib 05/11/2022 11:15:50 AM
1 of 3 things at this point... Claridge 05/10/2022 09:10:34 PM
Agree, they are clowns Plan9FromOuterSpace 05/10/2022 10:49:06 AM
The incompetence of the board shows stronger everyday. Valuepeanuts 05/10/2022 10:06:17 AM
Broke support, could be headed for $1 Plan9FromOuterSpace 05/10/2022 10:03:18 AM
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