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Business Warrior is the source for small businesses in America to enhance their brand and boost marketing results. The Business Warrior software takes a holistic view of a business’s online reputation, listings, website search results and social media. Predictive algorithms are utilized to recommend the most imperative actions needed to drive new leads and positively impact daily operations.

The company leverages various data about subscribers to determine the most urgent marketing hurdles facing small businesses. By evaluating the most critical problems for business owners, the Business Warrior team is able to develop new products that deliver immediate value and positive impact to their subscribers.

Home Page:
OTC Markets:

Share Structure
Outstanding Shares: 289,591,614
Restricted: 224,529,549
Unrestricted: 65,062,065
Held at DTC: 20,865,925 (Very low tradable float considering the pps is sitting below .02)

The stock prices drifted down from around .04 due to 3(a)(10) to eliminate some debt. That has completed and the company is poised for sales, subscriber and share price growth!

Completion of the 3a10
The company cleared $83,512 in debt through the process of the 3a10. The debt was from professional services that Business Warrior utilized in the early stages of the company. The remainder of the 40,000,000 shares that were previously reserved, will be released back to the Company and will not be issued.

The 3a10 was a useful mechanism to clean up our balance sheet. This was a small part of our long term financing strategy. As always, we are focused on consistent revenue growth, a valuable product for our customers, and constantly adding new subscribers to the Business Warrior software. That should result in positive momentum for the BZWR share price says Rhett Doolittle, Chairman and CEO of Business Warrior.

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Total Trades:
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Took a decent sized position in the .008-.009 Papoon 09/30/2022 01:48:40 PM
Yeah, right now who can blame them…. That Eiversen 09/30/2022 01:00:33 PM
Price back at..$0.009 as 85% of trades are..sellers. bob4uall 09/30/2022 11:24:19 AM
Just $186 spent doubled the share $0.0186. bob4uall 09/30/2022 10:42:34 AM
It's so small..but has big ideas for growth, bob4uall 09/28/2022 11:37:12 AM
Don't understand with a company like this there's drmo 09/27/2022 11:56:39 PM
Correction: The cash outlay was $2.25 million, bob4uall 09/26/2022 02:21:43 PM
Just have a feeling the selling of BZWR Diana15 09/26/2022 11:54:45 AM
While we are waiting, some Alchemy takeaways... bob4uall 09/26/2022 11:01:42 AM
The Alchemy audited financials issue should be addressed bob4uall 09/22/2022 11:24:11 AM
Correction: Diana15 09/22/2022 10:43:47 AM
You're on top of things Diana... good stocks018 09/21/2022 04:45:47 PM
I know they said that. That was last year. Diana15 09/21/2022 04:37:07 PM
Alchemy reported that they are profitable last year. stocks018 09/21/2022 04:19:18 PM
Yes i know, but he really hasn't said Diana15 09/21/2022 02:33:59 PM
I see he tweeted about PayPlan..six days ago. bob4uall 09/21/2022 02:28:25 PM
Rhett has been quiet later, which is out Diana15 09/21/2022 02:12:40 PM
I think the end is near, too. bob4uall 09/21/2022 02:10:25 PM
Just when i was thinking the selling is Diana15 09/21/2022 12:32:28 PM
We have to assume Alchemy is..a BIG DEAL. bob4uall 09/21/2022 11:45:14 AM
Hopefully they can support payroll from operation at bonedaddy77 09/20/2022 11:21:46 AM
Yes, i agree. Rhett blew it giving them Diana15 09/20/2022 10:13:16 AM
Bid got whacked in one fell swoop at bonedaddy77 09/20/2022 08:27:55 AM
Amazing a 970k share bid a tenth Diana15 09/19/2022 09:58:35 AM
The Alchemy financials may justify $8.75MM as bob4uall 09/15/2022 03:44:25 PM
Market Makers asleep? $250 trade..crashed stock 40% bob4uall 09/15/2022 10:19:02 AM
Down 40% early, but recovering for now. bob4uall 09/15/2022 09:51:39 AM
Up 31% at the moment. bob4uall 09/13/2022 02:49:04 PM
This rally to..$0.014 might not be..a Tom Jones..rally. bob4uall 09/13/2022 02:46:04 PM
President Brooks tweeted about BZWR's recent acquisitions on bob4uall 09/13/2022 10:28:39 AM
Didn't. NITE bidding $0.0097 with 10k shares. Maybe bob4uall 09/12/2022 02:53:38 PM
"That's $8.75MM expected $5MM in annual sales, bob4uall 09/12/2022 02:17:12 PM
Question is will it hold? If not, we Eiversen 09/12/2022 01:54:16 PM
The..$0.01 level generates a..lot of trades, so..not surprised bob4uall 09/12/2022 01:20:20 PM
#4459 longtrailer 09/12/2022 10:58:06 AM
Love the new website! Clear, concise, convincing! Great longtrailer 09/12/2022 10:34:48 AM
New Website Released: thebittersea 09/12/2022 10:17:19 AM
No. They haven't. Diana15 09/12/2022 10:02:04 AM
Are Alchemy financials posted yet? bob4uall 09/12/2022 09:54:51 AM
You are absolutely right. The show and the thebittersea 09/09/2022 11:27:30 AM
Glad to have Tim Li participating here on bob4uall 09/08/2022 09:43:10 PM
He also said on post# 4449 that he Diana15 09/08/2022 05:22:04 PM
Well he himself said who he is. Diana15 09/08/2022 05:03:10 PM
The public information disclosed to this Board by bob4uall 09/08/2022 04:25:01 PM
Thank you, I will be on to talk thebittersea 09/08/2022 03:38:29 PM
Note This is today 2:00pm PST/ 5:00 EST. Diana15 09/08/2022 03:23:05 PM
Tested $0.0103 again today, I see. bob4uall 09/08/2022 01:11:09 PM
A rising AS, doesn’t mean Necessarily DILUTION. Agreed, Eiversen 09/08/2022 08:30:02 AM
Revenue down-60%, A/S up-70% O/S up-475m. Diluting turd stokmonkey 09/08/2022 12:08:29 AM
There has been very little dilution, there might Eiversen 09/07/2022 05:50:57 PM
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