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Welcome to BullSticks, a forum for swing and short term traders using candlestick charting and technical analysis. Major focus is technical swing trades on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and OTCBB. "When the strike of a hawk breaks the body of its prey, it is because of timing." - Sun Tzu YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE BullSticks ZONE The BullSticks Starting 5 1. I created The BullSticks forum because my trading style finally needed a home of its own. Here at BullSticks our number one goal is to make your own market. You have to take the market by the horns, and make it your own personal bull. By using technical indicators, along with candlestick charting, we will pick up our sticks and whip that bull into shape. 2. This will be a place for swing and short term traders, like myself, to post their technical analysis plays. Everything we play here will have a technical reason. However, we will have the occasional OTCBB momentum play. 3. There will be no limitations on what type of stocks can be contributed to this forum, as long as there is a technical basis sparking your interest. Stocks may be listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB, or Pinksheets, it doesn't matter here. Also, there are no price limitations, but stay away from the death spiral dilutive OTCBB's. 4. Since I began trading 6 years ago, I have studied candlestick charting, chart patterns, and trading based on technical indicators. Here on BullSticks we will trade based on technical indicators, chart patterns, trends, and candlesticks. We do not care about fundamentals, unless of course, someone has a good whisper number to share. 95% of the time I don't even care what the company does; I am only looking for what the chart can give me. Don't waste time posting dd on stocks unless there is also a technical basis for starting a position in that stock. 5. Anything that I feel is not adding to a productive environment will be deleted. Don't waste space and time posting junk, or spamming on this board, it will be deleted. Also, frontloaders, pumpers, and hypsters will not be tolerated. Take it somewhere else. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, AND MAY THE BullSticks BE WITH US. Swing Trading- "A style of trading that attempts to capture gains in a stock within one to four days" A Swing Trader wants to find situations in which a stock has the potential to move in a short time frame, the trader must act quickly. This is mainly used by at-home and day traders. Large institutions trade in sizes too big to move in and out of stocks quickly. The individual trader is able to exploit the short-term stock movements without the competition of major traders. Swing traders use technical analysis to look for stocks with short-term price momentum. These traders aren't interested in the fundamental or intrinsic value of stocks but rather in their price trends and patterns. Get in The Game $$$$ The BullSticks 15/20 Play http://www.investorshub.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=9102727 The 50/200 Cross http://www.investorshub.com/boards/read_msg.asp?message_id=9574212 CandleStick Charting Links: 1. http://stockcharts.com 2. http://www.candlestickchart.com/glossary.html 3. http://www.candlecharts.com/about-why.html 4. http://www.investopedia.com/articles/technical/02/121702.asp Stock Scan Links: 1. http://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/SC.scan 2. http://www.stockfetcher.com/ 3. http://www.smallcapcenter.com/tools_technicalSearch.asp?page=ANALYTICSSEARCH_IN.ASP 4. http://clearstation.etrade.com/cgi-bin/events?Cmd=techev 5. http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/finder/predefstocks.aspx 6. http://www.quicken.com/investments/stocks/search/full/ 7. http://screener.finance.yahoo.com/newscreener.html TEN LAWS OF TECHNICAL TRADING: http://stockcharts.com/education/TradingStrategies/MurphysLaws.html ****I highly recommend Steve Nison's candlestick charting books. They are filled with a wealth of knowledge, and will be very helpful for someone just starting to study the art of charting. His Candlestick Course book is a great learning tool. BullSticks 2006 Wall of Fame CRGO .0022 alert - .0067 exit EGLF .125 alert - .31 exit IDNX 5.44 alert - 7.20 exit AOOR .39 alert - .54 exit CGHI .12 alert - .18 exit CKEI .024 alert - .064 exit MSEV .10 alert - .175 exit XLPI .0135 alert - .028-.042 exits RSHN .0028 alert - .0091 - .0096 exits SEVI .0075 alert - .012 -.014 area exits [b]This board will be a work in progress, like everything else in life. So, please bear with me, and may the charts bring us all good fortune:)
High Times
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#418   Check out RRGI. dffhogs 04/24/07 06:57:17 PM
#416   QBIT, swing trade load zone .001-.0011 charthawk 10/26/06 12:50:26 PM
#415   ETIM, load zone here under .006 for sweet charthawk 10/26/06 12:50:01 PM
#414   okay maybe the otc getting hot again charthawk 10/04/06 10:31:56 AM
#413   AAGM still disappointing as is the whole otc charthawk 09/08/06 07:22:56 PM
#412   cross GWTR off that list, hurricanes just ain't charthawk 09/08/06 07:22:12 PM
#411   in IMAX here swing to short term depending charthawk 09/06/06 01:33:12 PM
#410   buying up some beaten down otc's for the charthawk 09/06/06 01:04:19 PM
#409   AAGM, next big sub-mover in the short term charthawk 08/14/06 02:24:24 PM
#408   in JCOM 25.30's, swing trade reversal play charthawk 08/04/06 11:16:12 AM
#407   liking PMCS for reversal, may be more short charthawk 08/04/06 10:39:14 AM
#406   been loading XKEM under .033 last couple days, charthawk 08/03/06 10:54:35 AM
#405   in ECIL 6.67 charthawk 07/31/06 02:52:56 PM
#404   in PTC starter 8.12, beaten down rebound canidate charthawk 07/31/06 02:37:00 PM
#403   back from vacation today, that SEVI hold was nice charthawk 07/24/06 01:56:56 PM
#402   still holding SEVI, waiting for it to have charthawk 06/26/06 05:46:45 PM
#401   back in AOOR today, chart looks ready finally charthawk 06/26/06 05:45:29 PM
#400   COHQ tested .01 today, does it finally goes charthawk 06/26/06 05:44:59 PM
#399   SEVI looking good now, tick tock charthawk 06/21/06 11:32:28 AM
#398   accumulating SEVI under .008 for pop over .01 charthawk 06/21/06 10:11:31 AM
#397   i was reading a bunch of new ethanol charthawk 06/20/06 09:08:23 PM
#396   Same here holding...VRDM and INSQ JohnnyJ 06/20/06 07:11:03 PM
#395   man naz bounce canidate stocks been tough charthawk 06/20/06 04:04:56 PM
#394   VRDM, awesome, bought INSQ this afternoon for tomm. also charthawk 06/20/06 04:04:10 PM
#393   in some LTON, china stock, oversold, accumulate under charthawk 06/20/06 11:32:45 AM
#392   accumulating VRDM under .07 for reversal play, ethanol charthawk 06/20/06 10:14:46 AM
#391   man had a ton of SIFY 8.28 avg charthawk 06/15/06 05:02:07 PM
#390   SIFY back to 9 today....man...ugh charthawk 06/15/06 11:05:26 AM
#389   i won't be holding overnight, will look to charthawk 06/13/06 03:41:23 PM
#388   starter position in COHQ here @ .008, bottom play charthawk 06/13/06 02:58:22 PM
#387   SIFY bottom bounce play again hopefully, accumulate under charthawk 06/13/06 02:44:48 PM
#386   intersting write-up on WZEN, this might be my charthawk 06/11/06 09:00:28 PM
#385   out AOOR, small loss pos charthawk 06/09/06 02:08:41 PM
#384   WZEN shaping up, was over $8 a month charthawk 06/09/06 10:50:20 AM
#383   man should have held that SIFY, india markets rallied..grrrrr charthawk 06/09/06 10:48:52 AM
#382   bought GNTA 1.61-1.64 charthawk 06/09/06 09:41:02 AM
#381   bought AOOR .505-.51 charthawk 06/09/06 09:40:44 AM
#380   out SIFY +.32-.34 charthawk 06/08/06 03:45:12 PM
#379   re: WZEN charthawk 06/08/06 03:05:14 PM
#378   i now have WZEN 5.29-5.33, bottom looks in charthawk 06/08/06 01:35:33 PM
#377   something is brewing! BTW nice board... MOMO 06/08/06 01:09:34 PM
#376   bought SIFY 9.38-9.40, will hold if intraday charts charthawk 06/08/06 12:59:40 PM
#375   i have FSMH .0015, took 57 mins to charthawk 06/08/06 12:58:22 PM
#374   7.40 VC entry area here charthawk 06/07/06 02:16:39 PM
#373   also watching SIFY for possible entry, been trading charthawk 06/07/06 11:28:36 AM
#372   watching VC for possible entry charthawk 06/07/06 11:27:43 AM
#371   PIR broke, nice :). will sit back and charthawk 06/07/06 11:25:40 AM
#370   in PIR, break is 9.13, beaten down bad lately charthawk 06/07/06 11:22:24 AM
#369   man this WZEN stock still continues to plummet, charthawk 06/07/06 10:21:57 AM
#368   SSSU, 50/200 play, all pumpers from other day charthawk 06/07/06 10:13:37 AM