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Surface-supplied air in the dive industry. I just DiveNSail 05/26/21 1:37 PM
Text even though link is out. This geodan 09/30/19 11:27 AM
The Coolest Futuristic Scuba Products at DEMA 2022
BornAgain 12/02/22 3:45 AM
From the 10Q just filed for Q3 dickmilde 11/11/22 1:14 PM
Bid rising. bman 11/11/22 10:12 AM
Just a slight clarification, the Company has been Lookingforareturn 11/11/22 4:35 AM
Sorry for reprints bman 11/10/22 8:05 AM
Very good report! I’ve seen many times bman 11/09/22 7:44 PM
No volume, but the good report will win bman 11/09/22 3:23 PM
No volume, but the good report will win bman 11/09/22 3:02 PM
Another very good report dickmilde 11/09/22 7:35 AM
Brownie’s Marine Group Announces 70.2% Increase in Revenues BornAgain 11/09/22 7:03 AM
Brownie's Marine Group reports Q3 results Televet 11/09/22 2:31 AM
The numbers are looking good! A nice PR BornAgain 11/08/22 10:54 PM
Looking good! Tomorrow should be good, as well. bman 11/08/22 8:09 PM
Check out the BWMG I-Box intro here folks. Ecomike 11/08/22 6:19 PM
$BWMG owns five subsidiaries focused on various sub-sectors: Ecomike 11/08/22 6:16 PM
10-Q just out, revenue growth is massive: Ecomike 11/08/22 6:14 PM
Load em up peeps, this $BWMG train is Ecomike 11/08/22 6:13 PM
10q is out for 3rd quarter and ytd Z ZNSTATED 11/08/22 3:59 PM
$BWMG it's alive, and resurfacing up 9% Ecomike 11/07/22 1:56 PM
The 8K dated 9-12 disclosed that the company dickmilde 10/31/22 9:03 PM
DickMilde, any thoughts on new 8k,s. Thanks megazoo 10/31/22 10:48 AM
So nobody mentioned the 8k’s posted this month woody47 10/27/22 4:02 PM
Man i logged in this morning just to NolaJeffro 10/19/22 8:54 AM
Looks like someone found $BWMG Nemo in an Ecomike 10/18/22 7:00 PM
started things need help 0.08 EL Sueno 10/12/22 9:39 AM
I was trying to distract myself and just Ecomike 10/07/22 4:31 PM
Be nice to see some large blocks hitting ZNSTATED 10/05/22 3:48 PM
Nice Blog for BWMG!!! BornAgain 09/29/22 9:52 PM
Help Lets go buy 0.08 EL Sueno 09/21/22 10:29 AM
Exactly! bman 09/19/22 4:27 PM
Like stealing candy from a baby down there. Ecomike 09/19/22 4:23 PM
Haven't checked in for a while, but I'm bman 09/19/22 4:15 PM
One of the things I like about owning Ecomike 09/13/22 11:43 AM
It does look very promising! bman 09/12/22 7:01 PM
In case no one has noticed the Nano Ecomike 09/12/22 11:13 AM
Not a bad idea. I think I’ll win bman 09/08/22 10:55 PM
One of us needs to win the lottery Ecomike 09/08/22 8:33 PM
Not sure about that, I had some extra Dallyb 09/06/22 4:02 PM
Impressive... Most Impressive DD. Obi-wan would be proud... Ecomike 09/06/22 3:02 PM
" Is this a SLP type of hold " dickmilde 09/05/22 12:59 PM
Is this a SLP type of hold for megazoo 09/05/22 8:38 AM
Been buying sub 3s lately, myself. Better than bman 09/02/22 2:47 PM
The two companies and business models are so dickmilde 09/01/22 6:47 AM
How does this stack up against SLP in megazoo 08/31/22 7:37 PM
I added 33,333 at the close. I will bwmgftw 08/31/22 6:23 PM
I agree. That’s the only decent reason to bman 08/31/22 6:02 PM
I just want some one to buy me Ecomike 08/31/22 5:20 PM
The sales growth has been impressive. dickmilde 08/31/22 3:13 PM
One seller continues to panic sell as he bwmgftw 08/31/22 3:12 PM
Good thought. bman 08/30/22 6:08 PM
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Brownie's Marine Group Inc. (BWMG)

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Nemo by $BWMG

Like snorkeling, but better. 



$BWMG is disrupting the $25 billion per year scuba diving industry. 

$BWMG owns The Nemo, the world's smallest, portable, battery operated dive system. Nemo is $BWMG's fastest growing product.

Nemo is available on Amazon ($AMZN) and has been rated 5 stars by consumers!


Watch Nemo in action!


And watch this review by a certified diver with years of experience!




Nemo has an aesthetically pleasing Instagram with a growing following. And they've recently joined Tik-Tok as well:



Nemo is driving serious revenue growth at $BWMG, as evidenced by their
quarterly report in November and management commentary:

They introduced a brand new product to the market and generated over $1 million in sales through Q3. How many OTC stocks can say that?!?! 
Judging by reviews on Amazon, and their own commentary from Q3, sales trends are clearly going in the right direction!

As the above financial snapshot shows, $BWMG has other products too. Their "Third Lung" product contributed over $2 million in sales through Q3 2020. 
That is a 24% improvement compared to the same period in 2019. $BWMG has direct exposure to the boating industry through their diving products. 

The boating industry is BOOMING thanks to Covid-fueled trends! Just see headlines like these:

What's good for the boating industry is good for the recreational diving industry as well. All of this directly benefits $BWMG! 

$BWMG recently uplisted to the OTCQB, showing management is serious about adding value to shareholders. 
Insiders own 75% of the outstanding shares leaving only 77 million shares in the float:

Of those 77 million shares, more than 50% are owned by members of this iHub board who are committed shareholders and big believers in $BWMG!

The bottom line on $BMWG
The company has REAL sales from REAL products. That alone puts it ahead of 99.9% other OTC stocks. 
We're waiting on the next sales figures (expected on March 31st, 2021) and when the rest of the OTC world wakes up and 
sees the success $BWMG is having, the stock will likely trade much, much higher!

Can you imagine how  many Nemo's they're going to sell as the economy opens back up and everyone hits the beach??? 

Forward looking events to be excited about $BMWG
1) Q4 Financials are due out by March 31, 2021. We're expecting to see more sales growth!
2) The Reopening of the economy will bring a ramp up in travel and tourism which should benefit the recreational diving industry and $BWMG!
3) Nemo's next generation product, Nomad, is slated for release this summer! Nomad can go 20-30 FT deep!

Below are links to other important info for $BWMG: 

Link to otcmarkets.com profile
Link to all Press Releases
More info on Nemo
Info on the Third Lung
Info on the Sea Lion
Latest quarterly report
Summary DD post

BWMG Contact Info
Brownie's Marine Group, Inc.
3001 NW 25th Ave. Suite 1, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Phone: 954-462-5570
Fax: 954-462-6115

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